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1More EVO Test: Perhaps the most beautiful TWS in-ears on the market

In the highly competitive segment of true wireless headphones, the manufacturer 1More is a rather small and unknown name that has recently attracted attention with its high-quality products. The ComfoBuds Mini recently passed our test course and only just missed the Platinum Award. With the new model, the manufacturer now wants to step it up a notch and has created perhaps the most beautiful TWS headphones on the market, as our 1More EVO test proves.

Technical data

Bluetooth version 5.2
Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC, LDAC
Maximum operating range 12m (without obstacle)
Battery life Up to 8 hrs, 28 hrs total with charging case; (varies depending on volume level and audio content)
Charge Time 1 hr. (for headphones via USB-C); 2 hrs. (for charging case + headphones via USB-C)
Size charging case (W x H x D) 66.60 mm x 28.61 mm x 38.65 mm
Weight 5.7 g per earbud; 58.3 g charging case & earbud
Most important features ANC; transparency mode
Price € 169.99 *

1More EVO review: the scope of delivery

A handy, visually rather plain cardboard box including a magnetic closure reaches our test lab, which already whets the appetite with the notes on the technical specifications on the outside.

On the inside of the lid we find printed concept drawings from the design process of the 1More EVO. This already indicates that we will be dealing with extraordinary in-ear headphones here. An impression that will run like a thread through the test.

But back to the scope of delivery. The charging case, which contains both earbuds, is placed centrally in the packaging. Underneath, we find a small note card that reveals that the Earbuds first need to be awakened from their slumber during the initial setup.

In addition to the usual safety information and instructions, a sticker, a short USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a full four pairs of additional silicone ear inserts in sizes XS, S, L, and XL (size M comes pre-installed) find their way into the box.

Design and finish

The design of the 1More EVO presents itself in the test as simple as noble and well thought-out. This already starts with the pill-shaped charging case, which is kept in plain, matte white. Just like the packaging, it has a powder-coated exterior that provides a pleasant feel.

On the front we find a status LED that informs about the charging status. Above that sits a protrusion that can be used to open the lid. On the back we find the USB-C port for charging including a red contact, while the manufacturer’s logo on the top provides an appealing look in silver. The two Earbuds are held in place by magnetic contacts on the inside, and there is a small button in between that wakes up the earphones and triggers Bluetooth pairing.

A special detail: The underside is not only flattened, so that the charging unit can be placed safely on all surfaces. It also has a non-slip rubber surface. Not much of a deal? Certainly not, but more than just a nice detail that I haven’t seen anywhere else and shows that the 1More EVO simply want to do things differently and better.

The earbuds themselves rely on a glossy ceramic top, which features the manufacturer’s logo. It is surrounded by a silvery-bronze frame, which makes for a classy look. That pleases.

In terms of design, the 1More EVO are somewhat reminiscent of the Soundpeats Mini Pro (our review) or Teufel Real Blue TWS (our review) and rely on a design that comes without pins. A total of six built-in microphones find room on the Eaburds, they are placed on the outer, lower and inner sides. The two largest, located on the underside, are also set off in a silver-bronze color.

Workmanship of the 1More EVO

The build quality of the 1More EVO is on an excellent level and leaves nothing to be desired. As already mentioned, the charging case offers a pleasant, grippy feel. The lid’s opening mechanism feels robust and high-quality.

The same applies to the Earbuds themselves, which leave an absolutely high-quality impression and do not have to hide behind the absolute in-ear top models at all. Outstanding.

1More EVO Processing


With a weight of 5.7 grams per earbud, the 1More EVO rank somewhat in the middle. Nevertheless, the wearing comfort is also at an excellent level. After insertion, the in-ears are easily twisted into the ear until you have found the ideal fit for you personally.

Due to the compact design, they hardly protrude from the ear and thus also fit comfortably under a cap. The rounded edges and soft silicone ear inserts ensure that nothing pinches or hurts here, even after several hours of use.

Combined with the right size of ear tips, the EVO also realize very good passive noise reduction, already greatly suppressing much of the ambient noise such as traffic noise, my notebook’s fan, or nearby conversations.

Features and battery life

Manufacturer 1More also brings out the heavy artillery in the Evo’s features. Included is the current Bluetooth 5.2 standard, thanks to which I was able to realize a range of around 12 meters to the audio source in the test (and thus even surpass the manufacturer’s specification).

At the same time, the playback scores with a low latency, which ensures synchronicity between picture and sound in music and videos. However, the EVO does not offer a dedicated gaming mode.

Thanks to IPX4 certification, even rain, sweat and leaking liquids should not harm the Earbuds. As with the ComfoBuds Mini, an intelligent DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm is also used in the EVO’s microphones, which effectively suppresses ambient noise during phone calls and is supposed to ensure clear voice reproduction.

The EVO also have a lot to offer in terms of sound modes. A whole four ANC modes, including Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation and two different transparency modes (focusing on ambient noise or voices) are available.

1More EVO Test

Also offered is wear detection, which automatically pauses music when you take out one of the earbuds and resumes when you put it back in. There’s also multi-point connectivity for connecting to two audio sources at once, and the ability to continue listening in mono with just one Earbud. As you can see, there’s nothing left to be desired here.

Battery life of the 1More EVO

The combination of Earbuds and charging case allows a maximum battery life of 28 hours. 20 of that is accounted for by the charging case, while the Earbuds themselves (with ANC disabled and at around 50 percent volume) last for 8 hours. A maximum of 5 hours is possible with active noise cancellation, but it is still a good value.

