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Dreame P10 Pro – Dreame’s new mid-range battery-powered vacuum cleaner in test

The Chinese manufacturer Dreame Technology specializes in cleaning devices and is also known in this country for its vacuuming and mopping robots, but also cordless vacuums. While the V and T series have been around for a while and new models are regularly added, the P series is new. It currently consists of the P10 and P10 Pro models and can probably be considered Dreame’s new middle class in terms of functionality and price. Both models have been available in German online stores since January of this year.

The P10 Pro is available for us, but it only differs slightly from the P10. Whether the inexpensive battery-powered vacuum cleaner can convince, we clarify in the following test.

Technical data

Type Battery vacuum cleaner
Suction power 22000 pa
Dust volume 500 ml
Filtering incl. HEPA
Loudness 68/76/82 dB(A)
Battery 2500 mAh
Battery life Up to 50 min.
Charging time 180 min
Color White, gold extension wand
Scope of delivery Battery vacuum cleaner, mini electric brush, 2 in 1 crevice nozzle, wall mount, extension wand, power adapter
Weight 1.63 to 2.65 kg
Guarantee 2 years
Price € 231.86 *

Scope of delivery

Dreame delivers the cordless vacuum cleaner in a compact white cardboard box including a carrying handle. In this one finds under manual and extension wand, well packed, all other parts before.

In addition to the battery vacuum cleaner itself, a brush with soft roller for the floor, an electric mini brush and a 2-in-1 crevice nozzle are included. Furthermore, this includes a battery, a charger, a holder for accessories that can be attached to the extension wand, a simple wall mount and a manual. Dowels and screws, for attaching the wall mount, are also included. The accessories are extensive and cover the common uses well.

Design and workmanship

The design is kept rather modern and simple, and the color relies almost entirely on white. While the cheaper Dreame P10 relies on silver accents and also a silver extension bar, these are golden on the P10 Pro. This does not look bad at all, but it is a bit more conspicuous and less discreet. The cordless vacuum cleaner is made almost entirely of plastic and feels high-quality. We also do not discover any sharp edges, flaws or impurities in the workmanship.

The handset is compact, fits well in the hand and weighs 1630 g with battery, but without attachments. The power button is easy to reach and easy to operate. There is also a display and two buttons at the end of the vacuum. The display shows the power level and the battery status. The former is signaled with one to three bars, the latter roughly with several dots. A lock can be enabled via the upper button. While you have to keep the power button permanently pressed without it, pressing the power button once is enough with the lock and the vacuum stays on until the next time it is pressed. The other button is used to switch between the three power levels in turn.

The accessories also leave a good impression. All attachments and the extension wand are easy to insert, fit tightly and engage audibly via a mechanism. To release the attachments, you only have to press a button. This also applies to the 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, which can be used with or without a brush.

The wall mount of the Dreame P10 Pro is rather simple. It is attached to the wall with two screws, after which the cordless vacuum cleaner can be hung on the battery. The accessories do not find a place there and have to be stored separately. The battery of the Dreame P10 Pro can be charged in the holder. The cable is inserted through the cradle from below. Alternatively, the battery can be removed for charging.

Practical test

For a good cleaning result, the attachments and the suction power are crucial, in addition to a sufficiently long battery life. In the test, the Dreame P10 Pro was tested on various surfaces, mainly laminate and tiles, but also carpet.

The first attachment tested was the brush with soft roller including extension wand. It left a good impression on laminate and tiles and reliably removed light dirt, but also larger dirt that was brought in from outside, for example. There is nothing to complain about here. The first power level removes light dirt, but is sometimes a bit too weak, so we almost always used the second level for floors. The third level is again noticeably stronger, but does not offer any remarkable advantages, at least on hard floors. Furthermore, the cordless vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable due to a joint and several rollers on the brush, which facilitates the cleaning process.

The Dreame P10 Pro is a bit weaker on carpeted floors due to the soft roller. A hard roller would be better suited for this, but it is not included. However, the third power level remedies this a bit and still leads to a good cleaning result. If you have a lot of carpets, you should find out about the available accessories before buying, or possibly buy another Dreame model that comes with both types of rollers.

The other two attachments also proved to be very practical in everyday use, although they are probably used much less often by most people. The electric mini brush without the extension wand is very suitable for vacuuming beds, sofas or other textiles. This should be very interesting for pet owners, for example. Furthermore, the three power levels prove to be very practical here. Beds or sheets are among the few things where we used the lowest level. For pet hair on the couch, on the other hand, one of the higher levels is again well suited. The 2-in-1 crevice nozzle is also convincing. It is quite narrow, which makes it easy to reach crevices, gaps and corners, and it does a good job with and without the brush. We find the overall noise level to be average; the cordless vacuum cleaner only gets loud on the third level.

Cleaning process

Cleaning the Dreame P10 Pro turns out to be very easy. Once the dust bin is full, it can be removed with just the push of a button. Above the dustbin, you then just have to press the gray dustbin icon, which causes the garbage can to open and the dirt to fall out. The empty bin is then plugged back in and audibly clicks into place. For thorough cleaning of the container, the lid including the filter can also be rotated and removed.

Battery life

The battery life of the Dreame P10 Pro is very dependent on the power level used. During the test, we achieved a runtime of 41 minutes on the lowest level until the battery vacuum turned off. The battery runtime drops to 25 minutes on the second level, which is probably the most used in everyday use, and it is only just under 11 minutes on the third level. It took 148 minutes until the battery was fully charged again in the test. If you mainly have hard floors and rarely need the third level, you will get a sufficiently long runtime. Who has mainly carpeted floors and may have to vacuum more over them once in a while, should possibly think about a second battery.

Summary of the Dreame P10 Pro test

Overall, Dreame offers a good overall package with the P10 Pro at an attractive price. The cordless vacuum cleaner convinces with its modern and appealing design, with a good suction power, easy cleaning and a, for most probably, sufficient scope of delivery. The various attachments can convince in the test, only an additional roller for carpets would be desirable. Special features like bendable tubes and the like are not included, Dreame concentrates on the essentials. The battery life proves to be sufficient in the test, but is expandable.

The Dreame P10 Pro is thus suitable for all those who have no particular demands on the range of functions and are simply looking for a reliable, easy-to-clean, cordless vacuum cleaner with good suction power at a reasonable price.

Dreame P10 Pro

Design and workmanship
Performance & battery
Value for money


Good overall package at an attractive price. Dreame focuses on the essentials, and the suction performance can convince.

Dreame P10 Pro price comparison

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The Chinese manufacturer Dreame Technology specializes in cleaning devices and is also known in this country for its vacuuming and mopping robots, but also cordless vacuums. While the V and T series have been around for a while and new models are regularly added, the P series is new. It currently consists of the P10 … (Weiterlesen...)

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