YouTube: New advertising strategy exploits small video producers

The number one video platform is now advertising in front of even more videos. Affected are now also videos from producers who actually do not participate in the partner program. But there should not be a corresponding remuneration for the small video producers.

New terms of use start in the USA

Up to now, YouTube only placed advertisements with members who participate in their affiliate program as professional video producers. But this does not mean that all producers can now enjoy money. The new regulation can be read in the updated terms of use of the major video platform. These came into force yesterday, November 18, 2020, initially in the USA. However, other countries are also expected to adapt in the near future.

If you are not a partner, you will not get any money

A closer look at the conditions of use brings the problem to light. It simply states: “You grant YouTube the right to monetize your content in the service (and this monetization can include displaying advertisements before or in content or charging users an access fee). This agreement does not entitle you to receive payments”. In summary, YouTube now wants to make big advertising money with “little fish”. The video producers themselves simply do not receive the advertising money they earn. Remunerated are only those who participate in the partner program. But under no circumstances can any x-any user become a YouTube partner. For this conditions must be fulfilled. These are variously shaped. For example, someone can be accepted into the partner program who has over 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time in the last 365 days. However, the new terms of use also have a serious point for users who are already partners. So Google has now determined that the advertising money collected should be treated like a license fee in the future. Thus, according to the regional tax laws, money is to be retained for the tax authorities.

The users are angry

Of course, the video producers are now going on the barricades. After all, especially small producers of videos are more or less exploited. The criticism that YouTube simply does not appreciate their effort is quite justified. After all, a production also costs time and possibly money for these users. On the other hand, one must also think realistically here. Small channels would only earn very little money with the corresponding advertising. The reason for this is their small reach. For YouTube, however, the new model will pay off. After all, the motto here is “Small animals also make dung”. And if you take a look at the sheer mass of daily watched videos on YouTube, it quickly becomes clear that Google will also make a lot of money here. Here the mass should provide for a juicy profit.

Details are still unknown

We do not yet know how many small video producers will be affected by the new advertising strategy. However, YouTube itself speaks of “a limited number”. What exactly is behind this is difficult to interpret. There is no question that the new terms of use will also affect us users in this country. Only when the time will come is still in the stars. According to YouTube, however, the terms of use will have been adapted worldwide by the end of 2021 at the latest.

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