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HiFuture EY+ review: sun protection with beat

When hanging out at the beach, playing sports in the sun or taking a walk in the sunset, one thing can’t be missing: sunglasses! With the HiFuture EY+, we’re not just looking at a conventional pair of sunglasses, but one with built-in speakers and microphones. The EY+ is available in black, with black lenses and a uniform size. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer individuality here, but the price makes the HiFuture EY+ very interesting. How the EY+ concludes in our test and whether it could convince, you will learn in the following test report.

Scope of delivery

If you decide to buy an EY+, you get a neatly packaged product. The package contents are divided into two components. The glasses case including glasses inside and a small black packaging, in which the accessories are located.  The case is also black and is embossed with the words “HiFuture”. The lid can be opened and closed conveniently thanks to a magnet. The accessories include a special charging cable with USB-A port, a microfiber cloth for cleaning the glasses, and last but not least, a quick-start guide, as well as an instruction manual.

Comfort and design

The design of the HiFuture EY+ is angular and the lenses are trapezoidally fitted into the frame. The polarized lenses are black, as is the frame. Only the chrome applications at the corners contrast with the rest of the black. The coating of the frame has a matte effect and immediately forgives fingerprints. Viewed from the side, the massive temples of the sunglasses are immediately noticeable. They contain all the technology that makes up the EY+. The rear part of the frame, which is located behind the ear when worn, on the other hand, resembles the dimensions of conventional sunglasses.

Thanks to the EMS frame, the HiFuture EY+ doesn’t seem too heavy and thus brings with it a pleasant wearing comfort. Even after wearing them for a long time, no pressure points or similar problems can be detected, even with a wide head shape. However, for people with a narrower face, it quickly looks clunky and very prominent.

We have nothing to complain about when it comes to the workmanship of the entire pair of glasses. The coating is great and the selected materials also make a good impression. The valuable appearance is further consolidated by the solidly processed hinges.


For the power supply, the manufacturer relies on a 110 mAh lithium polymer battery. The battery lasts up to 5 hours during use, depending on the volume and intensity of use. Fully charged, the battery of the audio sunglasses is within 2 hours.

Sound and recording quality

How might audio sunglasses like these sound? We can tell you, amazingly well! While the sound doesn’t seem as rich as the higher-priced competitor, it still comes very close. Two speakers per temple are responsible for the sound. They are positioned just in front of the taper (the narrower part behind the ear), with an alignment to the ears. The second speaker is also located just in front of the taper, but on the outside of the temple.

When listening to music, the HiFuture EY+ does a good job overall, although it does weaken a bit in the bass. However, you can’t expect miracles with all the technology in the small space. Nevertheless, listening to music with HiFuture’s audio sunglasses is fun and they quickly find their place in everyday life. In addition to all the praise, we still have to voice some criticism; during our tests, we noticed that a slight whistling sound can be heard as soon as you pause a song. After one or two seconds, the whistling sound stops, so the sound is not a limitation. It is not audible during use.

Making calls is also no problem with the EY+ and works very well in everyday use. The caller can be understood clearly and distinctly. The same applies to the microphone’s recording quality. The user’s own voice is also transmitted clearly, creating an overall pleasant conversational atmosphere.


The HiFuture EY+ is paired with the end device via Bluetooth 5.0. This guarantees a connection range of up to 10 meters. In open space, the specified distance was largely the same as in our test. The pairing with the smartphone remained without complaints in all cases and the connection was quickly established.


Operation of the EY+ is limited to a button on the top of the right temple and a touch surface on the outside. Simply pressing the button is a convenient way to issue commands for calls and music. An app for special settings is not included.

We have listed the functions of the button for you once here:

  • Hold down: On and Off
  • (Music) Press 1x: Start/Pause Playback
  • (Music) press 2x: Next track
  • (Music) press 3x: Skip to previous track
  • (Call) press 1x: Answer phone call
  • (Call) press 2x: Reject phone call
  • (Press call) 1x: Hang up during phone call

A touch surface on the outside of the right earpiece is responsible for controlling the volume. With a simple swipe forwards or backwards, it is possible to adjust the volume between loud and quiet. In practice, this works sometimes more, sometimes less well. You first have to find the right point to wipe.


In our everyday test, the HiFuture EY+ could convince. Price-performance, sound and recording quality are simply right and make the EY+ a useful everyday companion. The build quality also makes a very good impression and makes the audio sunglasses appear very valuable.

Making phone calls and listening to music are really fun with the HiFuture EY+ and the available features make it a real recommendation in the price-performance range.

HiFuture EY+

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


A stylish gadget for everyday life. Sound and recording quality create a pleasant atmosphere when talking on the phone or listening to music.

HiFuture EY+ (Discount Coupon: NNNEYHI) price comparison

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When hanging out at the beach, playing sports in the sun or taking a walk in the sunset, one thing can’t be missing: sunglasses! With the HiFuture EY+, we’re not just looking at a conventional pair of sunglasses, but one with built-in speakers and microphones. The EY+ is available in black, with black lenses and … (Weiterlesen...)

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