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Orico GV100 SSD – Extremely fast, extremely good?

If you want to store data or transfer it from one computer to another, you have a variety of options: The most convenient is often the transfer via the Internet, for the storage of large amounts of files an external hard disk is recommended, and those who need a cheap solution for moderate amounts of data fall back on the classic USB stick. But there are other ways to transport data, and today we present a particularly fast one: A USB-SSD.

Specifically, it’s the Orico GV100, which is connected via a USB 3.1 Gen-2 port in type C format. This is sold in 128, 256, 512 or 1024 GB, although we are currently testing the smallest model. According to Orico, it should be able to reach up to 940 MB/s, just like its bigger siblings. Whether the SSD, which is offered for 80 euro (currently: Price not available*), can do this, and what other conspicuous features there are, will be clarified in the following test.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Orico
Model name: GV100
Capacity: 128 GB
PCI-E controller: JMicron JMS583
Memory controller: Silicon Motion SM2263XT
NAND: 3D-NAND, unknown manufacturer
Dimensions: 96x30x10 mm
Weight: 39 g
Price: Price not available*
Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
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ORICO Extreme Portable SSD 128GB, M.2 NVME Externe
This product is currently unavailable.

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