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OneOdio Focus A10 review: Affordable over-ear headphones with ANC

We have already been able to establish that manufacturer OneOdio from China can build strong headphones at an absolutely fair price several times in tests, most recently for example in the case of the OneOdio Monitor 80. Now we can expect a new over-ear headphone that combines Hi-Res sound, hybrid active noise cancellation and long battery life for little money. Our OneOdio Focus A10 review clarifies how good the headphones really are.


Headphone type Over-ear (closed)
Bluetooth version 5.0
Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC
Maximum operating range 10m (without obstacle)
Battery life Up to 62 hours
Weight 303 g (without cable)
Driver 40 mm
Frequency range 20 Hz -40,000 Hz (wired only)
Impedance 32 Ohm
Connectors USB Type-C; 3.5mm jack
Scope of delivery OneOdio Focus A10, USB-C charging cable, 3.5mm jack cable, manual, carrying pouch
Price € 89.99 *

OneOdio Focus A10 review: design and workmanship

  • High-quality, classy design
  • Ear cups swivel and fold
  • Good build quality; somewhat wobbly ear cups

Black plastic meets silver design elements with an anodized finish and an aluminum grooved pattern exterior of the earcups on the OneOdio Focus A10 in review. No question: The OneOdio Focus A10 look very classy and high-quality and – purely visually – do not have to hide behind much more expensive headphones.

OneOdio Focus A10
The scope of delivery includes all the necessary cables and even a transport case.

With the oval ear cups, the headphones are visually somewhat reminiscent of the Bose QuietComfort 45 (our review). The top of the headband features the manufacturer’s lettering, while the logo takes up space on the outer sides of the ear cups. The earcups themselves can be turned in and even folded down to save space when transporting the headphones.

While the folding mechanism is sturdy and of high quality thanks to the metal holder (including a satisfying “click” sound), the ear cups are a bit too smooth for my taste. However, there is not much else to complain about in terms of build quality, because the over-ear headphones do not look cheap at all.

The manufacturer distributes the controls (all physical buttons) and ports on both undersides. Charging is done via USB Type-C, while a 3.5 mm jack on the right side enables analog playback. The microphone is also located here if you want to make a call with the headphones (but the quality is rather poor).

However, there is a slight point deduction for the unpleasant plastic smell that emanates from the headphones, carrying bag and accessories. However, it dissipates relatively quickly. Thank goodness.

Carrying comfort of the OneOdio Focus A10

  • Comfortable, somewhat loose fit
  • Headband presses quickly
  • Soft, somewhat flat cushioning

I was not completely convinced by the wearing comfort of the headphones in the OneOdio Focus A10 test, but it is not bad either. With a weight of 303 grams, the over-ear headphones are in the good midfield and, for example, undercut the more massive Skullcandy Crusher Evo (our review) by eleven grams.

While the contact pressure on the head and ears is pleasantly low, the padding for both could be a bit more voluminous. The headband measures around 17 mm, and the synthetic leather padding is so soft that you can sometimes feel the metal bracket underneath.

The 16 mm thick padding of the ear cups is similarly soft, but there are no elements underneath that would be uncomfortable. Inside, you have 60 mm x 40 mm (height x width) of space at your disposal. That is alright.

The size adjustment is done via the pull-out temples, which have a pleasant and noticeable raster in 13 steps or a maximum of 3.5 centimeters.

Features and battery life

  • Bluetooth multipoint available
  • hybrid ANC

Quite impressive, not only considering the price, turns out the equipment of the OneOdio Focus A10. Thus, the headphones transmits in Bluetooth 5.0 standard and reaches a good range of almost 12 meters to the audio source.

Or: to the audio sources, because the over-ear headphones support Bluetooth Multipoint and can thus be paired with two devices at the same time. Pairing is easily triggered by holding down the power button for five seconds – the A10 is then recognized by smartphones, notebooks and other devices. It’s not quite as fast as many other headphones, but it still works smoothly.

Add to that hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, which the manufacturer claims reduces ambient noise by up to 35 dB and filters out up to 95 percent of low and mid frequencies. The matching counterpart in the form of a transparency mode, which amplifies ambient noise, is of course also provided.

Sound-wise, the Focus A10s come with Hi-Res certification, which promises a particularly convincing, high-resolution sound – but more on that later.

Up to 50 hours of battery life

  • Convincing runtimes
  • Practical quick charging function

One of the highlights of the OneOdio Focus A10 undoubtedly marks the convincing battery life. Up to 50 hours of playback are possible thanks to the 800 mAh battery, if you turn off the ANC function. Via Bluetooth and with activated noise suppression, the headphones still manage 40 hours, which is also a very good rate.

