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Imou Knight 4K test: weatherproof surveillance camera with strong image

After we already liked the compact and affordable surveillance camera Imou Bullet 2 in our review at the end of last year, the top model with 4K UHD resolution, HDR and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity now has to prove itself on the test bench. Our Imou Knight 4K test clarifies what you can expect.


Image sensor 1/2.8″8 megapixel progressive CMOS sensor
Lens 2.8 mm / 3.6 mm fixed lens
Field of view 2.8 mm: 107°(H), 56°(V), 127°(D);
3.6 mm: 84° (H), 47° (V), 97° (D)
Day and night Auto switch
Night vision function 30m in color; 20m black and white
Max. Resolution 3840 x 2160
Image speed 15 fps. Self-adapting for network transmission
Video compression H.265 / H.264
Connection WLAN (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6); Ethernet LAN
Spotlight 600 lumens; LED
Local memory microSD slot (max. 256 GB)
Cloud storage IMOU cloud storage
Price € 164.49 *

Imou Knight 4K review: the scope of delivery

The surveillance camera Imou Knight 4K comes, like already the Bullet 2, in a small orange and white box. In the scope of delivery, you will find everything you need for installation and use.

In addition to the camera itself, the manufacturer includes all screws and dowels, a mounting plate and bracket with a drilling template, a 12-watt power supply, as well as the obligatory instructions and notes (also in German).

Imou Knight 4K Scope of Delivery

Design and finish

  • Compact dimensions, quite heavy weight
  • Waterproof cover for microSD card slot

From a purely visual standpoint, the Imou Knight 4K leans on the Bullet 2 and comes in a surprisingly compact body, measuring just 129 mm x 84 mm x 71 mm and weighing in at just 367 grams – without the mount. With the mount and accessories, the entire set weighs around 580 grams.

The design is once again based on a primarily white color scheme with a black front section that houses the lens, sensors (motion detection and light sensor) and headlights, as well as the status LED.

On the back, protected by a waterproof cover, you’ll find the slot for a microSD card, as well as the surveillance camera’s reset button. Above that sits a QR code that is needed to set up the Imou Knight 4K.

Below it, the manufacturer places the speaker, while the microphone for intercom use is found on the top. With the help of the screw thread on the back, the cam is also connected to the mount.

Processing of the Imou Knight 4K

  • Camera is IP66 weatherproof
  • Power supply, on the other hand, is not weatherproof

The workmanship of the camera is absolutely fine. The housing feels quite robust and should not have any problems with heavy rain or snow thanks to IP66 certification. According to the manufacturer, the surveillance camera also performs reliably at temperatures between -30 °C and +60 degrees Celsius.

Imou Knight 4K
The build quality is on a good level. In addition, the cam is waterproof and enormously heat-resistant.

We weren’t able to try this out at full height, but in the summer heat, the Knight 4K still had to fend off 38 degrees Celsius and mastered the endurance test without any problems. It is also commendable that the wobbly WLAN antennas, which we criticized in the Bullet 2, have now been reduced and installed internally.

Mounting and setup

  • Camera is quickly moved into position
  • No wireless use possible

The assembly of the Imou Knight 4K is done in a few simple steps. Conveniently, a drilling template is included in the scope of delivery, with which you can easily make the alignment, simply mark how holes and connect mounting plate with the joint mount.

The instructions show the installation nicely with pictures, so that even laymen should not have any problems. Once the surveillance camera is in place, you can connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable, as well as to Storm via the included power adapter.

As already known from the Bullet 2, the Knight 4K also comes with a jacket for the LAN cable to protect it from water. The power supply itself might not be waterproof and should be placed inside, but the power cable and connector should be.

A bit of a shame: unlike the EZVIZ eLife 2K+ (our review), for example, the Imou Knight 4K cannot be used wirelessly, as it does not have a built-in battery. So you always have to run a cable, for example through the window or the door. However, the cable, which is around three meters long, offers enough room to maneuver.

Setting up the Knight 4K

  • Setup via QR code and app
  • Done in a few steps

Once everything is in place, it’s on to the setup. To do this, you need to install the Imou Life app on iOS or Android and trigger the installation by scanning the QR code. The manufacturer also offers a Windows app, but there is no application for macOS or Linux.

Within the app, you first have to create an account and then land on the start page, where you can add a new camera via the “+” symbol. Then you connect the camera to the WLAN and that’s it.

You now have the option of testing the manufacturer’s own cloud storage solution free of charge for 30 days, but you can also easily do without it if you don’t want to. In the dashboard, you will then see a preview image of the camera, which you can open and access with a click.

Practical test and recording quality

  • Very reliable person and animal detection
  • Loud, shrill alarm sound
  • 600 lumens bright light; 16x digital zoom

Freshly set up, the Imou Knight 4K also already gets to work. In doing so, I trigger a person detection alarm directly once, while I look at the camera in detail like a full horn. So that works flawlessly already.