The EVO can be fully recharged in just under an hour in the case. Charging the 450 mAh battery of the charging case takes about two hours.

1More EVO battery life

Operation of the 1More EVO

In terms of operation, the 1More EVO relies on touch inputs, leaving nothing to be desired. Single as well as double and triple touches invoke various actions, while holding down the touch surfaces toggles between sound modes.

The operation works impeccably, precisely and almost without delays. There were no misinterpretations during our test, as is often the case with cheaper earbuds. Our inputs are also confirmed by a short beep – but this is only audible when no content is being played.

And if you’re not completely satisfied with the control concept, you can customize the double and triple tap functions within the headphone companion app.

Audio quality, ANC and microphones

The technical specifications of the 1More EVO promise great things. Because in addition to the standard Bluetooth codecs AAC and SBC, the hi-fi variant LDAC is also used here. However, Qualcomm’s aptX codecs are not used. It is a bit unfortunate that there is no option to see which codec is currently used. 10 mm dynamic drivers are used, which cover a comparatively large frequency band from 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz and get quite loud with an impedance of 32 ohms.

1More also boasts that the EVO’s sound signature was fine-tuned by 4-time Grammy winner Luca Bignardi. Soundcore also advertises its headphone models in a similarly promotional manner, although little of this is noticeable in practice.

Regardless of Bignardi’s influence, the 1More EVO actually convince with excellent audio quality across all frequencies. Fans of electro music will be pleased with detailed and precise bass that reaches surprisingly deep.

The mids are on a broad foundation and come across well, while the highs are also pleasantly precise and not over-exaggerated even at maximum volume. Sonically, the EVO give themselves relatively neutral and do not put the bass excessively in focus, which pleases.

With Sound ID to the perfect sound

The 1More EVO consistently does without a classic equalizer within the companion app. However, there is the option to individually adjust the sound to your own preferences. “Sound ID” is the name of the sound test, which we already know from other manufacturers in a similar form.

Within the app, we first choose one of seven sound loops, where we then have to decide for sound A or sound B in several tests. In the end, we get a sound that is personally tailored to our preferences and actually sounds better than the standard sound. If desired, the personalized sound can also be deactivated within the app.

How good is the ANC of the 1More EVO?

There are a total of four modes to choose from for the 1More EVO’s active noise cancellation, which can also only be set within the app. The options are “Strong”, “Weak”, “WNR” (Wind Noise Resistant, for reducing wind noise) and “Adaptive”, all of which suppress ambient noise very well.

In the strong mode, almost all frequencies are more than satisfactorily minimized. From the revving fan to passing cars and conversations in the surroundings, everything is reduced to a minimum here. If you want to hear a bit more of the environment, you can choose the options weak or adaptive.

The transparency mode also presents itself as innovative and successful. While other manufacturers offer a mode that understands the environment and voices equally, we can choose freely here. The “environmental voice amplification” allows traffic noise in particular to pass through more strongly, which provides additional safety in road traffic. The “voice amplification” on the other hand… well… amplifies the voices, which enables clear conversations despite the earbuds. Both modes work reliably and reproduce the original sound without distortion.

Microphone Quality

There is room for a total of six microphones in the small 1More EVO, which should also effectively suppress wind and ambient noise thanks to the DNN algorithm. The whole thing presents itself as a high-performance alternative to the cVc counterpart from manufacturer Qualcomm in the test.

The EVO’s microphone quality is actually on a very good level for in-ear headphones. Even in loud ambient noise, the user’s voice is transmitted clearly and dynamically, and we can hear the other person very well. Thus, the in-ears are also suitable as a quick alternative for (home) office use when no headset or microphone is available.

App connection: 1More

The companion app used for the 1More EVO is the application of the same name, which is offered for free on iOS and Android. It welcomes us at the first start with hints on the perfect fit and operation and then releases us into the clearly structured and tidy main menu.

Here, we can find hints about the Earbuds’ battery status as well as the charging egg, and it lets us make various fine adjustments, including the adjustment of the wearer detection (Smart Playback), Custom Settings (personalization of the touch operation), or the Sound ID test.

We can also initiate a firmware update here, which was also strongly recommended by the manufacturer for our test. The final version V1.00.00 offers some technical and sound improvements. However, the update takes quite a bit of time.

Via the settings (accessible via the manufacturer’s logo in the upper right corner), we also find additional features – including the option to enable multipoint connectivity.

The “Soothing Sounds” feature is nice, thanks to which we can play various sounds of nature, such as summer rain, thunderstorms or a fire. However, the implementation is not really successful, because the sound quality of the sound effects is extremely poor. In addition, the 8-second sound loops are too short and the transition too undynamic for this function to be useful.

Conclusion on the 1More EVO

With the 1More EVO, the manufacturer puts together an inimitable overall package that actually leaves nothing to be desired. These are – at least for me – the prettiest true-wireless headphones that can currently be found on the market. The workmanship is beyond reproach, the wearing comfort is excellent and the battery life is on a very good level.

There is multipoint, a mono mode, an effective ANC and very good microphones. In addition, there is a precise, quite neutral sound including a high-resolution LDAC codec, which can also be adjusted to the user’s preferences. The combination of all these advantages makes us pick the Platinum Award, which the 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini narrowly missed out on.

If you’re willing to shell out a lot of money for high-quality in-ear headphones, you’ll get a lot with the 1More EVO. One of the current best TWS in-ears on the market.

1More EVO review: platinum award

1More Evo

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Chic design, quality craftsmanship and excellent, customizable sound make the 1More Evo one of the best TWS in-ear headphones on the market.

1MORE EVO price comparison

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