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Roborock Qrevo Master Review: The challenge from Roborock

For a long time, Roborock with its S series was considered the industry king in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. However, Roborock’s decision not to use rotating mops meant that the competition from Dreame and co. had the edge when it came to mopping performance. Roborock’s answer was the Qrevo series, which also relies on rotating pads rather than a mopping surface. In today’s Roborock Qrevo Master test, we take a look at the best-equipped model in the series.

Technical data

Suction power 10.000 Pascal
Fresh water tank volume 4 liters
Dirty water tank volume 3.5 liters
Dust bag volume 2.7 liters
Navigation LiDAR
Obstacle detection Reactive AI (structured light, RGB camera, sensors, AI processing)
Robot vacuum cleaner dimensions 35.3 x 35.0 x 10.2 cm
Cleaning station dimensions 34.0 x 48.7 x 52.1 cm
Cleaning station functions – Mop washing (60°C hot water)
– Mop drying (45°C hot air drying)
– Suction function
– Self-cleaning
– Water tank filling for robot vacuum cleaner
Volume of built-in dust container 220 ml
Volume of built-in water tank 80 ml
Maximum battery life 180 min
Price € 1,299.00 *

Scope of delivery

roborock qrevo master test

  • Roborock Qrevo Master vacuum robot
  • Self-cleaning station
  • 2x dust bags (1x pre-assembled)
  • 2x spare mop pads
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Well-known design

With its all-black (like our test device) or white design, the Qrevo Master is not only based on previous Roborock vacuum robots. In fact, this design language has almost become established across all manufacturers in this market segment.

roborock qrevo master test

But it’s not just the choice of color that looks familiar. The shape of the smart household helper is also familiar with its circular form. The red thread also runs through the top. This is where a small LiDAR tower is located, under the hood of which is the laser technology for navigation.

roborock qrevo master

Unfortunately, the tower is quite large, which means that the height of the smart household helper exceeds the magic limit of 10 cm. This makes it taller than my Roborock S7 Max Ultra. In addition to the LiDAR tower, there are two control buttons on the top for rudimentary control of the robot hoover.

roborock qrevo master test

Use the power button to start and pause a cleaning session. The home button, in turn, sends the robot back to its cleaning station at the touch of a button. You can also access the Qrevo Master’s small 220 ml dust container via a maintenance flap on the top.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Proven DuoRoller Riser

When opening the magnetically held cover, you can also read the QR code, which is important for commissioning, and reach the reset button for resetting. Continue to the front. This is where the technology required for obstacle detection is located, which Roborock calls “Reactive AI”. There is another sensor on the side, which helps the Robo to maintain sufficient distance from the wall.

roborock qrevo master test

Looking at the underside, I was reminded to some extent of the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (Review). Of course, this is not due to the two rotating mop pads that characterize the Qrevo series. Instead, the Qrevo Master uses the tried-and-tested DuoRoller Riser System. Roborock uses not one, but two cleaning rollers, both of which are made entirely of plastic.

roborock qrevo master test

This should have several advantages. Firstly, hair is said to be much more difficult to wind up, which makes maintenance much easier. Should this nevertheless occur, the mini blades are used to cut the hair without further ado. On the other hand, DuoRoller Riser ensures greater suction power on carpets.

roborock qrevo master test

The roller unit can also be raised. The Qrevo Master does this when it performs a pure mopping process. This means that the cleaning rollers, which are partially covered in dust immediately after cleaning, do not come into contact with the freshly mopped floor. The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra sends its regards to the side brush. This can now be extended to make cleaning the edges and corners easier.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Rotating mopping pads

With the introduction of the Qrevo series, Roborock has also started to focus on rotating mopping pads. This is why the Master naturally also comes with the corresponding mopping technology. The two mops on the underside rotate at a speed of 200 revolutions per minute during the mopping process. However, they don’t just rotate quickly to remove stubborn stains.

They are also pressed onto the floor with a certain amount of pressure. A special feature of the mop pads is that they can be extended, allowing them to move comfortably along skirting boards. We are familiar with a very similar technology from Dreame flagships such as the Dreame L20 Ultra (Review) or the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat (Review). However, this is not the only change of position that the robot hoover enables.

The mops can also be raised by 10 mm. This should ensure that your carpet stays dry when the Robo runs over it with damp mop pads. However, this will not be enough for long-pile carpets. This is where the Dreame L20 Ultra system comes into its own. It can “temporarily park” its mops in the cleaning station and then pick them up again.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Cleaning station

Like the robot hoover itself, the cleaning station also impresses with its outstanding build quality. Anything else would have surprised me for a Roborock product. After all, the manufacturer scores highly even with inexpensive mid-range models such as the Roborock Q8 Max+ (Review).

roborock qrevo master test

You can access the water tanks from the top. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 4 liters, while the dirty water tank has a capacity of 3.5 liters. These are strong figures, but they cannot keep up with the Dreame L20 Ultra. The latter offers 4.5 liters (fresh water) and 4 liters (waste water).

roborock qrevo master test

Unfortunately, the Qrevo Master does not offer the option of being connected to a water or waste water connection. This would have provided even more convenience, as the cleaning station could then take care of the water supply and disposal all by itself.

roborock qrevo master test

In addition to the water tanks, there is also a dust bag inside the cleaning station in which the dirt collected by the robot vacuum cleaner ends up. You can access it via the flap on the front of the station. The bag has a volume of 2.7 liters and can easily last for several weeks. In the following, we will explain what functions the station has to offer.

