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Dreame W10 Pro in test: Is the upgrade worth it?

A few months ago, Dreame took the automated vacuum cleaning robot segment to a whole new level with the Dreame W10. It was not the suction, but the wiping function that caused wow effects. The company decided against a classic wiping unit. Instead, the Dreame W10 uses two small rotating mops. The wiping results were correspondingly impressive, and the praise was correspondingly effusive. As we reported at the end of May, the Dreame W10 Pro is an upgrade of the popular premium-class vacuum cleaning robot. The vacuum cleaning robot of the premium class comes at a proud price of just under 1000 euros and promises extensive improvements to the predecessor. Whether the surcharge to the standard model is worth it, you can find out in our extensive Dreame W10 Pro test.

Everything is new in May?

In May, Dreame announced the W10 Pro, an improved model of the W10. But what exactly has Dreame improved on the already very good robotic vacuum cleaner? A look at the device itself quickly makes it clear that virtually nothing has changed visually. Who is surprised? After all, the Dreame W10 Pro is identical to the standard model. By the way, it’s not only the looks that are identical. Not much has really changed in terms of technology either. That means you get 4,000 Pascal suction power and a 6,400 mAh battery size here, too.

Dreame W10 Pro Scope of Delivery

The latter is said to be able to provide a maximum of 210 minutes of cleaning time, according to Dreame. However, a closer look reveals a difference. And this is at the front of the device. Dreame installs a dual camera here, which is supposed to offer the so-called Action AI. Action AI is supposed to improve the detection of objects that get in the way of the smart household assistant. This should make tangling with cables or pushing other objects around a thing of the past. Will the project succeed? We’ll take a look at it!

Technical details of the Dreame W10 Pro

Product type Vacuum wiping robot
Dimensions 334 mm x 105.5 mm x 430 mm (including base station)
Suction power 4000 Pascal
Weight Suction robot: 4.9 kg.
Base: 8.9 kg
Material Plastic
Dust container 450 ml
Water tank Base: 4500 ml fresh water tank, 4000 ml dirty water tank
Sensors LDS LiDAR sensor, dual camera action AI
Battery 6,400 mAh for up to 210 min cleaning time
Voice assist Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Price € 999.00 *

Scope of delivery

In the high-quality packaging of the Dreame W10 Pro are on the one hand, of course, the robot vacuum cleaner itself and on the other hand the base station. On top of that, there is a dust container, fresh water tank, sweeping brush, 2x cleaning brushes, 2x wiping pads, power cable as well as the usual instruction manual here.

Design in D-shape

Chic it is, the Dreame W10 Pro. But let’s examine the smart household helper one by one. Let’s start with the robot vacuum itself. Unlike its much cheaper colleague, the D10 Plus, which we have also had the pleasure of testing, Dreame does not rely on the common circle design that is used in the majority of robot vacuums. Instead, the body of the Dreame W10 Pro comes in a design that is reminiscent of the letter D.

Dreame W10 Pro

You can see why this is the case when you turn the device around. This is because there is room for two large wiping pads, which are supposed to provide thorough floor cleaning later on. When looking from above, the squeegee doesn’t differ much from other models except for the shape. Here, as with the D10 Plus, you’ll find the LiDAR sensor again, which is hidden under a small turret.

A control unit with three buttons enables control on the robot itself. Alternatively, an app is also available, which we will take a look at later. Otherwise, a lid can still be opened from the top, which allows access to the inner workings of the Dreame W10 Pro. There is not only an indicator light for the Wi-Fi connection. On top of that, you can also reach the 450 ml dust container to empty it.

Main brush only partially with rubber lamellas

While ventilation slots at the back provide the necessary air exchange, the front is where the actually exciting innovation of the Dreame W10 Pro is located – the dual camera. We will take a look at what the new sensor technology called Action AI is capable of later. The main brush is found on the underside in addition to the two wiping pads mentioned above. Unfortunately, this is not completely made of rubber, as is the case with the Roborock S7, for example. In this price range, Dreame could have definitely donated the far better choice. In addition to the two large wheels and the obligatory side brush, the crash sensors round out the features on the bottom.

Dreame W10 Pro bottom

All in all, the build quality of the Dreame W10 Pro is on a very high level in the test. Since the D10 Plus already left nothing to be desired in terms of workmanship at a fraction of the price, anything else would have surprised me, though. It is quite astonishing what Dreame has achieved despite the main use of plastic. A real downer for me, however, is the main brush on the underside. As the owner of two cats and a dog, I’ve really come to love the main brush on my Roborock S7. Since this one is just rubber flaps and doesn’t use traditional bristles, I hardly ever have to clean it. Whether that’s also the case with the Dreame W10 Pro’s classic brush, I dare to doubt.

It takes up a lot of space

Before we get to the Dreame W10 Pro’s cleaning performance, we first need to address the elephant in the room. And that’s clearly the size. Before you purchase the W10 Pro, you should be aware that you’ll need plenty of space for it. Since it looks very chic, this can also be in the living room. With a weight of 4.9 kg (vacuum robot) and 8.9 kg (base station), the cleaning team is not only anything but light. At 334 mm x 105.5 mm x 430 mm including the base station, it is also very thick within your own four walls. Like the robot vacuum itself, the base station is also very well made.

If you look at it from above, you can see a fancy display in miniature format. This informs the user about the current status of the base station. Opening the maintenance cover reveals the fresh water tank with a capacity of 4500 ml and the dirty water tank with a capacity of 4000 ml. If you know a bit about vacuum robots including the base station, you will now miss a dust tank. Consequently, you cannot avoid emptying the robot vacuum on its own. This is because the station does not vacuum the W10 Pro. Instead, it is specifically designed for cleaning the wiping pads. But more on that later.

