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Boneco H400 air filter in test: Cold-free through the cold months?

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures lower and the view outside increasingly dreary. In short, fall and winter are just around the corner. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not the uncomfortable temperatures and weather conditions that cause sniffles during the cold seasons. Quite the contrary. It is the warm and dry indoor heating air that makes us humans the perfect host for viruses and bacteria. The dry air also dries out our mucous membranes and becomes a breeding ground for the hated cold triggers. To prevent the dry atmosphere in your own four walls, you should reach for an air purifier like the Boneco H400. In today’s test, we want to take a closer look at whether the device can deliver in practice what it promises in theory.

Not only advisable in Corona times

The use of air filters was already recommended by experts during the Corona pandemic. After all, looking at comparative values between summer and winter, it became clear that staying indoors was a true pandemic driver. Here it became clear even to the last layman that dry heated air is not exactly conducive to avoiding illness. Air filters like the Boneco H400 rely on a simple and clever concept. Here, the air is not only humidified, but also cleaned at the same time. That should also please allergy sufferers. Whether the traditional company from Switzerland has created a real wonder weapon against annoying colds and allergy attacks, we now want to look at in more detail.

Technical data

Mains voltage 100 – 240V~ 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 14.7 W
Humidification capacity up to 400 g/h
Suitable for room sizes up to 60 m²
Max. Capacity 12 liters
Dimensions (LxWxH) 280 × 400 × 465 mm
empty weight 6.77 kg
Operating volume Level 1: 25 dB(A) / Level 6: 55 dB(A)
Price € 394.99 *

Scope of delivery

About the scope of delivery you do not have to say too many words. If you open the packaging of the air filter, you will find the usual paperwork as well as the matching power supply in addition to the assembled H400. To give you an insight, we have disassembled the air filter.

Then you unearth the actual scope of delivery. Besides the water tray and the water tank, the pollen filter and the main filter are inside. The rotating drum, the main element with the corresponding fan system and the lid complete the system.

Design and build quality

Let’s start with the obvious. The looks. This one is pleasingly unobtrusive. What may seem boring to some, brings with it a decisive advantage. Namely, since Boneco uses primarily white plastic here and freshens it up with chic black accents, it creates a classic exterior. Thus, the compact air filter easily adapts to pretty much any environment without unintentionally ending up as an eye-catcher. Considering the not exactly puny dimensions of 38 cm x 45 cm x 27 cm (W x H x D), this is not a matter of course.

The design blends into just about any living space.

Once touched, the stability of the entire system is also noticeable. Once you have filled the Boneco H400 with water, nothing should fall over here so quickly. Even a slight pressure on the outside makes it clear that this is a high-quality processed piece of household technology. It doesn’t give in and offers a nice feel with its rough texture. However, the white plastic casing looks a bit vulnerable. This looks namely as if it would attract scratches and dirt almost magnetically.

If you take a closer look, however, you have to grumble a bit. In view of the not exactly low price, we noticed the gaps negatively, for example. These are virtually predestined to provide a haven for dust and other dirt. Thanks to the color, you won’t be able to see it too quickly, but it’s not really hygienic. While the device itself is extremely stable, the water tank made a somewhat wobbly impression. We don’t want to know what happens if someone accidentally runs into the fully filled tank.

If you take off the top cover, you’ll find the pollen filter in addition to the main filter.

The heart of the operation is the black rotary knob. Its workmanship is more a matter of taste. After all, it can be operated very loosely. To one or the other, this may seem a bit “cheap”. However, I found turning the wheel very pleasant. If you are not satisfied with the feel of the large knob, Boneco also offers a practical operating alternative with the customized app. But more on that later.

Setup and control

Before we put the Boneco H400 into operation for the first time, we first wanted to take a look under the hood of the air purifier. For this, the very first thing we did was to remove the cover on the top. This didn’t work as easily as we thought, but with a little practice, it should be a breeze. A little healthy pressure in the right place ensured that we could remove the cover and look inside. Besides the main filter, which is supposed to sift out coarse dirt, you’ll also find the pollen filter, which is supposed to make life easier for allergy sufferers.

If the water is empty, it can be conveniently filled via the water tank on the back.

From the factory, the pollen filter is still packed. However, unpacking as well as installing it was no problem at all. Once the filter system is complete, one can take care of the water supply for the air filter. The corresponding tank can be easily removed from the device. Now you simply fill it with water and put it back into the device. Once these setup steps are complete, the device can be connected to the power using the included power plug.

