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Rebirth Of A Legend ? Review of the Sharkoon Drakonia II

The rebirth of a legend Sharkoon promises with the gaming mouse Drakonia II the successor of the popular Drakonia. We took a closer look at the kite among the gaming mice.

Design and features

The design is definitely an eye-catcher. The mouse does not only carry the dragon in its name. The Drakonia logo with the stylized kite and the eye-catching scale design adorn this model similar to its predecessor. Thus the Drakonia II should stand out optically from other gaming mice. The mouse wheel, logo and side buttons are RGB illuminated. A further illuminated display on the side shows which DPI level is currently set. The mouse is also available in two colours, green and black.

The Drakonia II is equipped with a total of twelve keys. Left and right mouse buttons, mouse wheel, two DPI setting buttons and a quick fire button are located on the top and six additional buttons on the left. The cable is color-matching textile-coated and about 1.80m long. A small carrying bag and a set with spare mouse feet are also included.

Workmanship and ergonomics

Plastic was used for the workmanship. The result makes a robust impression and feels good in the hand. The manufacturer promises a service life of at least ten million clicks. The keys have a slightly stronger pressure point, but this is clearly defined. The mouse wheel is rubberized and can be turned precisely. Ergonomically, the mouse is designed for right-handed users. The side parts are textured to give a better grip, but the mouse still feels rather smooth. Practical is the adjustable weight of the Drakonia II. The normal weight is about 135 grams, which makes the >em> Drakonia II one of the heavier representatives among gaming mice. This can be adjusted by five individually removable weights. Without weights the mouse weighs only 107 grams.

However, the mouse tends to be less suitable for players with small hands. The Drakonia II belongs to the larger mice. You can reach all the side keys with your thumb, but it’s not quite optimal. Also the fast switching of the DPI with the standard middle buttons could be a bit uncomfortable, depending on how you grab the mouse.

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Sharkoon Drakonia II Gaming Maus, optischer Sensor PixArt 3360, 15.000 DPI, 12 programmierbare Tasten, grün price comparison

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