XM1r: Endgame Gear presents new version of the XM1

About a year ago, Endgame Gear presented the first XM1 version, which was revised again shortly after. Some time later, an RGB version appeared. Now, another rework of the XM1 is available: with the XM1r, an Engame Gear presents a completely revised variant, which wants to score with new switches and a stronger sensor, among other things.

A stronger sensor

While the old versions all feature PixArt’s PMW-3389, the XM1r gets the PAW-3370 sensor, which is still fairly new and not all that common. However, it can be assumed that it will establish itself on the market in the near future and replace its predecessor, the aforementioned PMW-3389. There are several changes here. For example, the tolerated lift-off distance has been reduced. While the predecessor model tolerated a lift-off of two to three millimeters, the new sensor already blocks from a height of one to two millimeters. Accidental releases, which can happen in heated battles, are thus reduced even further. It also helps to ensure that the mouse is only functional in areas where extreme precision can be guaranteed.

In addition, the sensor’s error rate is lower than that of the predecessor model, although it can hardly be assumed here that the technical improvements will be noticeable in practice. Another innovation concerns the maximum resolution, which is now 19,000 CPI instead of 16,000 CPI – again, no tangible advantage can be assumed.

Better switches

If the original version still uses Omron switches, which are an absolute standard for gaming models, the now presented XM1r is equipped with Kalih switches. This was already the case with the latest revision, the RGB version; however, this was equipped with GM-4.0 buttons, while the XM1r receives GM-8.0 buttons, which are smoother and thus more tactile.

Further innovations concern the mouse’s gliding feet and the connecting cable. Regarding the gliding feet, users will have the option to choose between the familiar PTFE elements and newer, significantly larger gliding elements, which are additionally included in the scope of delivery. Meanwhile, the mouse’s cable is still supposed to be particularly smooth, yet more durable than the cables of the previous models. Furthermore, Endgame Gear wraps the mouse in a completely new garment. It can still be purchased in the familiar matte black and matte white versions; in addition, however, there are now two variants with a transparent chassis to choose from.

Available mid-January

The XM1r will be available starting in mid-January. The recommended retail price is around 60 euros, which makes it no different in price from its predecessor.

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