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AENO Smart Heater GH1S Test: Chic and power saving heater

Up to now, energy-saving living has mainly been a concern for people who want to save resources for the sake of the environment. In times of skyrocketing prices for gas and other fossil fuels, however, interest has also grown among those who simply want to save money. However, the cold winter is making this more difficult for many people. It is therefore not surprising that many people are looking for alternative heating options. In particular, the demand for electric solutions in the form of classic radiant heaters, which are operated by plug socket, has grown immensely in recent months. However, most devices rather remind of autumnal camping vacation or the building site. AENO is taking a different approach. The company produces an infrared heater in Poland that not only looks stylish. On top of that, it is said to work up to 50 percent more efficiently than conventional heaters. What’s behind the promising heating solution, we want to take a closer look in the AENO Smart Heater GH1S test.

Technical data

Heating method Infrared + convection
Material Toughened glass
Maximum power consumption 700W+
Voltage 220-240V, 50 Hz
Adjustable plate heating temperature 60°C – 120°C
Features Hold-up/tilt sensor, app support, can be mounted hanging or standing
Heating room cover up to 30 m²
AENO App Connection via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Weight 8.9 kg
Price € 279.00 *

Scope of delivery

AENO Smart Heater Test

In addition to the heater itself, the package includes 2x legs, 4x screws, 1x mounting kit for attachment to the wall including a hole drilling template, a quick start guide and a warranty card.

AENO Smart Heater GH1S Test: Design and Processing

AENO itself describes the look of its radiant heater as “invisible design”. The description could hardly be more fitting. After all, the radiant heater blends into pretty much any setting. This is not only due to the fact that the heating surface is extremely thin at 11 mm and pleasingly low at 365 mm in height. On top of that, the color scheme ensures that it virtually melts into the wall in many rooms.

AENO Smart Heater Test

If you attach the white version to a white wall, it is hardly noticeable. Those who find this a pity and want to put the spotlight on the design of the heater can do so by buying the black version.  This then forms a chic contrast on a white wall. There are two options for mounting. On the one hand, the radiant heater can be mounted on the wall.

Aeno smart heater test

It is up to the user whether he wants to align the AENO horizontally or vertically. Fortunately, the appropriate mounting kit is already included in the delivery. If the heater hangs on the wall, it is hardly noticeable thanks to the slim design. Alternatively, it is also possible to mount the two feet. Then the heater looks a bit like an ultra-flat TV.

Aeno smart heater
The AENO Smart Heater GH1S can also be mounted on the wall like an ultra-flat radiator. (Image: AENO)

The heater makes a very noble impression and shines with a great finish and high-quality materials. For example, tempered glass is used for the heating surface. But it’s not just the thin glass body that’s impressive. If you decide to install it using the included feet, you will also be pleased with their quality. AENO relies here on high-quality brushed aluminum, which was processed with the sandblaster.

AENO Smart Heater GH1S Test: Development and manufacture in Poland

AENO’s timing could hardly be better. After all, skyrocketing energy costs currently define the lives of many people. With the smart infrared heater, they should possibly get through the winter a little more cost-effectively. Since according to experts an end of the high gas prices is not for the time being in view, one will be able to profit from it probably still in the next winter. AENO has not only had its energy-saving infrared heating developed in Poland. On top of that, the product is also produced in our neighboring country.

AENO Smart Heater Test
The infrared technology is supposed to provide efficient heating

The smart heater is then supposed to be able to heat rooms with a size of up to 30 m². At the same time, it is not called smart without reason. After all, an associated app provides a better overview and a high level of operating convenience. An output of 700 watts then ensures that the room can be heated up quickly. In the process, the heater itself gets up to 120 degrees hot. A built-in thermostat is supposed to prevent the room from getting too warm and prevents power wastage. According to AENO, it should be possible to save up to 50 percent on energy costs compared to other forms of heating. This is said to be ensured by the low energy loss.

AENO Smart Heater GH1S Test: Thanks to app always everything in view

AENO focuses on a high level of user comfort with its smart heater. This is already evident in the uncomplicated installation. You can place the infrared heater either hanging or standing. For mounting on the wall, the manufacturer includes the appropriate screws, dowels and even a practical hole drilling template. Even easier is the setup as a standing heater. Here you do not even need tools.

