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Review: NZXT Kraken X52 – Colorful Water Cooling

In addition to the NZXT S340 Elite case, we also tested the all-in-one water cooling Kraken X52. You can find out in the test how the workmanship and cooling capacity performs.

Workmanship & Installation

After unpacking, you can immediately see the quality of the water cooling. The hoses are covered with nylon and look good. The radiator shows no deficits at first sight and short overflights. The intact slats are particularly important – the cardboard arrived dry. The cooling unit with integrated water pump has a copper plate on the underside with already provided heat conducting paste. A thin film, just the way it has to be. The connection of the hoses to the water tank looks cheap at first glance, but even after a few light pulls and multiple twists they hold perfectly.

If one compares the product images with the actual water cooling, the question arises at first: “Is this the right one at all? The heat sink only has a reflective surface, nothing more. The many lighting settings I can not yet properly classify. After connecting and switching on the water cooling, the reflective surface creates a 3D effect that we have never seen before. More about the settings later.

The installation of the Kraken X52 is just as easy. Insert the backplate through the holes, select the correct holes on the kit and just tighten. The heat conducting paste is already applied with a thin film, so we don’t have to invest any time here. I did not concentrate on the operating instructions. It is also confusing and could take a few finishing touches, but that doesn’t do any harm to the installation.

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