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Review of the HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset


The HyperX Cloud Mix comes with two different microphones. A detachable microphone is simply plugged in for wired operation. Since it is unidirectionally aligned, hardly any noise is picked up. The microphone can be aligned with a flexible arm, but this must be done. The recording is unfortunately only very quiet, so we had to set a level gain of +10dB. At +20dB the microphone would be perfect, but there is a very unpleasant noise in the background. Only with much effort can the noise be suppressed and everyone will understand you. As mentioned earlier, the microphone can be muted via a switch on the cable.

The second microphone is integrated in the left auricle. This is especially designed for use with Bluetooth and while a 3.5mm jack cable is plugged in it is not usable at all. The transmitted voice, which is unavoidable, is interspersed with ambient sounds. Especially when you’re on the phone in traffic, for example, your partner hears more about the surroundings than you do.

HyperX Cloud Mix


For anyone who takes a headset with them to listen to music or gamble on the go, the HyperX Cloud Mix can also be used via Bluetooth 4.2. The sound is not audibly degraded and you enjoy the familiar sound. The multifunction button can then be used to answer calls and operate the music. The volume can also be easily adjusted using the rocker on the right headphones. With a radio range of up to 10 metres, HyperX has not been exaggerated. So you can leave the room in which the music source is located without any problems.

HyperX Cloud Mix
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