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Raijintek Ophion Review: Mini Case with Glass Window

The category of compact enclosures, which despite their small size can accommodate as many large components as possible, is becoming increasingly popular. Only recently we tested the Kolink Rocket, a representative of this kind, and with the Raijintek Ophion follows another model.

The Ophion is available in two versions, which differ slightly in size: The normal Ophion currently costs around 125 euros, the Ophion Evo around 130 euros. The following test deals with the normal execution of the model.

The two housings differ only in their dimensions: The Evo version is slightly higher and thus offers space for a 240 millimetre radiator in the lid, the normal housing can only accommodate two 120 millimetre fans due to the limited height. Apart from that, the two housings are identical: they offer space for an ITX mainboard, a classic ATX power supply and dual-slot graphics cards with a length of up to 330 millimetres. Also, the enclosures do not rely on metal side panels, but on glass windows on both sides – a novelty for this type of enclosure. Alternatively, aluminium side panels can be purchased, which together cost 25 Euro or 30 Euro (Evo).

The enclosures choose a middle course between maximum compactness and low-cost components: Some cases of comparable design require for example more expensive SFX power supplies or limit the height of the CPU cooler considerably. Even the Ophion is not generously dimensioned here with a height limit of 90 millimetres, but there are already numerous top-blow coolers for this height and one is no longer limited to a handful of coolers like the particularly low NH-L9a.

Technical Details

Model: Ophion
Housing type: Mini-ITX Gaming Housing
Dimensions: 174 x 375 x 245 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 3.14 kg
Volume: 16 litres
Material: Aluminium, glass, steel
Color: Black
Front connections: 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB Type C
Drives: 3x 2.5″ / 1x 2.5″ + 1x 3.5″
Extension slots: 2
Mainboard: Mini-ITX
Ventilation: 2x 120 mm (cover) + 1x 120 mm (bottom, maximum 15 mm deep)
Max. CPU cooler height: 90 mm
Max. Graphics card length: 330 mm
Power supply: ATX
Features: PCIe-3.0-x16 riser module for GPU mounting
Price: 125 €

Packaging and Scope of Delivery

The Raijintek Ophion is delivered in a plain, black printed cardboard box, which is almost tiny compared to the usual housing packaging. Inside is the housing, which is wrapped in foam to prevent damage.

The housing is supplied with all screws required for installation, ten cable ties 15 centimetres long, an operating manual and several self-adhesive foam discs.

The latter are cut so that they close the gap between the window and the housing, because normally there is a gap of six millimetres here. On the one hand this offers an additional air inlet or outlet, on the other hand it is a possible entry gate for dust. Depending on whether you prefer a dust-free housing or an improved air supply, you can attach the foam strips or do without them.

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