Pornhub “LifePlan”: Lifelong Premium Access as Black Friday Deal

Pornhub, like many other companies, joins Black Friday. The biggest social experiment, which takes place once a year, the page with the dirty films builds on the consumer behavior of mankind. If you think of a bunch of porn hub stickers or hoodies now, you are far from it. It’s something much more “valuable” that pays off for life: a lifetime porn hub premium subscription with the innocent name “LifePlan“.

An offer for a lifetime

On Black Friday, Pornhub users can purchase “LifePlan” – a lifetime subscription to Pornhub’s HD on-demand premium service for a one-time fee of $299. This deal is only valid until the end of Cyber Monday (December 2). The premium offer actually costs $95.88 per year. So you pay as much for a lifelong premium access as for three years.

Pornhub also offers subscribers the opportunity to add four free months to a 12-month subscription. But those who really want to have the full load of Pornhub are better off with the Lifetime price. The advertising trailer of the offer also makes this clear. Take a look, for once it is not FSK18.

The trailer comes from the creative agency Officer & Gentleman and they hit the bull’s eye with this project. There are now some advertising videos for adult content – this one is certainly a special one. Officer & Gentleman was previously involved in the Pornhub campaign “Dirtiest Porn Ever” and other Pornhub projects.

125,000 premium videos at PornHub

Black Friday is an annual devotion to the power of consumerism. It is the time when we spend money wantonly. Buying technology, toys and gifts, often things we don’t need at all. But porn… Pornos will always be there. After all, it is the oldest business in the world and also an industry that is slowly gaining acceptance.

Every year on Black Friday – typically the shopping day of the year – we are flooded with offers for electronics, clothing and more. As you stock up on traditional gifts, consider what the ones you love the most really want and need. What is hotter than a freshly prepared meal and better than snuggling up by the fire together? A lifetime membership to Pornhub Premium!Corey Price, VP, Pornhub

LifePlan is the only Black Friday deal out there that’s gonna last a lifetime. Unlike many other deals. A Pornhub Premium membership includes 1080p 4K videos, fast streaming, additional content, no advertising and virtual reality. Apart from the free videos, Pornhub currently offers around 125,000 premium videos, so you may actually need a lifetime membership to work your way through them.

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