Dreame W10 Pro in the suction test

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline in the field of robot vacuums – cleaning performance. Here, we first want to take a closer look at the classic suction performance. With 4000 Pascal, the Dreame W10 Pro has a lot up its sleeve, at least on paper. But does it also deliver this performance on the floor? The very first thing I noticed about the premium vacuum robot is its careful approach to cleaning. You really don’t have to worry about your furniture here. Even flat objects lying on the floor are safe from the robot vacuum. And this is where Dreame has definitely been able to fix the Achilles heel of the regular W10. This one sometimes drove over cables, t-shirts or other objects lying flat on the floor.

Dreame W10 Pro AI Camera

The reason for this was the insufficient sensors on the front of the robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the new dual camera, the Dreame W10 Pro definitely deserves its name affix. Here, an artificial intelligence called “Action AI” reliably processes the images recorded by the dual camera. In practice, the vacuum robot even avoided cables and even pieces of paper. This should please all those who sometimes just have to hurry and do not have time to tidy up the apartment before the robot vacuum starts its journey.

Otherwise, I was very impressed after the W10 Pro completed its first vacuuming session through my approximately 85 sq ft apartment in testing. Hair from dog and cat he sucked away reliably. Only in the corners he still left the one or other crumbs. However, this is a classic problem of robot vacuums. Compared to other smart household helpers, the W10 Pro really needs a lot of time to vacuum your floors. This may sometimes bother one or the other hectic contemporary with chronic time pressure.

Personally, I think that’s better than having him run down my apartment in record time and eventually leaving half the dirt. If you can bring the patience, you will definitely be rewarded here. After all, the end result is really something to behold. However, given the arming with two enormous wiping pads, the wiping function is by far more exciting than the dull vacuuming. And this is what we want to take a look at now.

Mopping performance in the Dreame W10 Pro test

The wiping function of the Dreame W10 Pro is optional. However, since the manufacturer obviously sees this as the big unique selling point of its vacuum, you should definitely take advantage of it. For the smart household helper to perform it, you just have to attach the two wiping pads on the bottom. As we already mentioned, the Dreame W10 Pro does a few things differently than other manufacturers when it comes to its wiping function. This doesn’t only affect the two miniature mops.

Dreame W10 Pro in wipe test

On top of that, there is no fresh water tank in the vacuum itself to provide a supply of water. Instead, Dreame relies here on an interaction between the base station and the robotic vacuum cleaner. Depending on how high you have adjusted the wiping intensity, the robot returns to its base after a few m² to re-moisten the two wiping pads. Since the two wiping surfaces are also cleaned directly in the process, the results are really astonishingly good. Another reason that even stubborn stains are wiped away is the pressure that the vacuum exerts on the wiping pads.

Dreame W10 Pro Suction and Cleaning Station

With 10 N, it pushes the rotating wiping surfaces onto the floor. The end result is really something to behold and surpasses anything I’ve seen from a robotic vacuum cleaner so far. Once the robot vacuum cleaner has finished cleaning, it automatically visits its base. It does this not only to recharge its batteries after the really battery-consuming wiping tour.

Dreame W10 Pro Buttons

On top of that, the docking station here cleans its wipe pads at the same time. These are rinsed through properly once again and the resulting dirty water is sucked off and ends up in the base’s dirty water container. Regardless of whether the Dreame W10 Pro vacuums or mops – it was never unpleasantly loud in the test. I have definitely had much louder competitors in the test. According to the manufacturer, it operates at a maximum of 65 dB.

App connection

In order to make control as convenient and uncomplicated as possible, a robot vacuum must of course also bring an app control nowadays. Accordingly, the Dreame W10 Pro also has one. It offers exactly the same features that you can find in the Dreame app for the D10 Plus. In addition to the suction power, you can also regulate the moisture level when wiping. You can also assign different floor types to the rooms and set the parameters accordingly. While experience shows that stone floors require damp cleaning, wood should not be cleaned too much.

Dreamehome App (Image: Apple App Store)

In the app, the LiDAR sensor of the robot vacuum cleaner then also makes itself felt. After all, it maps your home reliably and even creates rooms automatically. If your own four walls have a rather extravagant cut, you can also create rooms independently in the app. No-go areas or cleaning in targeted areas are also possible. Furthermore, cleaning routines can be defined here. For example, you can set a time when your W10 Pro should clean the entire apartment or only certain rooms. The app ensures a very high ease of use and is very nice and clear.

Summary of the Dreame W10 Pro review

With the Dreame W10 Pro, you really have to look for the hair in the soup to be able to grumble. Thus, it not only offers a great design and high-quality workmanship. On top of that, it scores with a great suction performance and an unrivaled wiping performance. The concept with the two rotating wiping pads is unique. In my opinion, Dreame is miles ahead of the competition here. The interaction with the base station is also great. It reliably ensures that the mop pads always get to work nicely moistened. The whole thing is rounded off with a self-explanatory app that ensures high operating convenience. However, there are also two reasons to complain.

First, there is the main brush of the W10 Pro. Since this still relies on classic brush hairs and does not use rubber entirely, it is prone to tangling pet hair and other stubborn dirt. Regular maintenance is the order of the day here. Also, some will look in vain for a dust bin in the base station. This is not present, as it simply does not vacuum the dirt from the robot vacuum cleaner. This means that you have to regularly empty the robot’s mini-dirt bin yourself. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re getting what is arguably one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners ever at a high price.

Dreame W10 Pro Test: Gold Award

Dreame W10 Pro

Workmanship and design
Suction power
Wiping power
Value for money


Dreame takes the swipe function to a new level with its W10 Pro, which the competition cannot reach so far. However, you also have to accept a high price for this feature.

Dreame W10 Pro price comparison

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