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Jimmy HW10 in test: What can the suction mop with three functions do?

Anyone who still cleans their home with a classic corded vacuum cleaner is probably part of a social minority. Instead, cordless alternatives with an integrated rechargeable battery are becoming much more popular. This is not least due to the fact that the so-called cordless vacuum cleaners are also becoming more and more affordable. Companies from the Far East in particular are scoring points with a great value for money. And especially in the area of performance, a lot has happened recently in the field of cordless vacuum cleaners. Devices that combine vacuum cleaning with a wiping function, for example, are currently becoming more and more sought-after. Who is surprised? After all, you can save on a separate mop here. Today we want to take a closer look at an exciting representative of this genre – let’s start with the Jimmy HW10 test.

Jimmy HW10 Zubehör
Finally, a scope of delivery that can be seen. Jimmy has even thought of the appropriate cleaning agent.

According to the manufacturer, this is supposed to be a real all-rounder for the household. All types of floors can be vacuumed and then wiped. So far so well known. Manufacturers like Roborock already have comparable devices on the market. So why should you choose the Jimmy HW10? A unique selling proposition comes into focus here. The HW10 can also be used as a pure dry vacuum cleaner. And it comes in two formats. You can turn the vacuum into a practical hand-held vacuum in no time at all. Does that give it a leg up on the competition? We’ll tell you!

Technical specifications of the Jimmy HW10

Name Jimmy HW10
Function Vacuum wiper with three functions (vacuuming, wiping, drying)
Suction power 18 KPa
Hygiene Included detergent and self-cleaning function in the charging station.
Operation Color display with LCD technology, buttons on the handle
Customizability Different suction levels and wiping levels (amount of water)
Battery 80 minutes battery life, 7x 3,800 mAh
Price 599 euros (MSRP), offer at Geekmaxi: 479.99 euros with coupon code SFqQ3aik

Scope of delivery

  • Mop vacuum cleaner
  • Electric brush head
  • Attachment for upholstered furniture
  • Attachment for corners
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carpet attachment
  • Cleaning fluid (480 ml)
  • Power adapter
  • Charging and storage station

Design and finish

Before we get into the visual design, we first have to get rid of a few words about the general product design. Here, Jimmy focuses on sustainability in that the battery is not permanently installed in the device. Instead, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new one when the runtime is no longer as long. This is a commendable step, which unfortunately not all manufacturers take. The result is the ever-increasing problem of electronic waste.

The bronze accents give the squeegee a classy look

After all, if the battery has reached the end of its life in negative examples, you have to dispose of the entire device. Incidentally, this is also the case with some high-priced cordless vacuums from Dyson. The modular design of the Jimmy HW10 is also part of the product design. The vacuum cleaner can be easily transformed into three devices – a cordless vacuum cleaner, a cordless wiper and a cordless hand vacuum cleaner. The conversion process is very easy and is explained in the included instructions. I really came to love this feature during testing.

In operation, the Jimmy HW10 comes with a fancy light

Visually, the Jimmy HW10 impresses across the board in testing. The bronze-colored accents make it a real eye-catcher, which does not have to hide in the living area. However, a closer look reveals that it is “only” plastic. Only the metal tube that provides stability does not belong to the plastic fraction. This does not really bother, because the Jimmy HW10 comes along all in all with a very high processing quality.

Jimmy HW10 cleaning test

Of course, it is an advantage if a household appliance looks good. But it is much more important that it also convinces in practice. So, naturally, we put the Jimmy HW10 through its paces. It is quite interesting to watch the HW10 at work. After all, its approach to mopping and vacuuming differs in part quite a bit from competing products. While many other manufacturers wet the roller, the HW10 first sprays the floor underneath it, then rolls over it with the roller and finally vacuums it up.

Jimmy HW10 Display
In auto mode, the Jimmy HW10 automatically detects the floor covering and adjusts its suction power accordingly.

You determine the amount of water the device sprays onto the floor. While a floor with sensitive wooden parquet can tolerate rather less water, it may be a little more on the tiled floor in the kitchen. If you always irrigate at the highest level, you must of course also expect that the fill level of the fresh water tank will run out relatively quickly. To prevent you from being left high and dry, the vacuum cleaner itself reminds you to refill the tank via a voice function. By the way, the process is the same the other way around when the dirty water tank is full.

The Jimmy HW10 sprays the floor in front of it with a nozzle above the roller. Cool principle that we haven’t seen before.

