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Raijintek Asterion: Spacious E-ATX Case Reviewed

Inside Construction

Caution when installing RAM, there are no screws at the corners
Caution when installing RAM

Right at the beginning the mainboard with the already installed cooler is mounted. The spacers are already in place, but the distribution is not optimal. An ATX mainboard cannot be mounted properly, because there are no pre-drilling holes on the right side. Therefore you have to be careful not to put too much pressure on the mainboard and break it through, especially when using RAM.

There are no problems with the graphics card, because there is no hard disk cage that would limit the length of the graphics card. Thus graphic cards with up to 40 cm can be installed. Although there are indications on the Internet that only 34 cm are possible with fans, 40 cm are possible with the pre-installed fans.

Interior view of Raijintek Asterion
Interior view of Raijintek Asterion

A total of three 2.5″ and three.5″ hard disks can be installed. These are installed on and below the power supply cover as well as suspended in the housing. There is no hard disk cage to the right of the motherboard, which creates a huge unused gap that could have been better exploited. For example, for 5.25″ drives or a removable hard disk cage.

The power supply unit is installed underneath a cover, which makes the housing look very tidy. Superfluous cables simply disappear into the cover and cables can be laid cleanly behind the mainboard, because there is enough space. The numerous openings make it possible to lay the cables almost invisibly. This also includes the 8-pin CPU power cable, which, unlike other housings, finds its place here without any problems.

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