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Speedlink Vivas LED in review: in-ear headphones for mobile gaming?

Speedlink is a German brand that has been manufacturing peripherals for PCs, consoles and mobile devices since 1998. With a pretty solid value for money due to the production in Asia, many specialized products are manufactured. Thus, a wide portfolio is offered for office, gaming and consoles. In this case, we have wireless in-ear headphones for mobile gaming for review here: The Speedlink Vivas LED.


Sound stereo
Bluetooth 5.0
Control Touch
Driver 12 mm
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance headphones 32 Ohm
charging cable USB-C, 25 cm
Battery charging case 500 mAh, headphones 50 mAh
Dimensions Charging Case 74 x 62 x 35 mm
Total weight 65 g
Weather / dust protection IP54
Price € 49.99 *

Packaging and scope of delivery

  • Stable packaging
  • Expected scope of delivery

The Speedlink Vivas LED gaming headphones come in a sturdy, compact cardboard box. Inside are the headphone charging box with the headphones placed inside, replacement ear pads for larger and smaller ears, and a USB-C charging cable. Also, of course, the manual. As with many newer devices, a power supply is not included. It can be assumed anyway that most people have sufficient USB power adapters available these days. After all, these have been included with many cell phones and other devices for years. Unpacked, the Speedlink Vivas LED test can start.

Looks and build quality

  • Decent workmanship
  • Unique appearance due to the lighting

The charging box of the Speedlink Vivas LED is neatly finished and looks like a good protection for the headphones, but it is bigger than the one of the version without LEDs. The top looks good in metallic blue, but is so slick that it’s hard to avoid fingerprints on it. Opening the box is a bit difficult, as the hand cannot find a firm holding point on the lid, and the indentation underneath is very small. If you open the lid, you have to admit: It’s an experience! The inside of the box starts to glow blue. A small protective strip must now be removed from the headphones to protect the charging contacts. If you now put the headphones back into the box – they click magnetically securely into position – they also start to glow while charging. This does look cool, but there’s something to keep in mind. Once you’re wearing the headphones, you can’t see them yourself, which makes the lighting particularly appealing to those around you. This is somewhat noticeable and does not suit every occasion. The workmanship of the headphones seems solid.

Setting up and getting started

  • Simple setup
  • Removable earpieces

Before testing, we first charged the Speedlink Vivas LED for a while. We also connected the charging case with the USB cable for charging. Because this box has a built-in battery that can charge the headphones several times when they are stored in it between uses. Once they are charged, you can try out which earpieces fit you best. Factory fitted are the medium sized ones, which should fit most people on average, but there is also a smaller pair and a larger pair. When trying them on, note that the headphones are labeled L and R for left and right. Once you’re ready, you connect the headphones via Bluetooth. Primarily, of course, this is suitable for mobile use without the cables and due to the general Bluetooth capability of current smartphones. However, it is also possible to use the Speedlink Vivas LED on a computer, as long as it supports Bluetooth.

To change the earpieces, it’s best to fold them forward, then you can pull them down with a good grip and get the other ones on better. Overall, the fit is very good, which protects against losses in everyday life, but makes the change a little more difficult.

In operation

  • Simple controls
  • Many control options

The control of the Speedlink Vivas LED runs via a touch function. Depending on which side you tap and how often you tap, you can change the volume, pause and resume the player with double taps, or even answer phone calls. Microphones are of course directly integrated. Triple taps advance to the next track or rewind to the last one. Holding the right headphone for three seconds activates the lighting (“gaming mode”). Pressing for five seconds turns the respective headphone off, even if it is not in the Ladecae. Overall, this works quite well, but of course it depends on the paired devices.

speedlink Vivas LED In-Ears
The build quality is decent and there’s a secure feeling when typing

The sound

  • Moderate, low-bass sound
  • Good speech intelligibility

Alright, in the price range in which the Speedlink Vivas LED play along, you don’t expect top-class sound quality, especially since you are of course also paying for the lighting function. However, even the reduced expectations are not really met. Overall, the bass does not arrive as full as one would hope. At least the sound is good during voice playback. Audio books, podcasts, phone calls and synchronization in games are clearly understandable. This indicates an emphasis on the upper midrange frequencies with a simultaneous bass reduction. Thus, the sound is well suited for speech. Less well for music playback or games with a strong focus on the music, as found in particular in role-playing or racing games. Overall, the sound quality is not really convincing. A bit tinny, hollow to shrill in the middle. Too bad.


  • Aside from the lighting, no standout features
  • Sound is the only real weak point

Joa, the Speedlink Vivas LED glow. Sure, they’re optimized for gaming. Joking aside, you have to realistically say that they are simply illuminated in-ear headphones. The gaming mode with the illumination reduces the runtime a bit, but overall, the headphones’ batteries already last 2-3 hours and of course recharge in the charging case between each use. Sound-wise, however, I didn’t feel like I particularly enjoyed these in-ears while gaming. With Bluetooth 5.0, the latency is at least low and the range is also good. I was able to move around freely indoors without any disconnections, and on the move you rarely move away from your phone. The IP54 weather protection is nice for everyday use and it also protects the headphones if you ever get caught in a downpour.


The Speedlink Vivas LED in-ear headphones are honestly not really convincing after our test. The sound is bass-poor, the lighting is nice to look at, but of course without any practical use. The workmanship and the wearing and touch feeling are good, but that does not compensate for the weaknesses in the sound.

Speedlink Vivas LED

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


The Speedlink Vivas LED look good and have a decent build, but unfortunately the sound is not convincing.

Speedlink Vivas LED price comparison

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Speedlink is a German brand that has been manufacturing peripherals for PCs, consoles and mobile devices since 1998. With a pretty solid value for money due to the production in Asia, many specialized products are manufactured. Thus, a wide portfolio is offered for office, gaming and consoles. In this case, we have wireless in-ear headphones … (Weiterlesen...)

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