But why does the Jimmy HW10 rely on the novel version of moistening in the first place? It’s clearly because the vacuum can also be used as a pure dry vacuum. On top of that, I had the feeling in practice that you can better control the humidity of the floors. With other test devices, it was not uncommon for the wooden floor to be mopped far too wet, as the roller was still extremely damp from the previous tiled floor. With the HW10, on the other hand, it was quite easy to switch from floor to floor without worrying about too much moisture.

Jimmy HW10 Buttons
The water nozzle can be manually operated at the handle

While you have to manually adjust the amount of water and also feel the water on the floor independently by pressing a button, the squeegee offers an automatism in its suction function. Depending on the type of floor, it increases or decreases its suction power. This worked very well in practice, especially on carpets. When I rolled over them with the squeegee, the suction power was reliably increased. If the suction wiper then left the carpet again, the suction power also decreased again.

Much overview thanks to LCD display

So that you always have everything under control, the Jimmy HW10 also relies on a small screen. Here you can read and set the most important information. In addition to suction or wipe mode, it also informs you about the battery status. Furthermore, you can activate the self-cleaning function here. This ensures that the roller in particular is properly rinsed on the docking station. Once this has been dried, the HW10 is ready for use again.

The color display is very nicely laid out.

In total, you can opt for four different cleaning modes. The most useful one is certainly the Auto mode. After all, it reliably detects the floor covering and adjusts the performance accordingly. If you don’t want to rely on this, or if you prefer individual cleaning, you’re also welcome to choose manually between “Floor” (hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles), “Carpet” (carpeted floors) and “Turbo” (heavy soiling).

Practical handheld vacuum

Are you a fan of the Transformers? With the Jimmy HW10, you can be reminded of the car-robot hybrids with a little imagination. After all, the original squeegee can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner with a few flicks of the wrist.

The ability to convert the Jimmy HW10 into a handheld vacuum in the blink of an eye is as simple as it is ingenious.

For this, you just have to remove the fresh and dirty water tank. This not only shrinks the size of the household appliance, but also the number of available modes. You have to be satisfied with the two levels Eco and Max here.

Very good results

The Jimmy HW10 is now the third suction mop that I was allowed to put under the microscope as part of a test. Besides the Roborock Dyad (test) I was also already allowed to have a hand on the Dreame H11 Max (test). The cleaning results of the Jimmy HW10 could completely convince me and definitely play in a league with the two opponents.

Jimmy HW10 Battery
The battery is easy to install and remove

However, I have to admit that I actually like Jimmy’s slightly different approach to wetting the bottom better. After all, you don’t necessarily have to resort to the wipe function here.

Jimmy includes several attachments for the handheld vacuum

In testing, I had the squeegee remove a dried jam blob on the kitchen floor. To do this, I first sprayed a lot of water on the corresponding spot by pressing a button and then rolled over it a few times.

Do not neglect cleaning!

If you want to regularly get rid of such stubborn stains with the Jimmy HW10, you must by no means neglect the cleaning. And I don’t mean simply emptying the dirty water tank.

Jimmy HW10 dirty water tank
The dirty water tank can be removed in no time at all.

Rather, it is important to clean the roller again and again with the help of the self-cleaning function. However, you have to be patient here.

The self-cleaning function is activated at the handle.


Namely, if you want to not only clean the roller, but also dry it, you have to spend four hours of time. However, this is better than a stinky suction wiper or?

Summary of the Jimmy HW10 test

Finally, the question naturally arises as to how the Jimmy HW10 compares to the other two suction wipers we tested. First, there’s the high build quality. Despite the exclusive use of plastic, the squeegee makes a high-quality impression. However, the other two representatives also scored well here. All three products were also able to convince us in terms of cleaning performance. Thus, the Jimmy HW10 even coped with stubborn dirt. I like its novel floor moistening, which also enables dry vacuuming, much better. The hand vacuum is also a practical goodie. But unfortunately not much more. If you want to clean the couch of chip crumbs, you’ll be happy with it, too.

A really commendable approach that the Jimmy HW10 brings along is the replaceable battery. This not only ensures that you can have something from the household appliance for many years. On top of that, you can clean the floors of a house or a large apartment with two battery charges. However, the whole thing also has its price. And here, the Jimmy HW10 positions itself clearly above the devices from Dreame and Roborock. The manufacturer has a hefty MSRP of 599 Euros. Currently, you can get the flexible vacuum cleaner at a reduced price at Geekmaxi. With the coupon code SFqQ3aik, it only costs 479.99 Euros. Considering the performance it offers, that’s a more than fair price for a premium-class suction wiper.

Jimmy HW10 Test Award


Cleaning performance
Value for money


The JIMMY HW10 may be expensive, but in terms of suction wipers, I have yet to see better cleaning results.

Jimmy HW10 (Coupon SFqQ3aik) price comparison

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