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AIRROBO T10+ – The versatile vacuum robot in test

With the AIRROBO T10+, we take a look at a vacuum robot with a mopping function and its own suction station. Loaded with a variety of features that make fully automatic floor cleaning even more convenient and better. These include control via app, remote control or voice control. The functions that exist in conjunction with the suction station are also put to the test in our review. On paper, the T10+ already makes a very good impression. Whether it can also convince in our practical test, you will find out in the following test report.

Technical data

Design Suction robot and mop cleaner with suction station
Navigation mode LiDAR navigation
Suction 2700 pascal
Socket dust container / water tank (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) 0.30 / 0.25 liters
Socket dust container (suction station) 3.3 liters
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Max. Runtime 250 min
Power (Robot Vacuum) 50 W
Power (suction station) 950 W
Maximum area coverage 160 m²
Dimensions (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) 352 x 348 x 98 mm
Dimensions (suction station) 260 x 210 x 350 mm
Weight (total) 7.75 kg
Control Tuya app, remote control
Color Black
Price € 469.99 *

Scope of delivery

In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner and the suction station, the manufacturer includes some accessories. Among them, consumables such as replaceable wipes that find their way into the trash after use. As well as two allergy-friendly disposable dust bags and a brush as a replacement.

Since the T10+ can also be controlled via a remote control, this is also included with two matching batteries. For the initial setup and further use, AIRROBO has made an instruction manual, which explains the individual steps very well and is equipped with pictures to help. Instructions for setting up the Tuya app have also been written in various languages and thus guide the user safely through the initial setup.

Design and material

The AIRROBO T10+ comes in a classy, glossy black finish. Which unfortunately also makes it susceptible to dust on the case at the same time. The front bumper, on the other hand, is designed in matte black and is equipped with a generous amount of rubber, which cushions the impact with obstacles. It is equipped with a variety of sensors for navigation. The main part is the sensor, which is placed in a kind of elevation on the case. During cleaning, the sensor rotates and thus permanently scans the room. The removable dust and water tank of the T10+ can be seen on the back.

The build quality of the AIRROBO T10+ makes a good impression, so we cannot voice any criticism. The materials used also don’t look cheap at all and contribute to the T10+’s noble appearance.

The suction station not only provides the function of automatically emptying the dust container of dirt, but also acts as a charging station where the robot is charged. It is largely finished in matte black, and smaller glossy black applications can be found in the front. Below that is a circular insert, behind which is a small color monitor that displays the different states of the robot. For example, is it currently charging and what is the battery level at the moment.

Suck and wipe

The AIRROBO T10+ comes with a few features that benefit thorough vacuuming of the floor. Thanks to its smart navigation, it covers the entire room and with a runtime of up to 250 minutes, it is able to clean even large areas of up to 160 m² with just one battery charge. It has four freely adjustable suction levels to really meet every requirement. It also cuts a good figure on carpets. It recognizes these without prior adjustment and automatically increases its power to really suck the last crumb of dust out of the carpet. Even with high-pile carpets, it does not get stuck and cleans them reliably. Due to the built-in brush roller, even pet hair is no problem, and the side brush means that no round corners of the room are left behind. With a noise level of 62 dB, it is clearly audible during the suction process, but in our opinion, the volume is by no means disturbing. After a completed cleaning process, it automatically returns to the suction station and the dust container is emptied with a strong roar. If you have animals or children in the household that are easily frightened, the T10+ is definitely not the right choice. In that case, it is better to look for a vacuum robot without a suction station.

Simultaneous vacuuming and wiping distinguish the AIRROBO T10+. Thanks to the 250 ml water tank that it has on board, mopping larger surfaces is also no problem for it. However, it turned out that it is only capable of removing light stains. Stubborn stains on the floor unfortunately remain, as only a damp cloth is dragged across the floor.

Suction station

The extraction station represents the base for the AIRROBO T10+. This is where it returns to after successful cleaning and automatic debris removal begins. With a suction power of 26 kPa, it reliably empties the 300 ml dust container with an efficiency of 98%. As mentioned before, this creates some noise that can be compared to an older 1000 to 2000 watt vacuum cleaner. However, this is over after a few seconds and the robot vacuum cleaner is ready for use again. While the T10+ is connected to the suction station, the battery is charged. The status can be seen on the display in the front of the station.

The manufacturer promises up to 45 days of hands-free operation. Specifically, the 3.3-liter disposable dust bag stores dirt for up to 45 days before it needs to be emptied or replaced. Of course, this assumes regular use of the AIRROBO T10+.


For the power supply, the AIRROBO T10+ was given a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery charge guarantees a runtime of up to 250 minutes, depending on the applied power of course. By constantly returning to the charging station between cleaning phases, AIRROBO’s robot vacuum always remains ready for use.


For the installation and initial setup of the Tuya app, a multilingual installation guide is included with the robot vacuum. On this, all necessary steps are sufficiently explained and clarified with pictures. This makes integrating the T10+ into the home WLAN a breeze.

The app offers several features that not only allow you to rename the T10+, but also offers numerous modifications and customizations that allow the robot vacuum to act freely according to your needs. This already starts on the home page, which is a kind of dashboard with various functions. The battery can be recharged via the colored buttons, the cleaning process can be started and the different suction levels can be adjusted with a click. In addition, you can see at a glance how large the area to be cleaned is and how much time it will take. Here you can also conveniently find the battery status, which was quite affectionately called “battery” in the app. The blue fields on the left side can be used to set whether only wiping should take place and with what intensity or amount of water. On the right side, there are further setting options that affect the rooms themselves. The “Restricted area” function can be used to conveniently define areas that the T10+ should skillfully ignore. Via “Edit rooms”, the room layout can be adjusted, should this not have worked out completely on the first run. Last but not least, there are additional functions above the colored fields that can be used to send the robot to individual rooms or areas.

Further useful configurations are available via the reddish “More” button. Among other things, the user will find a timer here, which can be used to set fixed cleaning times. The card can also be reset here and further settings relating to the suction station can be found.

The remote control and the feature behind it might pique the interest of some future robot vacuum owners. This is because the T10+ can also be controlled quite conveniently via the remote control. This does not give you access to the full functionality of the robot vacuum from AIRROBO. Nevertheless, some basic things can be controlled with the remote control and that without an Internet connection! This way, even seniors or people without an internet connection at home can enjoy having their own vacuum robot.

The remote control can be used to start automatic cleaning and the robot vacuum can be controlled freely via the arrow keys. In addition, the suction power can be adjusted and the return to the suction station can be triggered.

Summary of the AIRROBO T10+ test

With the AIRROBO T10+, we took a look at a vacuum robot with wiping function and its own suction or charging station. It comes with a few accessories that will get you by for the first few months before you have to buy dust bags or similar. The build quality convinced us in the test. The same goes for the individual, well-implemented functions of the T10+. We also noticed the versatility of the control options very positively. There is really something for everyone here. It doesn’t matter if you decide to control the device via remote control, app or voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The T10+ does a good job via all channels, but it only unfolds its full range of functions with the app. After our test, we can say that the overall package around the AIRROBO T10+ is very coherent, only the MSRP of €469.99 (current: € 469.99 *) is a small thorn in our side.


Scope of delivery
Suction power
Noise level
Value for money


A well-made vacuum robot with wiping function and suction station that impresses with its versatile control options.

AIRROBO T10+ price comparison

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With the AIRROBO T10+, we take a look at a vacuum robot with a mopping function and its own suction station. Loaded with a variety of features that make fully automatic floor cleaning even more convenient and better. These include control via app, remote control or voice control. The functions that exist in conjunction with … (Weiterlesen...)

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