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Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Review – Expensive Fun, Few Features?


By all the omitted bells and whistles a good workmanship is essential to justify the called price. The Tournament Edition of the Huntsmann is made of aluminium. This results in a high stability compared to plastic keyboards. The keyboard is also much heavier than conventional keyboards, so it doesn’t slip easily.

With the removable USB-C cable of the Huntsman Tournament Edition, concerns might arise that the cable might come loose and not fit securely. Since this is not a long-term test, we can only guess. But the cable really sits tightly in the connector, and the mounting rails provide more support.

Keys and Features

The opto-mechanical switches of the keyboard are certainly a highlight. The switches are equipped with a metal stabilizer on the side. Razer makes sure that the key is really triggered when you press it. In addition, each key has a light barrier, which significantly reduces the release time. The “linear” version is used in this keyboard. Here, the well-known “click” noise when triggering is dispensed with. The trigger point of 1 mm is also around 30 percent shorter than with conventional keys.

The typing feeling with these switches is really unique. We’ve tested a few keyboards so far. From membrane keyboards to specially developed hybrid switches, everything was included. The opto-mechanical switches of the Huntsman Tournament Edition had the best typing feel so far, as the keys are operated directly and with clear feedback. Especially due to the short stroke and the low release force, typing feels really easy.

Linear optical switch from Razer Linear mechanical standard switch
Tip feeling Light and instant Linear & Silent
Trigger Method Light barrier Metal contact
Trigger force 40 g 45 g
Trigger point 1.0 mm 1.2 mm
Shelf life 100 million Trips 50 million Trips
Stability Cross shaft with stabilizers Cross shank
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Huntsman Tournament Edition - Intl. US Layout (ISO) price comparison

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