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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Review: No more fear of power failure

The image of the smelly domestic emergency generator based on a gasoline or diesel engine is still present in the minds of many. However, a lot has changed in this area. Nowadays, you can use practical power stations at home or on the road, which are equipped with many features and rely on the latest battery technology. Thanks to a variety of connections, for example, not only smartphones and other mobile devices can be charged.

On top of that, power stations also offer conventional outlet connections that act as a suitable power source for everything from toasters to washing machines. So you are not only secured in your own four walls, if it should come once to the power failure. On top of that, more and more devices offer the option of supplying you with power while you’re on the move. A representative of the favor in the form of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro we want to take a closer look today.

Technical data

Capacity 3,600 Wh to 25,000 Wh (expandable)
AC outputs 5 sockets
Maximum power 4,500 watts
DC outputs 2x USB-A (12 watts)
2x USB-A (18 watts)
2x USB-C (100 watts)
Auto Power 2x DC5521 38 watts
Battery life 4 years
Weight approx. 45 kg
Loading AC, solar panels, car connector
Warranty period 3 years
Price 3,799.00 euros
€ 3,579.00 +€ 10.00
Sofort lieferbar, Lieferzeit max. 1-3 Werktage
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€ 3,595.00
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Scope of delivery

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro comes with everything you need to use the power station:

  • DELTA Pro
  • AC charging cable
  • Auto charging cable
  • Solar charging cable
  • DC5521-to-DC5525 cable
  • handle cover
  • DELTA Pro-to-Smart Generator Adapter
  • User Manual

Vast battery capacity

One of the most important features of a power station is, of course, its battery capacity. If you take a look at EcoFlow’s extensive range of mobile battery solutions, the DELTA Pro undoubtedly puts some in the shade. With a proud 3,600 Wh, you should easily be able to get by without an external power supply for some time here.

The DELTA Pro’s battery capacity can be read off the practical display.

Since there are differences between users, of course, there may be some for whom this may seem too little. EcoFlow has the right solution for those as well. For example, the DELTA Pro can be expanded with several additional batteries. This allows the maximum battery capacity to be upgraded to up to 25,000 Wh.

EcoFlow promises a long service life for the DELTA Pro’s battery. (Image: EcoFlow)

It is already the flexible range between 3,600 Wh and 25,000 Wh that makes it clear that the DELTA Pro can be tailored to the needs of different users. Thus, with the battery capacity of up to 3,600 Wh provided ex works, one can already get by for about half a day if one sees the DELTA Pro as an emergency power supplier.

If you connect several DELTA Pro units together, you can build your own small power plant with 25,000 Wh. (Image: EcoFlow)

With an annual power consumption of 2000 kilowatt-hours, one consumes 5555 watt-hours daily. So with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, one can easily bridge several hours of power outage of a complete household. In portable use, when fewer end users are connected, even longer, of course.

Multiple charging options

Just as you fill an old-fashioned emergency generator with diesel or gasoline, you also have to fill the EcoFlow DELTA Pro with an appropriate fuel. Instead of a tank, however, a battery or accumulator is used here.

Two additional batteries can be optionally connected to the rear

You can charge this in different ways. On the one hand, there is the conventional charging via a standard household socket. Thanks to the so-called X-Stream technology, the charging process takes a maximum of three hours.

The charging options are located under the flap on the back.

Another option is to use the cigarette lighter. Thanks to the lighter, you can also charge the DELTA Pro by car battery. The DELTA Pro lives up to its company name with the third charging option.

The DELTA Pro’s charging times are really something to behold! (Image: EcoFlow)

You can also charge the large generator using solar energy. Special solar panels are used for this purpose. Last but not least, the device can be charged at an EV charging station or even the home wallbox.

Many connections for various devices

Thanks to an extensive selection of connections, just about everyone should find what they are looking for in the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. In addition to USB ports, there are 12 volt ports and 120 volt AC ports here.

On the front are the USB ports.

Furthermore, you don’t have to fear for a shutdown if you operate several devices on the DELTA Pro. Parallel use is possible without any problems.

Astonishingly good portability

A real selling point for the DELTA Pro is also its portability. After all, this isn’t an emergency generator that you install permanently in the basement or your garage. Instead, EcoFlow has given the DELTA Pro a mobile design.

There are casters on the bottom of the Powerstation that, in combination with the extendable ergonomic handle, allow it to be used on the go. For example, you can turn your outdoor vacation into a real “glamping trip” thanks to the matching power supply.

At the same time, the wheels of the unit are designed in such a way that even comparatively rough terrain is no problem. However, with a weight of just under 45 kg, this is also necessary.

Operation with control unit or app

EcoFlow gives you the choice between two different options for controlling the DELTA Pro. On the one hand, the power station can be conveniently operated on the device itself. Here you simply access via the control unit.

You can make various settings on the control unit. For example, you can connect to your smartphone here.

As an alternative to the conventional operation on the interface of the DELTA Pro, you can also simply pull out your smartphone with a suitable app. Not only can you adjust various settings here. You can also view important details about the DELTA Pro.

By no means only small things like the display brightness of the power station can be regulated. On top of that, you can also turn the various ports on and off as well as upgrade the firmware. This is really practical and worked without any problems in our test.

When matching the app with the device display, I found that the information was being truthfully transmitted. For example, the app told me that the DELTA Pro had 30.91 percent battery capacity. The display gave the same value with a rounded-up 31 percent.


Forget your old image of old emergency generators. EcoFlow shows how a power station goes today with its DELTA Pro. The company scores with its power dispenser especially with flexibility. You can use the DELTA Pro not only as a home power storage unit and backup for the next power outage. Thanks to wheels and a suitcase handle, it is also the perfect companion for your next outdoor excursion. Many connection options, a short battery charging time and the expandability up to 25,000 Wh are on the plus side. However, with all that power, you should also be aware that this generates heat that has to be cooled. Thus, fans are installed that also turn up well during performance.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

Value for money


Lots of power, a thick battery and a portable design to boot. EcoFlow shows what the perfect power station looks like with the DELTA Pro.

ECOFLOW EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station Solargenerator price comparison

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