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Roborock Flexi Pro Review: The new flagship vacuum cleaner?

Roborock already has a range of vacuum sweepers in its Dyad series. However, despite their great cleaning performance, the Dyad and Dyad Pro lacked flexibility and maneuverability. The new Flexi series should now put an end to this. With the Flexi Pro and Flexi Lite models, the expert for smart household helpers has two new additions up its sleeve. And they solve a problem that many vacuum cleaners unfortunately still have – a lack of maneuverability. In the Roborock Flexi Pro test, we take a closer look at the top model in the new series.

Technical data

Suction power 17.000 Pascal
Product size 264 x 238 x 1108 mm
Weight 5 kg
Power output 170 W
Fresh water tank volume 730 ml
Dirty water tank volume 450 ml
Battery life max. 50 minutes
Price (RRP) € 599.00 *

Scope of delivery

  • Flexi Pro squeegee
  • Charging station
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning tool
  • Spare filter
  • Handle
  • Quick Start Guide

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: Design and workmanship

Experience has shown that vacuum sweepers are quite bulky household appliances. This is mainly due to the two usually large water tanks that are located in the main unit. The Roborock Flexi Pro deviates from this common design in a refreshing way. The appliance, which is almost completely white, looks as if it has been cast from a single mold.

roborock flexi pro test

Black accents provide a little change from the plain white. Not only is the back of the housing black, there are also small black elements on the cleaning head. Even if the general design with its streamlined design looks much more modern than other squeegees, the general structure is identical.

roborock flexi pro test

The handle is located at the top. This is ergonomically shaped on the Flexi Pro and serves as the control unit. The new squeegee also has a display. However, unlike the Roborock Dyad (Review) and many other vacuum sweepers, this is not located on the main unit. Instead, Roborock places it directly on the handle.

roborock flexi pro test

We already know this from the Eufy MACH V1 (Review). The handle merges into the main unit. This is where the two water tanks are located. At 730 ml and 450 ml respectively, the fresh water and dirty water tanks offer a fairly good volume. However, top models such as a Tineco Floor One S7 Pro (Review) or a Dreame H13 Pro (Review) offer significantly more space here.

With 900 ml (fresh water tank) and 700 ml (dirty water tank), the Dreame is in a completely different league. The cleaning unit is located in the lower section, where the wet cleaning roller comes into contact with the floor.

roborock flexi pro test

Roborock uses an almost rimless design for the roller. The squeegee leaves a gap of less than 1 mm to baseboards and furniture edges on both the left and right. There are also two motorized wheels that help the vacuum mop move around your home.

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: Mini display with informative value

The screen on the handle may be small, but it is certainly practical. After all, it provides you with information on the most important parameters of the vacuum cleaner. At the center of it all is the remaining battery charge, which is displayed directly in the middle of the oval screen. Above this are the icons for the three suction modes.

At the bottom are the two operating buttons for start/stop and mode change. Above the three images symbolizing the cleaning mode is a semi-circular coloured strip. This shows the results of Roborock’s DirTect technology. This is the counterpart to Tineco’s iLoop dirt sensor.

Practical feature: the display rotates automatically on the charging station and, unlike other squeegees, is therefore not upside down

Depending on the color, you can see whether there is still dirt in the current position or not. The fact that the screen is significantly smaller than on other models didn’t bother me at all in practice. This is because the display is closer to your eyes anyway due to its position on the handle.

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: flexibility and ease of use

Given its name, my expectations of the Roborock Flexi Pro in terms of ease of use and flexibility were correspondingly high. After my extensive test, I can say that this vacuum mop lives up to its name. This is due to several things.

roborock flexi pro test

Firstly, Roborock uses an almost rimless cleaning roller. As there is less than 1 mm of edge on the left and right, you can clean along skirting boards and furniture edges without leaving an ugly dirty edge. But cleaning is not only easy in this area.

roborock flexi pro test

In contrast to almost all other vacuum cleaners on the market, the Flexi Pro also fits under flat furniture. This is due to the stretchable head joint, which ensures that you can use the Roborock virtually lying on the floor. When fully extended, it has a total height of just 15 cm.

So far, I have only seen this practical design on an Osotek Horizon H200 (Review) and Osotek H200 Lite (Review). In practice, the Flexi Pro skillfully eliminates one of the biggest weaknesses of the Dyad series and many other vacuum cleaners. The head joint also scores points for flexibility when steering to the right and left.

