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Flashfish E200 test: Big powerbank or mini powerstation?

In view of rising energy prices, more and more people feel the need to become a little more independent of the public power supply. So it’s no surprise that the demand for so-called power stations as modern emergency power generators has increased immensely this year. But the power generators are not only available as large-format energy storage units in wheeled suitcase format. On top of that, well-known manufacturers such as Bluetti, Ecoflow or Jackery also offer their models in small format. A rather unknown lightweight in the field of power stations is the Flashfish E200. How the handy energy storage device performs in practice, you can read in the Flashfish E200 test.

Technical data

Battery capacity 151 Wh (40,800 mAh)
Output voltage 110V (US plug).
220V (EU plug)
USB port 2x Quick Charge 3.0 5V/2.4A
DC output 9-12V/10A (maximum)
Solar charging MAX input 18V-24V
charging time 5-6 hours (with 15V/2.5A adapter)
Continuous power AC 200W
AC peak power 250W
Dimensions and weight 208 x 110 x 158 mm and 1.85 kg
Price 138.07 euros
€ 138.07
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Scope of delivery

Small power station, small package. Accordingly, you shouldn’t expect any big surprises when it comes to the scope of delivery.

Flashfish E200 Test

Included instead are the usual accessories in the form of:

  • Flashfish E200
  • Power supply
  • car charger
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • USB light
  • Instruction

Flashfish E200 review: design and workmanship

  • Compact design (208 x 110 x 158 mm)
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Weight of 1.85 kg

The design language that Flashfish speaks here can be quickly understood. Thus, the manufacturer wants to bring a power station to the start, which can also find space in the backpack thanks to its compact dimensions. With a size of 208 x 110 x 158 mm as well as a weight of just 1.85 kg, it is ideally suited for quick and uncomplicated mobile use.

Flashfish E200 Test

The fact that this is primarily intended to be used outdoors is not only evident from the outdoor look, which may remind some people of a classic construction site radio. Above all, the carrying handle on the top makes it clear that it wants to be taken along for the quick barbecue or a spontaneous camping trip.

Flashfish E200 Test

On the front you will not only find the easily recognizable display and the red toggle switch, which can’t be overlooked, with the help of which the powerstation is switched on and off. On top of that, you’ll find the ports for your electronic devices here. On the sides are the ventilation slots, which effectively prevent overheating.

Flashfish E200 Test

On the left side you’ll find the DC input, which is used to charge the battery of the powerstation. This is not only possible with the help of the included charging options. You can also connect a solar panel to the small power station. This makes you self-sufficient from an external power source even when you’re on the go.

Display is not very informative

  • Display only shows battery picture and gives no numbers
  • No input or output power information

The fact that we are in the entry-level class of powerstations here is not only evident from the price alone. A look at the display also reveals this. The manufacturer not only does without a color display here. On top of that, it doesn’t really provide much information. You can read the battery status, but that’s about it.

Flashfish E200 Test

Since many powerstations now have displays that also give information on outgoing and incoming power, we find this a bit of a shame. Especially when you connect a solar panel, you would already like to know how much power is currently being absorbed by the battery.

Sufficient connections

  • Variety of connections is enough for Otto normal consumers
  • Included reading lamp with questionable design
  • AC 220 volt output makes for wobbly power supply

Despite its handy size, the Flashfish E200 offers a pleasing variety of connections. However, given its battery capacity of just 151 Wh (40,800 mAh), you should choose the number of connected devices wisely when the nearest power outlet is not yet in sight and the sun is not shining. However, I do not want to criticize the compact power station in any way. Of course, competitors like the Jackery Explorer 1000 PRO now offer about seven times the capacity.

But in return they weigh and cost significantly more. Here you simply have to know what is more important to you, and I can imagine that the Flashfish E200 should be perfectly sufficient for many users as an oversized powerbank. In terms of ports, the small power station offers 1x AC output, 2x 12-volt DC outputs, and 3x USB hubs. Two of the USB ports offer Fast Charging with a maximum power of 18 watts. I find the reading lamp that Flashfish includes with its small powerstation practical.

This finds room in one of the USB ports. However, the manufacturer should have given the concept of a reading lamp a second thought here. Since the USB ports are all on the front of the power station, the lamp shines straight up without exception. Consequently, you would have to put the Flashfish E200 on its side to actually use it as a reading lamp.

Flashfish E200 review: the practice

  • Mobile energy dispenser
  • Provides enough battery for, say, 12 full charges of the iPhone 14 Pro

The most important question is, of course, how the small power station performs in everyday use. And here there is actually hardly anything to complain about. Only in the processing of the socket in the form of the 200 V connection, I had to turn up my nose a bit when plugging in my notebook power supply. Somehow, it doesn’t feel as good as higher-priced models like an EcoFlow River Pro (test) or EcoFlow Delta Pro (test). Finally, my notebook power supply wobbled a bit while it was plugged in. But the power station definitely provided the most important thing: power.

So my notebook charged up quickly as usual. And not only that. The USB ports also reliably power my devices. Since the Flashfish E200 can output a total power of 200 watts according to its name, it does not reach its limits with smaller devices like several smartphones as well as notebooks. With its 40,800 mAh hours, it can fully charge an iPhone 14 Pro (test) about 12 times, for example. If the power station is then overloaded after all, because the maximum power is exceeded, it switches off automatically.

Flashfish E200 Test: Conclusion

What the Flashfish E200 ultimately is, is in the eye of the beholder. Some may see an oversized powerbank in the small energy dispenser. Others call it a small-sized power station. Personally, I see it as a handy energy storage device that can be used to charge electronic devices outdoors. I really like the option of charging the integrated battery not only via a power outlet, but also via a solar panel, which is anything but a matter of course in this price and size category. Finally, we can only complain a bit about the built-in power socket and the reduced display. While one seems a bit shaky, I miss important information on the other. All in all, however, the Flashfish E200 is a good power station at an extremely attractive price.

Flashfish E200

Value for money


The Flashfish E200 is a real bargain and the perfect compromise for those who find powerbanks too small and powerstations too big.

Flashfish E200 price comparison

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