Cleaning the mops

The main function of the cleaning station is of course to clean the mop pads. The mops are not only thoroughly rinsed in the station after each cleaning session. The Robo also returns to the station at regular intervals during cleaning and can be cleaned.

roborock qrevo master test

This has the advantage that no dirt is transported from A to B in your home, but is rinsed off and removed directly in the station. Hot water is used for this.

roborock qrevo master test

In the Qrevo Master, this has a temperature of 60°C, which effectively prevents the formation of germs and unpleasant odors and also removes stubborn dirt. The dirty water produced during cleaning then ends up in the station’s waste water tank.

Dirt detection and hot air drying

In my opinion, the dirt detection during cleaning is really cool and innovative. The station recognizes how dirty the mop pads are and adjusts the entire cleaning cycle accordingly. In the case of heavily soiled pads, the Qrevo Master assumes that the previously cleaned area could still have residual dirt on it and quickly moves over it again.

In my opinion, this is a really helpful feature! After cleaning, the station ensures that the mop pads can dry as quickly as possible. This in turn should ensure that no unpleasant odors form due to residual moisture. To achieve this as quickly as possible, the drying temperature is 45°C.

Refilling the mini water tank

Like so many other parameters, you can set the intervals at which the Qrevo Master’s mop pads are cleaned in the Roborock app. If you prefer to clean as little as possible in between, you will be pleased with the 80 ml mini water tank inside the robot hoover. This ensures that the mop pads are always sufficiently damp during the cleaning tour, even without washing.

roborock qrevo master test
You fill up the large fresh water tank yourself

However, there is one thing I would have liked to see more of. Competitor Dreame L20 Ultra automatically adds detergent to the water tank in the robot hoover. Unfortunately, the Qrevo Master is not able to do this. If you want to use the special cleaning agent from Roborock, you have to add it when refilling the fresh water tank.


However, the station can not only clean the robot hoover, but also itself. Anyone who has ever used a cleaning station for several months will know that this is a practical feature. After all, all kinds of dirt accumulate in the robot’s “parking lot” over time.

With the help of the mop pads, which rotate continuously during cleaning, dirt cannot build up in the wash tray in the first place. If you do need to help manually, the tray can be easily removed. This is also anything but standard and, in combination with self-cleaning, makes maintenance much easier.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Navigation and obstacle detection

The LiDAR turret on the top of the robot hoover is at the heart of its navigation. With the help of laser-supported technology, the Qrevo Master can create a map of your home even in complete darkness. The first map creation is pleasantly quick. The result is a room map that is automatically divided into different rooms. You can then easily adjust details such as exclusion zones, invisible walls or a different room layout in the app.

roborock qrevo master test

The Robo uses the result extremely effectively to move across floors quickly and, above all, systematically. The smart household helper always starts its tour along the edge of the room. Once this has been cleaned, it moves in parallel tracks across the center of the room. Alternatively, it can even sweep the room in a checkerboard pattern. The robot always worked absolutely according to plan and never gave the impression of having no orientation. While I really like the LiDAR navigation, the obstacle detection unfortunately gives me a little cause for complaint.

roborock qrevo master test

Obstacle avoidance is based on structured light, an RGB camera, several sensors and subsequent image processing by artificial intelligence. Thanks to the LED lighting, it also works under furniture or late at night and in poor lighting conditions. Roborock calls the whole thing “Reactive AI”. Unfortunately, the system didn’t really convince me in practice. Strictly speaking, it was just a little too rough for me. This means that small obstacles were not carefully avoided.

roborock qrevo master test
Smaller obstacles like this Minion are not completely avoided by the robot hoover, but unfortunately touched

Instead, the smart household helper first touches the objects and then avoids them. This may not be a problem with newspapers or socks. Cables, on the other hand, should not be left lying freely accessible on the floor. However, as soon as the objects are slightly larger, the obstacle detection system recognizes them without any problems and reliably moves around them. I have the impression that the software needs a little fine-tuning here. Let’s hope that Roborock helps in this respect with a suitable update. Otherwise it would be really disappointing.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: Practical test

Now that we have clarified the technical features of the Roborock Qrevo Master, let’s finally take a closer look at its supreme discipline – its cleaning performance. First, I took a look at how it performs in terms of suction power. I then took a look at its mopping performance.