Imou Knight 4K
Once set up, the cam is ready to go right out of the box.

The detection is displayed as a pop-up on the lock screen and even shows a preview image of what the surveillance camera saw there. Clicking on it will show you a short video. However, this only works if you have purchased the cloud storage plan or inserted a microSD card.

In practice, this even works flawlessly with animals. At least, after you have enabled this function within the app. Otherwise, the range of functions leaves nothing to be desired. You can set zones in which the camera alerts you to movements or even a boundary line that does the same as soon as it is crossed.

Imou Knight 4K
In the app, you can even set zones where detection should be suspended

You can also change the 110 dB loud beep from a shrill, piercing siren and even record your own annoying or pleasant beeps. However, these must be at least 10 seconds long.

It’s up to you whether you welcome your visitors with a friendly greeting or simply yell “Get lost” into the mic at the top of your voice for ten seconds. You can also switch on the 600-lumen warm white LED lighting or communicate with the outside world via the intercom system.

Imou Knight 4K
The LED ring around the lens gets a maximum of 600 lumens

You can also zoom heavily into the action thanks to 16x digital zoom, which still displays a usable image due to the excellent image quality. In short, the range of functions is convincing all along the line.

Image and audio quality

  • Great audio quality in both directions
  • Excellent picture quality

Let’s check off the audio quality first, because that’s quicker: the built-in microphones do a really good job and offer excellent intelligibility in both directions.

But the picture quality is also completely convincing, not least thanks to the 4K resolution with a maximum of 15 FPS. A comparatively high data rate of up to 2.52 MBit/s is also offered, as well as the option to increase the dynamic range (HDR), which is especially advantageous for backlit shots.

Photos and videos are razor-sharp and convince with a high contrast, so that even the smallest details are perfectly visible. The night vision mode is a bit different. Here you have several options to choose from.

One of them is smart night vision, which is supposed to automatically adapt to the conditions. However, this only works to a limited extent in practice. In “night vision with glowing colors”, the display is in color including an active headlight, which remains off in “color night vision without headlight”. In the infrared mode, on the other hand, the display is in black and white.

However, the recordings are only saved if you use a microSD card or the manufacturer’s cloud storage plan. Recordings can also be shared directly from the gallery via WhatsApp, via SMS or in other apps if desired.

Storage, cloud and costs

  • Local storage via microSD card possible
  • Cloud storage optional with up to 30 days of video history

The Knight 4K does not have an internal memory. It supports microSD cards up to a maximum size of 256 GB. However, you can back up images and videos without a memory card via the Imou Cloud and also access them retroactively when the camera has detected a person or animal.

All event recordings are stored in the cloud for convenient playback for up to 30 days. In addition, the manufacturer promises double encryption on the homepage:

“The privacy of our users is a top priority, so Imou closely adheres to industry security standards to ensure that data transmission between devices and the Imou Cloud is double encrypted from start to finish.”

IMOU Cloud Subscription Cost
Image: IMOU

You can use the Imou Cloud for free for 30 days with the purchase of the surveillance camera and access a 7-day video history here. Otherwise, the price starts at 1.99 euros per month for 30 days of video history. The maximum possible 30-day recording costs 6.99 euros per month. With annual payment, a minimum of 19.99 euros and a maximum of 69.99 euros are called.

App connection: Imou Life

  • Overwhelming and feature-rich app
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

The Imou Knight 4K surveillance camera is operated via the already mentioned Imou Life app of the manufacturer. This is nicely laid out and also comes up with a clean translation into German, where everything is clearly understandable.

Within the app, you can, for example, reduce the camera’s resolution from 4K to 1080p or even 480p. You can also display the image of up to four cams in split-screen mode in the live view and configure every function down to the smallest detail.

From the sensitivity of detection to schedules when the surveillance camera should not issue alarms, for example, you set every parameter here. In combination with an Imou account, the camera can also be shared with other people. In my opinion, the app deserves special praise for its range of functions and detailed explanations. Exemplary.

Imou Knight 4K review: conclusion

With its MSRP of around 170 euros, the Imou Knight 4K costs just as much as EZVIZ eLife 2K+ and has the edge in some respects. First and foremost is the sharper image in 4K resolution, which is also complemented by precise person and animal detection, an even louder alarm siren and really bright headlights.

On the other hand, the competitor can be used wirelessly thanks to its built-in battery, which allows for completely different possibilities. With the Knight 4K, you’ll always have to rely on a power supply inside, as the cam doesn’t support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). But that is complaining on an extremely high level. At an admittedly relatively high price, the Imou Knight 4K performs and convinces with a coherent overall package that leaves nothing to be desired.

Imou Knight 4K Review: Gold Award

Imou Knight 4K

Assembly and setup
App and features
Recording quality
Value for money


Flawless surveillance cameras with strong image quality and smart features. Only the power constraint is a bit annoying.

Imou Knight 4K price comparison

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