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Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro – ergonomic office chair in test

With the introduction of the home office, during the pandemic, the demand for ergonomic office furniture increased enormously. Many people probably heard about the brand for the first time at this time, which is known primarily for height-adjustable desks such as the E7 (our test). Besides these, they also offer other office accessories and office chairs. The top model among the office chairs is currently the Backsupport BS11 Pro. This offers an ergonomic design with a dynamic lumbar support and many adjustment options, breathable surfaces made of elastic mesh fabric and is available in four colors: gray, black, red and blue. We took a closer look at the gray model in our test.

Technical details

Model BS11 Pro
Ergonomics .

armrests 3D (rotatable, adjustable up/down and front/back)
Seating surface adjustable to the front/rear
Backrest tiltable
Height adjustment
chair 47 – 54 cm
Headrest 118 – 126 cm
seating area 52 x 52 cm
Backrest 61 x 44 cm
Headrest 15 x 31 cm
Material elastic mesh (nylon), plastic, metal
Rolls 65 mm multifunctional PU casters
Max. Load capacity 350 kg
Colors Gray, black, red, blue
Price 429,99 €

BackSupport BS11 Pro: scope of delivery and setup

  • Quick and uncomplicated assembly
  • necessary tools are included in the scope of delivery

The Flexispot Backsupport BS11 Pro comes in a large brown cardboard box. In addition to the model name, this also features a drawing of the office chair. Inside, partly in smaller boxes or once again packed with bubble wrap and well protected, are the individual parts of the BS11 Pro, screws, Allen wrenches and a short assembly manual. The office chair is made up of the usual individual parts, and assembly takes place in a total of six steps.

  1. The armrests are attached to the seat. These are later not adjustable inwards or outwards, but are firmly positioned.
  2. The rocker mechanism is screwed underneath the seat surface.
  3. The backrest is attached to the rocker mechanism from below.
  4. The five rollers with a diameter of 65 mm are inserted into the aluminum turnstile. Then the gas pressure spring is put on it.
  5. The upper part of the chair is placed on the gas spring.
  6. The headrest is attached to the back of the chair and then the cover is put on it.

The assembly of the Backsupport BS11 Pro turns out to be very simple, is done in a few steps and is also done alone in less than 30 minutes. Four different types of screws are used for assembly, but all of them can be tightened with the included Allen key. Furthermore, four washers are included. Despite the very short and concise instructions, mistakes during assembly are hardly possible.

Design and workmanship

  • modern and ergonomic design
  • Seat and backrest with elastic mesh fabric
  • Sturdy and well-made

The Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro office chair is available in four colors: gray, black, red and blue. While the black variant is completely black, except for the turnstile, the armrests, the headrest and the back are gray in the other colors. The seat, backrest and headrest are covered with a breathable and elastic mesh fabric, which allows good ventilation and prevents sweating in high temperatures. Flexispot uses metal for the rocking mechanism and the turnstile, while the rest of the parts are made of plastic. The armrests are also made of plastic, but this one is a bit softer.

In our opinion, the BS11 Pro is visually very well done. The office chair offers an appealing modern design and thus fits well in the office, but also in not specially separated work areas. We also like the fact that it does without conspicuous features such as larger manufacturer logos. Only the white plastic could be a bit darker or more gray, since slight dirt or dust is already noticeable here.

The material and build quality are also pleasing. The chair makes a very stable impression in every position, the mesh fabric feels pleasant and the seams are clean. This also applies to the plastic, which feels high-quality and has no defects.

Ergonomics and practical test of the BackSupport BS11 Pro

  • ergonomic shape with dynamic lumbar adjustment
  • High comfort and a very pleasant seat feeling
  • good ventilation of the back thanks to mesh fabric

In addition to its already very ergonomic shape, the Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro offers a dynamic lumbar adjustment that supports the back at all times. Due to the shape of the backrest as well as the flexible central reinforcement, no adjustment is also necessary, but the chair automatically adapts to your own back. The neck support is adequately sized and height-adjustable. Flexispot does not include an additional lumbar cushion or similar, however this is also not necessary.

We liked the shape and also the size of the seat and backrest very much in the test. We found them to be very comfortable and also sufficiently large. Only very tall people might find the seat a bit too short with its depth of 52 cm. The mesh fabric of the BS11 Pro is tightly stretched, but still adapts to the body a bit. Flexispot finds a good middle ground between back support and high seating comfort here. Even after several hours at a stretch, we found the office chair very comfortable and found no reason to complain. While you also start to sweat on many office chairs, especially on warm summer days, this was also never a problem here thanks to the good ventilation options. The floor castors, which are well suited for all floors, are just as convincing. They are smooth-running, quiet and hardly any dirt accumulates on them.

Many adjustment options

  • 3D armrests
  • Height-adjustable neck support
  • Adjustable seat and backrest tilt up to ~60°

Flexispot offers the Backsupport BS11 Pro, in our opinion, enough adjustment options. Thus, the armrests can be rotated in three stages (inward, parallel, outward), adjusted in five steps forward / backward and are adjustable in height between 18 and 24 cm, relative to the seat surface. Moving inwards/outwards, on the other hand, is not possible. For us, however, the position of the armrests fit perfectly. Of course, the seat can also be shifted forward/backward and the backrest can be tilted significantly. The tilt is possible up to ~60°, which allows you to recline in a relaxed way, for example in meetings or while watching videos. As usual, the height is adjusted via gas pressure spring, and the seat height is between 47 and 54 cm. All three adjustments are made via easy-to-reach handles. In our opinion, the options offered are perfectly adequate, almost everyone should find a suitable and comfortable setting here.

Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro Office Chair Review: Conclusion

The Backsupport BS11 Pro offers an appealing modern design, and is also very stable and well-made. Assembly is straightforward and requires only a few steps and minutes. Flexispots office chair convinces in the test especially with its ergonomic shape, the many adjustment options and the elastic mesh fabric, through which the BS11 Pro can be adapted very well to the own body. Furthermore, the elastic mesh fabric also ensures good ventilation of the back. The price of 429€ is quite common for ergonomic office chairs and rather cheap, we feel it is fair for what is offered.

A small point of criticism on our part is the very light dirt-sensitive plastic; a slightly darker shade would be advantageous here. The seat could also be a bit too short for taller people, so a test sitting is advantageous here. Who is unsure, the Backsupport BS11 Pro thanks to free shipping and 60-day return policy at home can also try once and takes no risk.

Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro Review: Silver Award

Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro

Design and workmanship
Value for money


Modern, ergonomic and very comfortable office chair at a fair price.

Flexispot BackSupport BS11 Pro price comparison

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