Suction power

With a suction power of an impressive 10,000 pascals, the Qrevo Master is the most powerful robot hoover I have tested to date. And that’s by no means just marketing. After all, the robot can also transfer its impressive suction power to the floor, which leads to excellent results. It is supported by the DuoRoller system. The double roller creates a strong vacuum on both hard and carpeted floors.

roborock qrevo master test

In the test on my vinyl and tiled floors at home, the results were outstanding. The Qrevo left hardly a single speck of dust on the floor. Even along the baseboards and furniture edges. This is made possible by the extendable side brush.

roborock qrevo master test

This also ensures that dirt is removed from corners and ends up in the robot’s dust chamber. In my test series, I have not yet been able to test any other robot vacuum that can demonstrate such great corner cleaning. I continued on my carpet. Here, too, the smart household helper scored with a great performance. Anything else would have surprised me.

roborock qrevo master test

After all, the S8 Pro Ultra from Roborock already scored highly on carpets with its double roller system. However, in combination with the significantly higher suction power, I like the Qrevo Master even better here. After all, with its 10,000 Pascal, it can even vacuum out deep-seated dirt.

Mopping performance

The Roborock Qrevo Master makes it clear why rotating mops are currently all the rage when it comes to the mopping function of robot hoovers. After all, the system also ensures excellent mopping performance with this model. In the test, the smart household helper scored with great cleaning results.

roborock qrevo master test

Only one stubborn jam stain could not be removed the first time it was run over. After a second round, however, this was also history. But I’m not just impressed by the mopping performance itself. The features around it also ensure that you simply enjoy watching the Qrevo Master at work.

roborock qrevo master test

It starts with the extendable mop. With its help, the Roborock easily cleans along skirting boards without leaving a dirty edge. The system pays off in several scenarios. In particular, it proved to be extremely practical when moving around chair and table legs. Another practical feature is the liftable mops.

roborock qrevo master test

As soon as the carpet sensor on the underside detects carpeting, the pads are raised by 10 mm. This ensures that your carpet stays dry and no unwanted fluff is deposited on the mop pads. In practice, the whole thing worked perfectly. However, I did notice something negative about the reaction time of the function. It takes a little while for the mops to be raised or lowered. But that’s complaining on a high level.

Roborock Qrevo Master Review: app and smart home features

At the heart of setting up and operating the Qrevo Master is the Roborock app. You can use it to make various settings on the device. These affect more than just parameters such as the suction power or water flow rate. You can also set a cleaning schedule so that the smart household helper always cleans your home at predefined times. The great thing about the Roborock app is the overview.

The manufacturer has managed to design the app so intuitively that newcomers can find their way around just as easily as veterans in the field of Roborock household gadgets. As the app notifies its users when a component needs to be cleaned or even replaced with a new one, it is also really helpful when it comes to maintenance. After all, it ensures that you can enjoy your Qrevo Master for as long as possible.

As a smart household helper, the Qrevo Master can of course also be conveniently controlled via common voice assistants such as Alexa or the Google Assistant. But when it comes to Roborock, it’s better to stick with the company’s own helper. With Rocky, Roborock has its own voice assistant at the start. With its help, you can send the robot vacuum to specific rooms in your home, for example.

Conclusion: It could hardly be better

In my opinion, the S series has so far been the undisputed leader in the Roborock line-up. But that is now a thing of the past. With the Roborock Qrevo Master, the robot vacuum expert has topped all its previous models. On the one hand, it scores with familiar strengths such as a stylish design, high build quality and a clear and well-functioning app. But when it comes to cleaning performance, Roborock goes one better.

roborock qrevo master test

In combination with the double roller system, the 10,000 Pascal ensures great suction results on both hard and carpeted floors. Even in corners thanks to the extendable side brush. The mopping performance is also at a very high level thanks to the extendable mopping pads. The cleaning station also does a great job, effectively preventing the build-up of bacteria with hot water cleaning and hot air drying. The station’s self-cleaning function also pays off in practice.

roborock qrevo master test

For me, the icing on the cake would have been an automatic addition of cleaning agent. Friends of fragrant and hygienic cleaning have to add the right detergent manually. But that’s complaining at a high level. What I am really disappointed with, however, is the obstacle detection. The Qrevo Master usually works very roughly and avoids small objects too late or not at all. Hopefully, the manufacturer will do some fine-tuning here. If this flaw is eliminated, the Qrevo Master will be the best robot vacuum on the market for me.

Roborock Qrevo Master

Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning performance
Navigation and obstacle avoidance
Value for money


The Roborock Qrevo Master is an outstanding robot vacuum that only suffers from a stumbling obstacle detection.

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For a long time, Roborock with its S series was considered the industry king in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. However, Roborock’s decision not to use rotating mops meant that the competition from Dreame and co. had the edge when it came to mopping performance. Roborock’s answer was the Qrevo series, which also relies on rotating pads rather than a mopping surface. In today’s Roborock Qrevo Master test, we take a look at the best-equipped model in the series. Technical data Suction power 10.000 Pascal Fresh water tank volume 4 liters Dirty water tank volume 3.5 liters Dust bag … (Weiterlesen...)

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