Razer Seiren Mini USB Microphone – small but powerful

A microphone that is optimal for streaming or video calls in top quality, with a very practical condenser microphone, for which size is not important, but what is inside. The new Razer Seiren Mini is absolutely precise when recording, despite its size or above all?

Precise, professional, Razer

The Seiren Mini is a condenser microphone with a smaller pickup range, which means that it primarily picks up the user’s voice. Typing, mouse clicks and also background noise are filtered out. This comes from the ultra-precise supercardioid polar pattern of the Razer Seiren Mini. The 14mm condenser capsule provides a natural recording of the voice with a low frequency response. This allows the Seiren Mini to deliver the right quality with bass and all highs when streaming. On you can also listen to it directly. Unlike the competitor with the more expensive Microphone S, the Razer Seiren Mini picks up less background noise while providing a more balanced and warmer sound. The Seiren Mini also compares favorably to the Microphone Y, with its bass and balanced treble. The Razer Seiren Mini is absolutely competitive. Due to the smaller setup, the Seiren takes up hardly any space and is not really noticeable in front of the camera, so the focus remains on the user. With its compact design, it is also very easy to take with you.

Use it in many ways

The Razer Seiren Mini has a built-in shock absorber, so if it should fall, vibrations are reduced and the audio track of the recording is preserved from the disturbance. The robust holder on which the microphone sits allows it to be perfectly adapted to the user’s voice. The microphone can also be easily removed and attached to a microphone stand with the standard 5/8 inch thread or a microphone boom. The Seiren Mini can easily be connected to a USB port, and after a few seconds it is ready for the first recording. With streaming software, the volume can be adjusted and the user’s voice does the rest.

Availability and price

Razer gives the Seiren Mini the usual one-year warranty and access to technical support. The microphone is available immediately at a price of 59.99 Euro in the colors Classic Black, Quartz Pink and Mercury White.

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