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Razer Viper: Lightweight Gaming Mouse under Test

With the Viper, Razer has tried to meet the needs of gaming with a very special product. The features Razer wanted to keep in mind were: light weight, latest technology for fast response and customization. The mouse should be suitable for everyone. Whether Razer did it with the Viper Gaming mouse, we have tested for you.

Design and Features

Razer has opted for a somewhat angular yet simple design. In addition, everything is symmetrical so that the mouse is suitable for both left- and right-handed users. For this reason there are thumb buttons on both sides.

What is missing at first glance is a button behind the mouse wheel. Most mice use it to set the DPI rate. The Razer Viper uses a button on the bottom as standard. So you can’t even change the speed here. On the back of the mouse is the Razer logo, which is staged by RGB lighting. All keys as well as the illumination can be configured via the software, but more about this later.

Workmanship and Technology

The heart of the new mouse for eSport is the in-house optical 5G Advanced Sensor with up to 16,000 DPI. The maximum is not really necessary, but you can be sure that the sensor also detects small movements. Optical switches designed by Razer are also used as buttons. These switches should even achieve a life cycle of up to 70 million clicks and react up to three times faster than conventional switches. Also integrated is a small onboard memory on which up to five presets can be stored. In total, the Razer Viper weighs only 69 g without the cable. This trend can be observed in many mice at the moment. The Razer Speedflex cable should also provide better handling. As usual, there is nothing wrong with the workmanship. There are no protruding edges and also the rubber coating of the thumb rest is firm and does not give way. Despite the low weight, the Viper is still robust. It couldn’t be better.

Sensor Razer 5G Advanced
Sensor type optical
Abquest rate up to 1000 Hz
Form Right and left handed
Number of keys 8
Switch Razer optical Mouse Switches
Weight 69 g
Length 126.73 mm
Width 37.81 mm
Height 66.2 mm
Cable length 2.1 m
Lighting Logo
Price € 50.87*
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