This allows the vacuum cleaner to be skillfully moved around corners and never feels rigid. With a weight of 5 kg, it may not be a lightweight. Nevertheless, it is easy to move across the floor. This is due to the motorized SlideTech wheels, which skilfully support your direction of movement. So even a half-hour cleaning session is child’s play and doesn’t end in tennis elbow.

As you can get into small corners and under flat furniture with the Flexi Pro, suitable lighting is of course worth its weight in gold. And Roborock also provides this for its smart household helper. The LED strip on the front not only looks good, but is also really bright. So you can see through even in dark corners.

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: cleaning performance

Even though the Roborock Dyad is a really bulky piece of household technology, the appliance scored highly in our practical test with its great cleaning performance. This was mainly due to the use of a total of two cleaning rollers. With the Flexi Pro, on the other hand, you only get one roller. But does that mean poorer results?

roborock flexi pro test
You should fill the fresh water tank before every cleaning session

I don’t think so! I was thoroughly impressed by the performance of the vacuum cleaner in the test. I mainly used the appliance in auto mode. This is where the aforementioned DirTect dirt sensor comes into play. Depending on the level of dirt, the appliance then adjusts its performance accordingly.

roborock flexi pro test

You can rest assured that the cleaning roller will always come out perfectly clean – even at the end of a long cleaning session. This is due to the RevoBrush 2.0 technology used here. This repeatedly brushes off the cleaning roller during cleaning, so that the dirt ends up directly in the dirty water tank.

roborock flexi pro test
Thanks to the very wide cleaning roller, the squeegee also cleans along skirting boards without any visible edge with residual dirt

Even dried jam stains could be removed in the test. Although I had to go over it several times, with a little patience you should be able to remove even the most stubborn stains with the Flexi Pro. However, the appliance cannot match the performance of a Dreame H13 Pro in this area.

roborock flexi pro test

But here you simply have to weigh up what is more important to you. Of course, the competitor’s model may offer better cleaning performance. But it is also much bulkier and cannot be maneuvered under furniture. In view of the flexible design, I’m happy to accept it if it takes a little longer to clean.

In addition to the automatic mode, the model also offers a max mode and an eco mode. In Max mode, the vacuum cleaner delivers full power. You should use Eco mode if you want to save battery life. To switch between modes, simply press the corresponding button on the handle.

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: Self-cleaning with lots of heat

Of course, the Flexi Pro also offers a self-cleaning function. This is carried out in the charging station after every cleaning session. The cleaning roller rotates and is rinsed with 60°C hot water. This effectively combats bacteria and promises reliable cleaning.

roborock flexi pro test
You start the self-cleaning process using the button on the handle

The resulting dirty water then ends up in the corresponding container. The system then dries the roller using hot air at 55°C. The high temperature ensures that the roller is completely dry again within 30 minutes and 99.9 percent of bacteria are removed.

roborock flexi pro test
You should empty the dirty water tank after every self-cleaning

This is quite quick. After all, other vacuum cleaners take much longer to dry the roller. However, the top models from Tineco, such as a Floor One Switch S7 (Review), are ahead in this discipline. The Flashdry system with its 70°C hot air ensures drying in just a few minutes.

Roborock Flexi Pro Review: battery and app

The battery life of the Roborock is quite impressive. According to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 50 minutes. Of course, this only applies under optimum conditions. In the test, I was definitely able to clean my floors with some stubborn stains for 25 minutes without any battery problems. Incidentally, Roborock now also offers an app for its vacuum cleaner.

Similar to Tineco, in my opinion the Flexi Pro is more of a little gimmick than a really compelling feature. For example, you can set the water temperature for self-cleaning in the app.

You can also start the self-cleaning function remotely via the app. However, the maintenance instructions are very practical. The app shows you which spare parts need to be replaced.


The Roborock Flexi Pro impressed me in many ways during the test. On the one hand, there is the modern design and the high build quality. Furthermore, the model offers a whole host of practical features that ensure a high level of operating comfort. The flexibility of the headboard in particular is the absolute highlight. In combination with the virtually rimless cleaning roller and the practical LED light, you can ensure cleanliness even in dark corners.

roborock flexi pro test

In this discipline, Roborock is well ahead of the front runners from Tineco and Dreame. But in terms of cleaning performance, the vacuum cleaner unfortunately loses out. Although you get good results here, the flagships are noticeably better. The Flexi Pro is therefore tailor-made for all those who have always wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner but have been bothered by its bulky design.

Roborock Flexi Pro

Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning Performance
Value for money


The Roborock Flexi Pro sets new standards in ease of use. However, the flagship competitor is ahead in terms of cleaning performance.

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