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Pioneer APS-SE20Q SSD review

In March, Pioneer launched a triple version of an SSD for internal use – which hardly anyone in this country has noticed. In mid-October, however, according to Pioneer, this should change. High time the APS SE20Q times more exactly under the magnifying glass to take.

The Solid State Drive with the capacities 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB is available; we have the middle one of the three.

We took a closer look at the Pioneer SSD APS-SE20Q and ran it through our test system to see if the Japanese company could deliver the specified performance.

Technical data

Capacities 500 GB / 1 TB / 2TB
Interface PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe 1.3
Form factor M.2
Read/write 3,400 MB/s / 3,000 MB/s
Flash type NAND
Cache SLC-Cache
Dimension 22 x 80 mm
Weight 10 g
Prices 60.99 € / 109.99 € / 219.99 €

The APS-SE20Q operates via a third-generation M.2 PCIe interface with four lanes and NVMe protocol 1.3 on the software side, promising a reading speed of up to 3,400 MB/s. The chewing-gum-sized SSD is said to provide the ideal conditions for playing games and transferring videos and photos.

In view of the ever-increasing demand for high speed, no matter which hardware component is involved, Pioneer has built an SLC cache into its APS-SE20Q. This enables the company to focus on fast reading and writing, but makes itself dependent on the SSD capacity that is currently left over. On the credit side, however, the lower power consumption should be mentioned. In addition, Pioneer uses both static and dynamic wear leveling in its latest internal SSD. This extends the life of the NAND flash, as writing and erasing is evenly distributed over the blocks.

In addition, the Pioneer APS-SE20Q SSD is also equipped with the Error-correcting Code (ECC), which can detect and simultaneously correct possible errors. This protects data from damage. And to prevent overheating of individual components, the APS-SE20Q throttles them down when necessary.

All in all, the Pioneer SSD comes with a neat package. To what extent the data also proves itself in practice, we have examined in detail with our test system.

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Pioneer APS-SE20Q 1 TB SSD price comparison

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