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Corsair TC200 gaming chair in test: There’s room for everyone!

There are now as many gaming chairs as there are sand by the sea. Considering the fact that almost every manufacturer of PC peripherals also offers a suitable gaming chair, this is not really surprising. Among the most popular range of gaming chairs are the models from Corsair. With the TC200, the company has now brought its latest prank to the market. It primarily wants to score with a wide seating area, which should also offer more voluminous gamers enough space and thus high seating comfort. Will the plan work? We’ll take a look at it.

Corsair listens to its community

Before we take a closer look at the gaming chair, we want to say a few words of praise to manufacturer Corsair in advance. The expert for PC peripherals did not develop the TC200 out of the blue. Instead, according to the company, they took customer feedback to heart. They wanted a gaming chair that would offer a high level of comfort even for larger and/or heavier gamers.

Compared to the Corsair T3 Rush, you can quickly see the significantly wider design. (Image: Corsair)

At the same time, it shouldn’t offer the boring office design that many gaming chairs in this weight class have by necessity. Instead, it should also come with Corsair’s typical racing design. However, the question now is whether Corsair was able to merge these two wishes at all or failed at the task.

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Technical data

Variants Colors: Gray/White or Black/Black
Material: faux leather or fabric
Maximum body weight 121 kg
Maximum height 1.96 m
Materials Frame and base in steel, upholstery with PU foam, cover with fabric or faux leather
Total height with base 127 cm to 138 cm
Height seat with base 48 cm to 59 cm
Height of backrest 84 cm
Wide backrest inside 27 cm
Wide backrest outside (widest point) 50 cm
Depth of the seat 49 cm
Total depth (without base) 56 cm
Wide armrests 10 cm
Deep armrests 27 cm
Height of armrests from seat 18 cm to 26 cm
Price (MSRP) € 389.02 *

Quick and straightforward setup

At the beginning, there is the unboxing. If you’ve unboxed a gaming chair before, you won’t be in for any big surprises here. Given the price, which is in the mid-range, I honestly wasn’t expecting any big wow effects here either, though.

If you want something like this, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets and take a look at the Razer Enki Pro (test), for example.

The open metal seams on the bottom shouldn’t have been necessary

The construction is similar for almost all gaming chairs, and the Corsair TC200 hardly stands out here either. Only the felt stickers for decoupling the rocker mechanism from the seat surface are not yet found on all gaming chairs.

Even if you don’t have a buddy handy right now to help you set it up, it’s really no problem. It didn’t even take me 20 minutes to set up the gaming chair.

Design and workmanship

Once you have finished assembling the gaming chair, it makes a solid impression and looks well-made.

Of course, Corsair also relies on a lot of plastic, which may annoy some people. However, this is common practice nowadays. However, we sometimes get the feeling that Corsair should have used a different material for the casters. They sometimes maneuver the gaming chair a bit clumsily over the floor. Even on hard floors, they are sometimes dragged behind rather than rolling. At least when you’re not sitting on it.

When it comes to the look itself, I think the TC200 is beyond reproach. So, once again, the company relies on a racing design that gives the chair a sporty appearance. For all its sportiness, however, the TC200 also looks elegant, which is why you can also confidently use it as a normal desk chair for the home office. There are a total of four different versions.

Alternatively, the CORSAIR TC200 is also available in a combination of gray and white. (Image: Corsair)

So, for one, you have the choice between a fabric cover or a faux leather cover. The color is then either completely black or a combination of gray and white. We had the test model in black and with a fabric cover. Everyone should be able to find what they are looking for. All in all, the Corsair TC200 offers good workmanship and a chic design. In view of the price, however, we would have liked to see a few visual treats.

Slightly too soft seat padding

Of course, it is important that a gaming chair looks good. However, it is even more important that you can feel comfortable while sitting in it and forget about time while playing a good game. Fortunately, Corsair offers a few adjustment options here that allow you to adapt it to your own body measurements. Let’s start with the seat height. Thanks to a margin of 12 cm, the class 4 gas lift can adjust the Corsair TC200 to a wide range of body sizes.

The integrated spinal support is very comfortable.

So you then also reach a maximum seat height of 59 cm. However, not everything is bigger on the TC200. While the seat has become wider, it is now also less deep. The seat depth is now just under 45 cm instead of 50 cm. However, the bucket design of the seat is still constricting, so it could still bother wider people in particular.

But does the lower seat depth also mean less comfort? I couldn’t tell in the test. Similar to the Razer Enki, the Corsair TC200 also relies on an integrated lumbar support. This did a good job in practice and pleasantly relieved the back. However, it cannot be adjusted, which might be a problem for some. However, you can’t expect this at the price.

Chic embroidery pattern meets smart ventilation. The latter serves as an attachment point for the comfortable neck pillow, as it were.

The padding in general could be a little harder to my taste. You already sink a little in the TC200 – other high-quality gaming chairs usually rely more on a harder padding, which offers more stability and is also not as quickly worn through.

Comfortable adjustment options

The material itself is beyond reproach. Especially in the hot summer months like we are experiencing right now, the fabric cover proves to be the optimal choice. This one is wonderfully breathable and prevented a sweaty back even after several hours of gaming.

I would also like to positively highlight the 4D armrests. These can be adjusted in four different directions, so you can always rest your arms comfortably. The seat angle can also be adjusted. Apart from concentrated gaming at a 90 degree angle, a comfortable nap while lying down is also possible. Finally, you can extend the angle up to 180 degrees.

Corsair also includes a wonderfully soft neck pillow so that you can rest your head during the charging pauses. Those who like it really soft will be happy here. A suitable alternative would be the Backforce One (test), which comes up trumps with a harder cushion and some extras – but is also a bit more expensive.

Corsair TC200 review conclusion

Now, of course, the question of the final verdict arises. This is quite positive with the Corsair TC200. On the one hand, it scores with a very easy setup, which is really fast. Furthermore, it can score with a chic look that reminds me of racing seats from motorsports. Despite the sporty character, you can also easily place it in the home office – even if this is located in the living room.

Personally, the Corsair TC200 is a little too soft for my liking, and I’m concerned that the padding will wear through fairly quickly. Similar to chairs in the 200 euro range. With that in mind, Corsair does deliver a solid gaming chair with the TC200, but it doesn’t stand out either. I think a more interesting alternative here would be the Nitro Concepts S300.

Corsair TC200

Value for money


The Corsair TC200 combines all the important features. However, the soft padding makes us fear that it will quickly become soggy. In terms of price, the TC200 is therefore a bit too high.

Corsair TC200 price comparison

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