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Ikea Symfonisk picture frame in test

Looking for an extension for your Sonos system? Or you just want to pursue an unusual design idea and need inspiration? There is no question that Ikea has entered into an interesting cooperation with Sonos with the Symfonisk products. Now the two partners are releasing a picture frame with an integrated WiFi speaker. Yes, you read that right, a picture frame with built-in Sonos speakers. Sounds crazy at first, and we’ll have to look for suitable applications first. Although you have a choice of different motifs, you do not have complete freedom of design.
What is the technical content of the picture frame? How is the concept implemented and does the new Symfonisk product fit into my existing Sonos system? Questions about questions that we clarify for you in our test.

Scope of delivery

Ikea gives us multiple mounting options with the Symfonisk picture frame. The scope of delivery includes a holder for wall mounting. But also standing we can place the picture frame either on the floor or possibly even fitting on our Kallax. For this purpose, rubber feet are included in the scope of delivery. So everything is included for mounting. In addition to the frame, we also find a matching power cable with fabric wrapping in the box, and of course a short Ikea-style instruction manual.

Design and finishing

Of course, about the design options of the frame can be argued, tastes are different. In this case, the variety of the selection is certainly also important, but does not play an overriding role in this test for now.

The Symfonisk picture frame is as good as frameless. However, it is 6 cm deep, at least where the technology is located. So it stands quite a bit away from the wall. The size is not too big and not too small, so it’s perfect for any location in the house.

Although Ikea want a decent chunk of money, the entire construction is mostly plastic. To be honest, the frame doesn’t really feel high quality either. The only question is how much this fact matters. Once set up or hung, you probably won’t move it around that much.

But the most important thing is the implementation of the motifs. At least the motif on our test product is made of fabric and feels high-quality. Underneath is a coarse mesh grille – and underneath that hides what is actually the most important thing about the new Symfonisk product.

Assembly and initial setup

But before we get to the audio quality, let’s evaluate the assembly as well as the initial setup. If you want to put the frame down, you can either put it crosswise or upright. The rubber feet can be placed in holes on each side. We also have guides everywhere for the cable.

A hook is also included for mounting on the wall. Here, Ikea again gives us the choice of horizontal or vertical mounting. A simple nail in the wall is not enough, that should be self-evident, because the Sonos speakers just have their weight. Ikea does not provide us with any material for this. That’s not necessary either, most people will usually still have a screw including a dowel at home, even if it’s the leftover from another Ikea product. For our test, however, we did without the wall mounting.

To set it up, we need the Sonos app. Unfortunately, an account is required, without it we can’t use the app at all. If we don’t have a Sonos device in our account yet, we are asked directly if we want to set one up. Devices in the vicinity are then searched for. If we now select the Symfonisk picture frame, we should hold our smartphone with NFC to the lit LED to complete the process. However, this only worked conditionally with a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC. If we scanned the NFC tag once, but did not complete the process, the smartphone refused to read the tag again.

Once everything is set up, we can start enjoying music in Sonos quality. If you have an iPhone or iPad at hand, you still have the option to use “Trueplay”. This “measures” the room in combination with the microphone. This is supposed to guarantee the best possible sound. Without an iPhone available, we unfortunately could not check this.


There’s probably no question that where you place the Symfonisk frame matters. The given room and objects like sofas and TVs significantly influence the sound of the speakers. However, we also create a different sound image when we use the option to connect the frames in series. For our test, we received one frame and thus only refer to one of the new picture frames from Ikea.

Behind the removable and exchangeable front panel is a 102-millimeter woofer and a 25.5-millimeter tweeter. We tested it in an attic apartment in two different rooms. In the large study even without Trueplay, Ikea and Sonos achieve a really good result. Despite the low depth of the whole construct, it simply has very good volume in the sound. Of course, the Symfonisk picture frame will not be a sound miracle. However, considering the price and the size, a great result is achieved.

We achieve almost the same result in the smaller living room. Due to the smaller room and the sloping roof, the sound pattern also changes a bit. In contrast to the previous room, we can’t turn up the speakers completely. The sound is tinny and not really round, the bass is much too hard. Perhaps this can be improved a bit with Trueplay.

We can attest a very good sound to Ikea and Sonos with the Symfonisk picture frame. Of course, there is always better sound, but it has to be paid for accordingly. Especially the coupling with other Sonos system makes Symfonisk really interesting.


Ikea Symfonisk is already available in different variants, such as in a lamp or a speaker that fits perfectly into the Kallax shelves. Now there is also a picture frame that fits into the system. Possibly even as an extension for your Sonos system, because of which are the installed speakers.

The design is kept simple, but the quality can still convince. The designs of the motifs are debatable, but at least there is a choice of 25. Should the picture frame be well received, there will certainly be possibilities to use your own motifs or there will be an even larger selection.

The setup is also quick and easy. If you have used Spotify before, the operation is a bit tedious, but you will quickly get used to the Sonos app. A small goodie is Trueplay to “analyze” the room with an iPhone to get the best out of the speaker.

We cannot unreservedly recommend the Ikea Symfonisk picture frame. The price is not the sticking point, even though we have to put 179 Euros on the table for the system. Rather the compartmentalized Sonos system, because we can only pair the speakers with others from the manufacturer. Even if, for example, the Google Homes do not have the best sound, this system would be superfluous for listening to music – a pity.

Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame

Value for money


Great sound for the type of speakers. Innovative idea with good implementation.

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Looking for an extension for your Sonos system? Or you just want to pursue an unusual design idea and need inspiration? There is no question that Ikea has entered into an interesting cooperation with Sonos with the Symfonisk products. Now the two partners are releasing a picture frame with an integrated WiFi speaker. Yes, you … (Weiterlesen...)

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