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Razer Seiren X Review: USB Microphone for Streamer

With the Seiren X Razer wants to make an uncomplicated entrance into the world of streaming possible. The 110 Euro model does not require any software and should therefore be easy to install and use even by laymen. The following review will clarify the extent to which such a simple microphone can meet the needs of professional streamers and other users.

The Seiren X from Razer was evaluated for its workmanship, sound quality, adjustability and value for money. In addition, the possible applications of the microphone were examined more closely.

Workmanship, Materials and Design

The microphone is supplied together with a stand for the table and can therefore be set up without much effort. The housing is made of plastic, while the pop protection is made of metal. All in all, the microphone does not give a particularly high or a particularly inferior impression. In comparison with other microphones in the same price range, however, it can be said that the materials used do not contribute to making the microphone appear particularly valuable.

Apart from that, however, the workmanship can be described as good. Obvious weaknesses are not noticed in the test. Of course, no excellent workmanship can be expected from a microphone costing 110 euros while using excellent materials at the same time. All in all, it meets the expectations that can be placed on a microphone in this price range.

The design is typical for such a table microphone. No noticeable extras are available. The microphone is black and has a design that is generally expected of such a microphone.

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Razer Seirēn X - USB Kondensator-Mikrofon (für Streaming, Kompaktes Streamer Mikrofon mit integriertem Schockdämpfer und Superniere Aufnahmemuster) price comparison

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