It is more energy-saving when you use the 3.5 mm jack cable for playback. The battery lasts for about 62 hours. Charging is also pleasantly fast: Just five minutes on the mains supply the headphones with enough energy for two hours of playback. In total, a charging process takes around two and a half hours.

Operating the OneOdio Focus A10

  • Good, simple operation with physical buttons
  • no companion app

The OneOdio Focus A10 is operated quite classically with the help of the buttons, which naturally minimizes erroneous inputs that often accompany touch control. The concept is kept very simple.

While you can switch between active noise cancellation, transparency mode and normal mode with the ANC button on the left, you can increase or decrease the volume or jump to the next or previous song (by holding down the same button).

Pressing the power button once lets you answer calls, while a double press ends phone calls. When the phone is not currently active, you can double-tap to invoke the respective voice assistant. This all works flawlessly.

By the way, the manufacturer OneOdio unfortunately does not offer a companion app for its headphones. So there are no options to change the operation, further parameters or even the sound.

Sound and active noise cancellation of the OneOdio Focus A10

  • Good sound quality
  • Mids and bass lack some detail
  • Hi-Res sound only via cable

Sonically, the OneOdio Focus A10 resort to 40 mm drivers, which have an impedance of 32 ohms. Thus, the headphones realize a Hi-Res sound with a frequency band of 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz – but unfortunately only wired.

Wirelessly, as Bluetooth headphones, only the normal codecs SBC and AAC are available. Thus, you can only get the most out of the device if you use it wired. However, this does not mean that the Focus A10 sound bad.

In fact, the headphones realize quite a good sound quality, which, however, does not cope with all music genres equally well. The mids are a bit in the background, which swallows up some details, especially in complex arrangements.

In some songs, the mids lack clarity in the instrumentalization, while the voices are still nicely detailed. However, there is no reason for criticism in the high frequencies, which are neither shrill nor unpleasantly sharp even at maximum volume.

The bass reproduction is decent, but lacks a certain “thump”. In my opinion, this is a positive thing, because it makes the sound more honest and realistic. However, fans of electro music might only like the flat and not really precise low bass to a certain extent.

OneOdio Focus A10 Klang
Sonically, the headphones lack a bit of detail in the mids, but otherwise sound pretty good.

In conjunction with the jack cable and the accompanying Hi-Res sound, the acoustics actually pick up noticeably. This is definitely very good, but let’s be honest: you want to use Bluetooth headphones wirelessly more than anything else, right?

For the called price, the OneOdio Focus A10 deliver a really good sound, but a similarly priced 1MORE SonoFlow plays in a completely different league, not least thanks to high-resolution LDAC codec.

How good is the ANC?

  • Rightly effective active noise cancellation for monotonous sounds
  • average transparency mode

The noise cancellation of the Focus A10 is, in the price range, really on a very good level. Which is not only due to the strong reduction of up to 35 dB, but also the convincing passive attenuation when the headphones enclose your own ears well.

Especially low and monotonous noises are significantly reduced, while conversations, music or, for example, the sound from speakers and the TV penetrates through muffled, but still audibly. The ANC is actually a bit more effective than that of the 1MORE SonoFlow, but it never reaches the level of much more expensive headphones.

The transparency mode, on the other hand, is okay and does what it is supposed to do: it amplifies ambient noise and voices and thus allows conversations with headphones on, for example. However, it distorts especially louder sounds somewhat unpleasantly and does not always ensure clear voice intelligibility.

OneOdio Focus A10 review: conclusion

For the price of around 80 euros, the OneOdio Focus A10 put together quite a convincing overall package. The chic design along with the mostly good build quality and the excellent battery life are particularly positive.

The over-ear headphones also do quite a bit right in terms of sound, although the mids in particular lack a bit of detail and clarity in the bass range. While they are slightly inferior to the similarly priced competition here, they make up for this in the really convincing ANC function. It is just a shame that the transparency mode, on the other hand, falls a bit short.

Features like Bluetooth Multipoint and a Hi-Res sound, even if only via cable, are also hard to find in this price range and a clear advantage. In any case, anyone looking for a good ANC headphone at a reasonable price will be well served by the OneOdio Focus A10. Directly at OneOdio you can save 20 percent with the coupon ONE20%SP.

OneOdio Focus A10 Review: Silver Award

OneOdio Focus A10

Sound quality
Value for money


The OneOdio Focus A10 combine a noble design with good sound, convincing ANC and high-quality features. In combination with the convincing battery life, the price-performance ratio is right here.

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We have already been able to establish that manufacturer OneOdio from China can build strong headphones at an absolutely fair price several times in tests, most recently for example in the case of the OneOdio Monitor 80. Now we can expect a new over-ear headphone that combines Hi-Res sound, hybrid active noise cancellation and long … (Weiterlesen...)

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