The main control element is the large rotary knob in the center of the device.

If the Boneco H400 has an active power supply, it can also start directly. The operation is really foolproof. The heart of the operation is namely the large rotary control on the front of the air purifier, which cannot be overlooked. Pressing the control ensures that the device is switched on. If you now turn it clockwise, the intensity of the H400 also increases. You can see how hard the air filter is working by looking at the LEDs around the control. There are six different levels.

Practical App

To get the most out of the air filter made in Suisse, it’s best to go for control via Boneco app. It is available for iOS and Android and allows you to control the practical air purifier from a wide range of options. With the help of the software, you can not only easily set up the device. In addition, you get access to different modes, which can individually adapt the work of the H400 to your needs and the spatial conditions.

For example, the air filter offers you a special sleep mode. Here, the device works as quietly as possible so that the air purification does not get in the way of your healthy and, above all, peaceful sleep. In the so-called sleep or baby mode, not only the noise is reduced. The LEDs also shine less brightly. But the app is not just another option for control. The smartphone application is also suitable as maintenance software. Here you can see at any time what the air purifier is doing and how it stands around the condition of the installed filters.

How and where does it work?

The work of the Boneco H400 is not witchcraft. The linchpin here is, firstly, the two filters. In addition to the pollen filter, which is mainly to filter allergy triggers (house dust, pollen, animal hair, etc.) from the air, you can also use the comfort filter. The air sucked in by the filter is cleaned through an evaporator mat and then discharged as cleaned and moistened air. The mat design is somewhat reminiscent of a washing machine drum.

Since water is a breeding ground for bacteria & Co., Boneco also places a Silver Stick in the device. This ensures that no small organisms can form in the water tank. However, you have to replace the Silver Stick regularly, which makes the H400 a device with follow-up costs. Fortunately, a new purchase of the evaporator mat should only be made every two years, according to Boneco.

The cleaned and/or humidified air comes out the side. If you look closely, you can see the rotating drum

In addition to the functionality, one naturally asks the question of the suitability of the Boneco H400. The practical air purifier is supposed to be suitable primarily for rooms up to a maximum size of 60 m². At the same time, you can easily move the device from one room to another. After all, the air filter reacts quickly to changes in power levels and thus immediately adapts to new conditions.

The effectiveness of the device is not only noticeable when you take a deep breath. On top of that, we used a hygrometer in our test to check the humidity in the room. After just under half an hour, the device was able to achieve the humidity targeted in the app in a room of just under 20 m². By the way, parents will be happy about the option of a button lock. So the offspring can not revise the presettings.


Cleaning the H400 is also pleasantly uncomplicated. Thus, many of the elements to be cleaned can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher and cleaned. Only the pre-filter, water tank and evaporator mat have to be cleaned by hand. Under running water, however, this is also no problem.

Quite a noisy affair

While the performance of the practical air filter is beyond reproach, the volume is unfortunately not. At least if you ever demand a little more power from the device. Thus, the Boneco H400 works audibly on the first two levels, but definitely bearable. This should allow people who aren’t too light sleepers to close their eyes without any problems while the air filter is working. However, anything above level 3 is clearly perceptible and certainly too loud for some.

At level 3, the air filter is already relatively loud.

If you push the maximum and regulate the device to level 5 or 6, you have to expect the volume of a vacuum cleaner on a low level. Accordingly, we advise you to run the H400 constantly at one of the first two levels rather than letting it operate at maximum for a short time. Since levels 1 and 2 are very power efficient anyway, you probably won’t notice any difference on your electric bill between the two methods.

Conclusion: without a sniffly nose through the cold season

Anyone who is currently looking for a suitable air filter should definitely take a look at the Boneco H400. It not only scores with a high-quality finish and an unobtrusive design, but also delivers a great job. Those who control the device with a smartphone app get the maximum ease of use and a wide range of practical modes out of the air filter for their own use. The only thing that bothered us in the test was the volume of the H400. In the next generation, the air filter may therefore gladly work a bit quieter.


Value for money


With the Boneco H400 you can provide fresh air in your own four walls. The air filter scores with an uncomplicated control and great performance. The device could only be a bit quieter.

BONECO H400 price comparison

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