The two feet can be easily tightened by hand and provide great stability. Once the heater is standing or hanging, you can place the power cord in the socket. After that, the quick and easy setup begins. First, you have to download the AENO app. It is not possible to control the device itself. After creating an account, you simply follow the instructions of the smartphone application. In the test, it took me about fifteen minutes to set up and configure the device.

AENO Smart Heater Test
The screws for the feet can be tightened by hand

If you take a look at the app, it becomes clear why AENO is talking about a “Smart Heater” here. After all, the app doesn’t just let you turn the heater on and off. Instead, your smartphone acts as a detail-oriented control unit. For example, you can set the temperature that should be in the room. As soon as this temperature is reached, the heater maintains it.

The temperature is measured by a thermostat that sits in the power cord. Since the heater can get really hot, you should make sure during installation that the measuring unit is far enough away from the radiator itself. Otherwise there is a risk of incorrect measurements. Furthermore, a heating schedule can be created. Here you can determine at what time which temperature should prevail.

The thermostat is located in the power cord.

This avoids, for example, the Smart Heater heating unnecessarily when you are at work or sleeping at night. It is also possible to operate several heaters in a network. Here you can specify which devices should heat their respective room when and how much. In times of high energy prices, it is also interesting to control the consumption of the heating. This is also possible via the app.

Likewise, you can connect Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and then operate the heating by voice control.

AENO Smart Heater GH1S test: installation and safety

The heater can get mighty hot. More specifically, the temperature of the glass plate is between 60 degrees and 120 degrees. Of course, there are risks of injury here, especially for children. AENO therefore equips the heater with a child safety lock, which prevents the offspring from activating the heater without further ado by pressing a button. Switching on and off is then only possible via app. Of course, there is also the question of what happens if the heater at maximum temperature suddenly falls off the wall or tips over.

You can set the child lock via the app. Then the heating can no longer be operated via the button on the device.

Especially with carpeted floors, there could be great risks due to the heat. However, AENO has also thought of this. Finally, the radiant heater has a fall protection device. If an accident should occur, the device registers this. It then immediately switches off automatically. You will also receive a push notification via the app. Nevertheless, you should take care not to put anything in front of the device due to the high heat development. In particular, things that could melt quickly have no place here.

AENO Smart Heater GH1S Test: field test

For the test period, the weather gods did not make it easy for the AENO Smart Heater GH1S. Thus, shortly after installation and commissioning, sub-zero temperatures prevailed in my region for just under a week. Especially on the first day, my already rather weak underfloor heating was overwhelmed by the weather situation. That’s when the smart radiant heater came in handy. After commissioning, I set the desired room temperature to 21 °C.

In the app you can not only set this, but on top of that you can track how the temperature is developing. And that was really amazingly fast. To bring the room to the target temperature as quickly as possible, I set the maximum heat of 120 degrees on the glass surface. You can feel it heating up seconds after the command in the app. A short time later, you can no longer place your hand on the surface.

If the switch lights up green, the heater is on.

That’s how much power the heater offers. You can feel that the combination of infrared and convection heating is a perfect pair here. My living room, where I tested the heater, is just under 20 m² in size. The heater coped with this perfectly. AENO speaks not without reason that rooms with up to 30 m² can be heated with only one heater. For larger rooms, I can well imagine a combination of several smart heaters.

I also found the heating scheduling via the app to be extremely convenient. After all, this way the heating could be operated constantly, turned off at night and turned on again in the morning. I found this to be an ingenious feature, as it allows AENO to turn the smart heater into a permanent solution. In my opinion, this is also the biggest difference to usual radiant heaters for the power connection.


With the AENO Smart Heater GH1S, you don’t just get a fancy piece of technology in your house. The hardware is also convincing. One should not be deceived by the specified comparatively low power of 700 watts. After all, the heater works extremely efficiently with its combination of infrared technology and convection heating. The elegant glass surface not only looks good, but also ensures that the heat is optimally transferred to the room. With the help of the app control, operation is smart, convenient and foolproof. The detailed setting options are particularly practical here. Anyone who wants to get through this and coming winters in an energy-saving way will find the optimal solution with the AENO Smart Heater GH1S.


Value for money


The AENO Smart Heater GH1S is a smart, efficient and cost-saving way to heat your own home.

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