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JIMMY H9 Pro vacuum cleaner in the test – 25,000 Pa suction power is impressive

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi is involved in a wide range of industries and has launched various products under many different names in the past few years – including smartphones and several cordless vacuum cleaners. We subjected one of these, which goes by the brand name JIMMY, to an extensive practical test to clarify what the device can do.

Scope of delivery

Our vacuum cleaner was delivered with all sorts of accessories, which we first subjected to a thorough inspection. Included are the following parts:

  • Motorized floor brush
  • Carpet brush
  • Electric floor brush head
  • Kinkable metal tube
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Upholstery brush
  • Split brush
  • Small flexible hose with articulated arm
  • Battery
  • Charging adapter
  • Charging stand and power supply
  • Control unit with control panel and recording body

The first thing that stands out is the sheer mass of accessories, which we could hardly keep track of in the test. In fact, it turned out to be a bit adventurous to find out which parts are compatible and how they are ideally used. Those who order the JIMMY H9 Pro should therefore be prepared to spend some time learning the ropes before the first use and study the manual carefully – which is not a pleasant activity considering the poor translation. However, the manual isn’t actually necessary.

Meanwhile, the tasks of the individual elements of the cordless vacuum cleaner are clearly outlined. While the motorized floor brush is suitable for ordinary vacuuming tasks, the carpet brush is used for cleaning carpets. The electric floor brush head should be used when mats, upholstered furniture or similar suction surfaces are to be processed. The aforementioned brushes and the brush head can either be attached directly to the control unit or to the bendable metal tube – you can learn more about this quite strange tube in the documentation of the practical test.
However, the previously mentioned attachments and brushes are not compatible with the smaller hose, which also has a bending mechanism. It can only be used with the upholstery and crevice brush. It also makes it possible to use the JIMMY H9 Pro as a handheld vacuum cleaner – and thus clean desks, shelves and the like.

Design and finish

Visually, the vacuum cleaner moves between a 50s model and a futuristic machine, depending on the configuration. Especially the base of the vacuum cleaner – if it is combined with the large tube and the overall device is used standing – gives rise to associations with older-date vacuums. However, the color scheme – we are moving between neutral dark gray and restrained accentuating rust color – counteracts this first impression. When the device is used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, nothing reminds us of old-fashioned models. The many brushes, however, hardly differ visually from those of ordinary vacuum cleaners – just like the tubes, which only stand out from the crowd due to their bending mechanism. A basic resemblance to the Dyson vacuum cleaners can hardly be denied.

It is noticeable that the JIMMY H9 Pro is a real heavyweight: It already weighs 1.9 kilograms without the tube; fully assembled, it weighs almost four kilograms. However, the most glaring difference between it and other cordless vacuums is the lack of a continuous trigger. Instead, it has a conventional power button, which can be quite impractical during operation – for example, when the device is about to suck up socks, pens or notes and needs to be stopped as quickly as possible.

It is a bit of a shame that Xiaomi relies almost exclusively on plastic even for this extraordinarily expensive device. Only the tube and the charging stand are mostly made of metal. Thus, the device does not look particularly high-quality – it does not differ from an 0815 vacuum cleaner from the next best supermarket, which is available for a fraction of the price called here, neither in terms of material selection nor in workmanship. However, we positively rate the LED display, which shows the battery status in percentages and is thus extremely useful.

Overall, this is an averagely crafted model with mediocre materials, but it makes a good visual impression and arouses curiosity: what does this huge, surprisingly heavy vacuum perform in practice?

Practical test

Let’s get started after pressing the power button and selecting the suction mode. The Eco, Turbo and Max – as well as Auto modes are available for selection. We tried all four modes and found that there are indeed notable differences in terms of suction power and volume. The battery life also differed noticeably in our practical test: While almost one and a half hours are possible in Eco mode, only half an hour is possible in Turbo mode. In Max mode, the time is already tight in larger apartments: The battery is empty after a good quarter of an hour. It is also worth mentioning that the battery life decreases significantly once again when an electric brush is used alongside the base unit. The auto mode reliably switched suction power between hard floor and carpet.

In operation, the unit has proven to be extremely powerful in terms of suction – 25,000 Pa is said to be it. It easily outshines many similar cordless vacuum cleaners – including those from Xiaomi. Unfortunately, this does not only apply to the suction power, but also to the noise: It is already very loud in Max mode without the electric brush, and it becomes downright unpleasant when it is added – one more reason not to take too long with the housework.

More positively, we noticed the aforementioned buckling mechanism, as well as the dust chamber emptying mechanism. The tube of the JIMMY H9 Pro can be bent in the middle by up to 90 degrees with a quick movement, which makes vacuuming under the bed, for example, much easier. Also worth highlighting is the fact that the manufacturer has attached a small roller at the bend point so that the tube does not scrape across the floor when bent in – especially on laminate or parquet floors, this would be extremely unsightly. In our practical test, the folding mechanism worked perfectly. Moreover, it actually proved to be a useful function and not just a gimmick. While average users can at least save physical labor and vacuum under beds, sofas and the like without getting down on their knees, people with musculoskeletal restrictions benefit even more: anyone who has suffered a slipped disc, for example, will no longer see vacuuming the home with the JIMMY H9 Pro as a painful and health-threatening affair.

If the dust chamber is abundantly filled at some point, it can be opened from the side and emptied without contact. This mechanism also seems extremely useful to us.

Likewise, the battery can be removed and charged externally, so if you buy more than one, you can easily switch.

We were also thrilled with the charging station of the cordless vacuum cleaner. Unlike other holders, this one is not screwed to the wall, but comes with a handy stand that stands relatively firmly. In addition, all accessories can be stored here, which we have experienced differently. However, it takes more than three and a half hours until the battery is fully charged. Here, the JIMMY H9 Pro lags behind some competing products.


We finished our test with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the tested cordless vacuum cleaner impressed us with its enormous suction power and huge scope of delivery. It is equipped for probably every vacuuming situation. On the other hand, it is louder than average, has a mediocre build, and takes an exceptionally long time to recharge. If it were priced in the midfield of the cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market, it would be easy for us to overlook the negative points. Thus, however, we have to state that it is a solid device, but for which an exorbitant price is called. Overall, we can thus recommend the JIMMY H9 Pro limited, but will continue to use it, as it sucks the dog hair from the short carpets as good as no vacuum cleaner has done so far.


Design and workmanship
Performance and battery
Value for money


A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with moderate value for money due to the choice and processing of plastic materials.

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The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi is involved in a wide range of industries and has launched various products under many different names in the past few years – including smartphones and several cordless vacuum cleaners. We subjected one of these, which goes by the brand name JIMMY, to an extensive practical test to clarify what … (Weiterlesen...)

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