Xtrfy brings color into play with the new M42

The Swedish manufacturer Xtrfy has now presented its second pinhole mouse. Xtrfy launches the mouse in five different colors and a modular back. This is where color comes into play and not only with RGB lighting.

Hole mouse with modular components

The manufacturers of mice are currently running a race to produce ultra-light mice. They are increasingly opting for a perforated case. Xtrfy also wants to keep up with this and has now introduced its second perforated mouse. The new M42 is said to have just 59 grams, which is of course due to the savings in material. On the Xtrfy M42 the flanks are also perforated. A great feature of the M42 is the modular back of the mouse. The back part of the back is exchangeable, but there are two modules included in the delivery. With the first module the back of the M42 is more protruding and with the second module the back has a more distinct drop and is therefore much flatter. This allows the user to adjust the mouse as desired, depending on the size of the palm. Xtrfy wants to make good points with this because the flanks are perforated as well.

With dimensions of 118 × 63 × 38 mm, however, the mouse appeals more to users with smaller and medium palm sizes. The holes in mice always arouse some suspicion among users, but the manufacturer has come up with something here as well. The holes should not be a gateway for dirt, liquids and dust. For this purpose, Xtrfy has coated the inside of the mouse with a liquid- and dust-resistant coating. Unfortunately, the M42 does not have an IP certification like the SteelSeries Aerox 3. The sensor uses the PixArt PMW-3389 and the primary switches the Omron D2F2, with a durability of up to 20 million clicks. The sliding feet are made of established PTFE elements as standard. Unfortunately, the M42 does not have an internal memory, just like its predecessors. It is not known whether a separate software for setting the sensor parameters and key assignment will be added. The Xtrfy M42 has six keys, four on the top and two on the left.

It will be colorful!

With five different colors, Xtrfy offers a clean selection on the M42, there should be something for everyone. Besides the standard white and black, the mouse should be available in pink, blue and the retro version grey-red. The USB-A cable adapts to the coloring of the mouse. The cable is wrapped with nylon and has a length of 1.80 m.

availability and price

So far, the new Xtrfy M42 is only available for pre-order. The five models in different colors will then be delivered in the course of December at a price of 60 US dollars.

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