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Review: The New Edition of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX – Now with Tempered Glass

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX Tempered Glass – With this tongue twister Phanteks combines several trends in PC housings: hard glass side panels, Micro-ATX form factor and RGB LED lighting. But Phanteks wouldn’t be Phanteks if it weren’t for the Micro-ATX case’s re-release that they’ve chosen to go their own way. The side panels made of tempered glass can be opened like a door and even lifted from the case at the hinges – without loosening any thumbscrews. Measuring 230 x 453 x 400 mm (W x H x D), the case falls more into the midi tower category, while the RGB LEDs can be controlled both at the push of a button and via software.


The in three colors (Black, Anthrazit, Silver) available Case has the special look of the Evolv series and either you love it, or you don’t! Angled surfaces characterise the unique design and the tempered glass edition of the Micro ATX version takes a look at the Evolv ATX TG. What’s new is that the power button is on the lid like on the big brother and the front I/O panel is hidden behind a flap in the front.

A special feature of the tower is the very strongly tinted screen on the right side, because except for the space occupied by two SSD brackets, you can’t see anything from the back of the mainboard tray.

Both the power button and the status LED in the form of an elongated bar in the front are illuminated and you can choose between ten colours and three modes (continuous, “breathing”, colour change).

I can’t write much more about the design, because the pictures speak a much clearer language.

Scope of Delivery

The high quality of the case is already evident when unpacking the tower. The well packed case looks very well processed during the first optical check and there’s nothing to complain about, as you would expect from a case in this price range! Both side parts can be removed quickly and effortlessly, without any tools at all, and the accessories await us inside the tower. Also here everything is neatly packed and the screws are stored in a resealable plastic box. Top! Two SSD brackets and a pump bracket are also included.

The only thing missing here as a spoiled Phanteks fan are the missing fan hub and the included fans. These are still very good in comparison, but “only” 3-pin fans, not 4-pin fans. I know: First World Problems.

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