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Tineco Carpet One Test: Really the world’s best carpet cleaner?

In the field of smart household helpers, Tineco has been delivering devices of the very highest quality for years. The manufacturer not only offers powerful squeegees like the Floor One S5 (test) or Floor One S3 (test). On top of that, the company also scores with powerful cordless vacuums, such as the Pure One S15 Pro (test), which can be used either as a handheld or classic cordless vacuum. With the Tineco Carpet One, the Chinese expert for household appliances also has a promising carpet cleaner on offer. We take a closer look at how good the best carpet cleaner in the world, according to the manufacturer, is in our Tineco Carpet One test.

Technical data

Product Tineco Carpet One
Suspense 220-240 V 50 Hz
Nominal power approx. 1300 W
Fresh water tank capacity approx. 2 liters
Dirty water tank capacity approx. 1.5 liters
App support Yes
Operation Two buttons on the handle
Accessories Attachment for upholstery cleaning
Weight 7.5 kg
Price (MSRP) € 499.00 *

Tineco Carpet One review: scope of delivery

Opening the large-format packaging of the Tineco Carpet One, it quickly becomes clear that much of the space here is taken up by the carpet cleaner itself. In addition to the almost fully assembled device, there is also everything on board with control unit and a water tank, which is needed for the final assembly.

The scope of delivery is quite impressive

Apart from that, the accessories are not exuberant, but by no means scarce. Thus, one still finds a special attachment for cleaning upholstery in the packaging. As we already know from the manufacturer’s suction wipers, a bottle of practical cleaning agent is also included.

Tineco carpet one
Of course, Tineco’s in-house cleaning agent must not be missing here either.

The whole thing is rounded off with a cleaning tool, with the help of which you should be able to make the carpet cleaner clean again. Otherwise, there is only the usual paperwork in the form of operating instructions and warranty card in front.

Tineco Carpet One Test: A Classic Tineco

  • Design is reminiscent of other devices from Tineco
  • High-quality workmanship

Once assembled, the Tineco Carpet One cannot hide its origins. Thus, the manufacturer donates his carpet cleaner the classic design line, which we already liked very much in the other devices. However, since this is neither a cordless vacuum cleaner nor a squeegee, there are small but subtle differences in the design.

Fresh water container

So the Tineco Carpet One is definitely more voluminous than is the case with the already quite thick suction mops. This can be attributed to the larger water tanks. Since the design of the rest of the Tineco family is a common thread here, it’s also not surprising that the build quality is once again at the highest level.

Tineco carpet one
The cleaning unit is really big

From the handle to the brush unit, there is no creaking or wobbling at any point here. This is also felt during operation. For example, the buttons on the control unit all offer good feedback and the water containers can be inserted and removed smoothly.

Operation is foolproof

  • Two buttons on the handle
  • Carpet cleaner with app support
  • Voice prompts can be annoying

The control system is also based on its siblings. Thus, the Tineco Carpet One has two buttons, which are located on the handle. In addition to an On/Off switch, you can also select the cleaning mode here. This means that even newcomers to the field of smart household helpers can manage perfectly. If you talk about the operation of the carpet cleaner, you also have to talk about how talkative the device is. Thus, one is regularly kept up to date on the status via voice announcements.

With the help of the two buttons, the carpet cleaner can be operated perfectly.

This is probably really useful in the very least cases. Since the speakers also have a very tinny sound, the voice announcement can sometimes even be annoying. Fortunately, you can also turn it off. For this, you simply have to use the appropriate app (iOS/Android), which can also be used for the Tineco Carpet One. As with the suction wipers we have already had the pleasure of testing, however, the added value here is also limited. As a small gimmick, however, it serves all the time.

Nice color display

  • Large color display with a lot of overview
  • Info on water flow rate and cleaning mode

Since you need water to clean carpets and upholstery, of course, the Tineco Carpet One also has water tanks, just like the squeegees. However, these have a slightly different design than is the case with Floor One S5 and S3. Especially when removing and installing everything runs a little smoother than with the manufacturer’s suction wipers. Filling fresh water is also child’s play thanks to the large opening at the top.

Tineco carpet one
When the red LED circle slowly turns blue, it symbolizes cleaning progress.

What the Tineco Carpet One also inherits from its family members is the fancy color display. We already know that the Chinese company is very good at integrating these into its household appliances. And once again, they do a good job with the carpet cleaner. The color display is not only pretty to look at. On top of that, it is filled with lots of information. For example, not only the current cleaning mode, but also the water flow rate can be viewed here.

