Problems at Apple: iPhone 12 can affect pacemakers

Bad news for Apple fans who are dependent on a pacemaker or defibrillator. According to the manufacturer, it can sometimes affect the vital implants.

Scientific study reveals problem

As a scientific study by Heart Rhythm Journal has brought to light, the latest iPhone appears to sometimes cause problems for people with vital implants. The origin of the problem is one of the new features offered by Apple’s latest generation of smartphones. The “Magsafe” known from older MacBooks is namely on board with the iPhone 12 family. As with the MacBooks of the time, the feature is supposed to offer practical magnet functions in the smartphones as well. But here lies the core of the problem. Because of the magnetic mount, pacemakers and implanted defibrillators can be affected. For example, holding an iPhone 12 close to a Medtronic pacemaker can deactivate it. One does not even want to imagine the negative consequences.

Use only after safety precautions

Apple itself advises its affected users to use the iPhone 12 according to certain specifications. In this regard, the company also expanded the support documents of the devices. All in all, according to the manufacturer, there should be no greater risk from the iPhone 12 than was the case with previous models. However, those who use corresponding medical devices should pay attention to a few things.

To avoid interference, it is advisable to always keep the smartphone and accessories at a certain safe distance from the implant. Here, Apple speaks of 15 cm in normal operation. When charging the device, the radiation of the magnetic field also increases. In this case, you should keep a distance of 30 cm. However, to be on the safe side, the company recommends consulting your doctor. This knows best which radiation is acceptable and which is not.

Watch out for accessories, too

Users should not only follow these rules with the iPhone 12. After all, the Magsafe accessories also pose a corresponding risk. To ensure that the integrated magnets do not lead to any problems, accessories should not be worn directly over medical implants. The disruption of vital implants could scratch Apple’s image. After all, the company has been trying to establish itself as a guarantor for a healthy lifestyle for some time. The combination of the “Health App” and the Apple Watch is not the least of these. The emergency call feature and the ECG function from Apple also make this clear. If people with medical aids now run into problems, this hard-earned reputation is at stake. We wait to see how Apple wants to solve the problem in the long run.

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