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Lefant M210 Pro test: good vacuum robot without frills

In the robot vacuum segment, the motto is “further, higher, faster. The numerous manufacturers are not only competing to see who can offer the most suction power. In the meantime, hardly any smart household assistant for floor cleaning can do without a decent mopping function. However, especially devices in the lower mid-range often do a poor job of trying to create an egg-laying pillow. Lefant wants to go a different way with the M210 Pro and competes as a purist in the robot vacuum sector. On paper, it does not only score with an unbeatable price. It does without a wiping function and instead uses a reliable suction function. On top of that, the compact format is supposed to ensure that it even fits under flat furniture without any problems. In the Lefant M210 Pro test, we want to see if that will still be enough in 2022.

Technical data

Dimensions 28 cm x 7.85 cm x 28 cm
Weight approx. 2 kg
Cleaning modes Random cleaning, Spot cleaning, Edge cleaning, Scheduled cleaning
Features Automatic carpet detection (increase suction strength), Automatic return to charging station when battery is low
Operation App control and voice control (Alexa and Google Assistant)
Suction power 2,000 Pascal
Battery life Up to 120 minutes
Capacity dust container 500 ml
Price € 139.99 *

Lefant M210 Pro review: scope of delivery

Given the price, I did not expect a lavish scope of delivery. However, Lefant has taught me better in this regard and comes with plenty of accessories. In the package is:

Lefant M210 Pro Test

  • Suction robot
  • charging station
  • Power supply
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2x HEPA filter
  • 4x side brushes
  • User manual

Lefant M210 Pro review: design and workmanship

  • Slim and low-profile design
  • Matt black case reminiscent of bulletproof vest
  • No LiDAR and no main brush

At first glance, even laymen can see that this is the classic design of vacuum robots. Thus, Lefant also relies on a circular shape. With a diameter of just 28 cm and a height of less than 8 cm, the M210 Pro is thereby pleasingly compact. As a result, it should be able to cope well even in small apartments or those full of furniture. The low height helps it to even drive under flat pieces of furniture. The build quality is on a good level, which I wouldn’t have expected given the low price.

Lefant M210 Pro Test

So far, so familiar from the Lefant M1 (test). But in contrast to its sister device, which strongly reminds us of the competition with its white high-gloss look, Lefant takes a clearly different path with the M210 Pro. To me, the design looks almost martial, but definitely cool. It looks a bit as if the manufacturer had given the compact vacuum robot a bulletproof vest. Thanks to the matte black design, you probably don’t have to worry about having to recognize scratches or other damage to the device so quickly.

Lefant M210 Pro Test

But that’s not all with the differences to the M1. On top of that, the M210 Pro does without the classic turret on the top, which used to be reserved for upper-class models only. This makes it clear that the M210 Pro does not offer laser navigation. We’ll clarify what effects this has for its orientation later. Thus, we only find a power button on the upper side – nothing more.

Lefant M210 Pro Test

We find similarities again when looking at the side. While there are holes for the exhaust air on the back, we find the sensor unit for navigation on the front. Lefant does without a bumper here as well. Instead, the two thick rubber lips, which we also know from the M1, are used. These are supposed to protect the robot and furniture from damage. There are then differences again with regard to the underbody.

Lefant M210 Pro Test

Known are the two side brushes as well as two thick hard rubber wheels, which provide sufficient damping. But one looks for a main brush in vain. The Lefant M210 Pro does without without further ado. Instead, it relies on a simple suction opening. This is supposed to promise freedom from tangles. Pet owners will know what is meant by this. The hairs of fur-bearing housemates tend to get caught in the main brush of many vacuum robots. This problem can only be prevented with solid rubber main brushes, such as those offered by the Roborock S7 (test).

Lefant M210 Pro Test: Navigation

  • No laser navigation
  • No camera sensors
  • A total of 13 sensors are designed to avoid collisions and falls
  • Four cleaning modes

Let’s say one thing up front. Given a price of 150 euros, you should not expect miracles in terms of navigation technology with the Lefant M210 Pro. For example, it does not have LiDAR technology, as it is now almost commonplace. This not only ensures that it does not find its way around well in dark surroundings. On top of that, there is no map generation, which is familiar even from mid-range devices.

Thanks to its low height, the M210 Pro even fits under flat furniture

But in its mode of operation, this limits the robot vacuum only slightly. After all, this relies on classic means for its navigation. While vacuum robots with sufficient sensors first measure their surroundings and then follow a precise cleaning plan, the M210 Pro reacts when necessary. Its 13 sensors let it sense when there is an obstacle in front of it or when it is about to fall down a flight of stairs.

Lefant M210 Pro Test
The Lefant M210P compared in size to the Roborock S7.

It may be confusing at first if you’re used to the strict cleaning routines of higher-priced vacuum robots, but in practice, the M210 Pro’s chaos principle works well, too. The robot vacuum offers a total of four different modes. In the random cleaning mode, the smart household assistant randomly tries to clean as much surface as possible. In the end, however, it also leaves out a few square meters.