Tineco Carpet One Test: Cleaning

  • Excellent cleaning performance

Personally, I was not yet allowed to gain much experience with carpet cleaners. Accordingly, I was interested in how a cleaning with the Tineco Carpet One from statten. Fans of cordless vacuum cleaners I have to pull a tooth here first. The carpet cleaner does not have an integrated battery, but relies on a permanent power supply via a permanently installed cable. If you consider that the device has to heat the water in the water tank to a temperature of up to 60 degrees, you can understand why. Before each cleaning, you should not only fill fresh water into the corresponding tank. On top of that, it is worth using the enclosed detergent.

Tineco Carpet One
The carpet cleaner is convenient to maneuver over the carpet

Tineco advises using two caps of cleaner on a fully filled water tank. Once the tank is filled and the right socket has been found, you’re ready to go. All you have to do is press the on/off switch. From the factory, the Tineco Carpet One relies on an automatic mode. During my test, I also found this to make the most sense. After all, the carpet cleaner regulates the amount of water with the help of its dirt sensors. The sensor reveals its true strength when the display frame, which is equipped with LEDs, turns red. This indicates that the area is heavily soiled. Now one remains with the Tineco Carpet One simply so long on the spot, until the red warning signal disappears again.

The other modes

  • Automatic mode automatically adjusts the power with the help of sensors
  • Dry mode then dries the carpet
  • Maximum mode provides maximum water flow
  • Accessory mode allows the unit to be used as an upholstery cleaner

If you don’t need this handy feature and think you can better detect the stains yourself, you can also switch to another mode. For this, you just have to press the corresponding button on the handle. On the one hand, there is the power mode, in which the carpet cleaner calls up its full 1,300 watts of power to output the maximum flow rate. You can not only see the difference in performance, you can also hear it. For example, the carpet cleaner’s operating volume can reach 84 dB at maximum setting.

In dry mode, the status bar with the sun shows how dry the carpet is

After cleaning is done, however, you should then definitely press the button for selecting the cleaning mode. Here, the Tineco Carpet One blows air at a hot 75 degree temperature onto the previously cleaned carpet. During my test, the carpet cleaner reached the goal of a dry carpet extremely quickly. And once again, the handy sensors come into play. Thus, the device detects whether the carpet is already dry or not. The result it shows you on the display.

Cleaning performance

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline – cleaning performance. And this chapter can actually be closed short and sweet with the Tineco Carpet One. While I lack experience when it comes to other carpet cleaners, I do know that I am thrilled with the results of Tineco’s unit. It really is scary the amount of dirt you can get out of carpets in your own home. But who’s surprised? Although day after day my Roborock S7 vacuum robot (test) drives through the entire apartment, it can by no means provide for a pore-deep cleaning of carpets.

The collected dirty water shows how effective the Tineco Carpet One is

It’s not only surprising how dirty the dirty water in the corresponding container ultimately was. On top of that, the cleaning also brought to light unexpected things. After all, it turned out that the Tineco Carpet One could not only conjure up dried stains or dust from the inside of the carpet. A small hair clip and a tiny cable cover that had been missing for months were also removed. The final results after drying were really impressive. My carpets looked much cleaner than before.

tineco carpet one
The underside brings the cleaning unit to light.

And the plural is quite appropriate here. Indeed, since the carpet cleaner’s water tank offers a whopping volume, you can easily clean multiple carpets here. And it wasn’t just the looks that were right. Thanks to the fragrant cleaning agent, the entire room acquired a pleasant scent. This puts a carpet cleaner like the Tineco Carpet One miles ahead of a conventional vacuum cleaner when it comes to cleaning carpets.

Cleaning Upholstery

Since the Tineco Carpet One comes with a practical attachment for upholstered furniture, I naturally tried it out right away. As a test object served thereby my couch. Attaching the attachment to the device is no problem. Fortunately, Tineco uses a special hose that you can easily hold in your hand. So you don’t have to heave the heavy carpet cleaner onto the sofa.

The carpet cleaner can be easily transformed into an upholstery cleaner

One end of the hose must now simply be plugged into the device. If you now switch on the carpet cleaner, it recognizes the attachment and automatically activates the “accessory mode”. Here, too, the Tineco Carpet One completely convinced me. So I also got out of my sofa a lot of dirt and was more than convinced by the extremely clean end result.

Tineco Carpet One Test: Conclusion

With its Tineco Carpet One, the Chinese manufacturer actually made me toy with the idea of maybe getting a carpet cleaner after all. Why? The household appliance scores in pretty much every discipline. It is excellently manufactured and very easy to operate. On top of that, it has modern sensors that assist with cleaning. However, the cleaning results are undoubtedly the most convincing.

This is where the carpet cleaner really knocked my socks off. However, with all the raving, there is one teeny tiny problem: the price. With 500 euros Tineco sets this really quite high. You should think about whether you really have enough carpeting to make this expense worthwhile. Alternatively, the Tineco Carpet One strikes me as a perfect household appliance to share among friends or family.

Tineco Carpet One

Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Tineco Carpet One is the perfect carpet cleaner for me. If only there were not the high price.

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