Lefant M210 Pro Test
Under the maintenance flap, you can reach the dust bin.

Furthermore, it offers scheduled cleaning. Here, everything runs less chaotically, as the robot scans the room in spiral movements. Spot cleaning mode is good if, for example, you dropped a packet of flour and the soiling only affects a small area. Here, the vacuum cleaner travels in circles to specifically vacuum up the soiling. In edge cleaning, on the other hand, the robot cleans the corners and edges of the room.

Lefant M210 Pro Test
Lefant does not use a classic main brush on the underside.

In the end, there was still a bit of dust lying around on the floor and especially in the corners. But for the fact that the vacuum offers neither laser navigation nor camera technology, it still delivered a solid result. For example, I could imagine using the compact robot as a supplement to the classic vacuum cleaner. After all, this one also reaches places under flat furniture that I can’t get to with my Dyson cordless vacuum.

Lefant M210 Pro review: ease of use

  • App control possible
  • Voice control possible (Alexa, Google Assistant)

As mentioned at the beginning, the Lefant M210 Pro only has a start/stop button on the device itself. If you want more, you can download the app from Lefant. Considering the low price, I find it really great that the robot supports it. I have to praise the setup. This was very easy and, above all, quick to do.

Lefant Life App (Image: Apple App Store)

Since you can open up a lot of settings options with the help of the app, you should do so. Here you can namely not only adjust the suction power. On top of that, you select one of the modes here and can set the time of cleaning. Cool is of course also the control via voice assistant.

Here, the Lefant M210 Pro supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The robot is also very user-friendly when it comes to maintenance. For this, you just have to press the corresponding button above the trash can and the 500 ml container empties itself. Given the low weight of the smart household helper, this can be done without any problems.

Lefant M210 Pro test: cleaning performance

  • 2,000 pascal suction power
  • Tangle-free suction connection
  • Good cleaning performance on hard floors, poor performance on carpets

Let’s take a look at the suction performance of the robot. Real miracles I honestly did not expect here. This is not only due to the rather weak suction power of 2,000 Pascal compared to the competition. On top of that, no classic main brush is used here. Can a real vacuum be created? In practice, however, I was once again proven wrong. Finally, the robot scores with a really good suction result. No matter whether pet hair or dust – it could reliably suck up any dirt. When emptying the dust container, I was surprised at the amount of dust it could collect in just one run.

On wood, stone and other hard floors, the cleaning performance is impressive

This is probably also because it reached corners of my apartment that neither my Roborock S7 let alone I reach with my cordless vacuum. If you then take a closer look in the corners of the room, however, you then already notice that the one or other dust particle remains lying. I was somewhat less positively surprised by the cleaning of my carpet. This clearly shows the disadvantages of not using the main brush. There was still a lot of dirt in the carpet even after cleaning.

The cleaning performance on carpets is not satisfactory

Unfortunately, the automatic carpet detection of the vacuum does not change the problem. Here, the M210 Pro triples the suction power. This is presumably due to the fact that a main brush lifts the individual fibers of the carpet to get to the deeper dirt. If this does not happen, only an insufficient surface cleaning is possible. However, anyone who has little or no carpeting in their home anyway should be satisfied with the results. In particular, pet owners should even be pleased that there is no main brush, which must be cleaned regularly.

Lefant M210 Pro review: solid battery life

  • Battery life: 120 minutes maximum on lowest suction setting

The staying power of the M210 Pro is really something to be proud of. So Lefant spends its 2 kg light smart household helper a persistent battery, which should be able to offer a runtime of up to 120 minutes. However, it has to be emphasized that the maximum is only possible at the lowest level. Since the robot is not a world champion in suction power with 2,000 pascals anyway, the value can be called solid.

The Lefant M210P charges its battery in the pretty-looking charging station.

If you then increase the suction level once, the battery is all the more quickly empty. But you don’t have to be afraid that the vacuum will be left somewhere in the apartment with an empty battery. As soon as the battery level comes to an end, the robot automatically goes to its charging station. If the battery is then full again, he starts at the place where he last sucked.


Are you looking for a solid vacuum robot that offers good cleaning performance at a low price? Then the Lefant M210 Pro should be the perfect model for you. Thanks to its compact design, it not only reaches almost every spot on your floors. On top of that, you don’t have to do without a high level of operating convenience. App support and voice control ensure uncomplicated control. However, the low price is felt in the navigation, which sometimes seems a bit haphazard. The suction performance on carpets is also not satisfactory. On top of that, one or the other might miss a wiping function. If you can live with these small shortcomings, you will get a good device at a great price-performance ratio.

Lefant M210 Pro Review: Silver Award

Lefant M210 Pro

Design and workmanship
Value for money


The Lefant M210 Pro does without a lot and concentrates on the essentials. If you can live with the sacrifice, you will get a solid vacuum robot at a top price.

Lefant M210 Pro price comparison

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