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Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: This squeegee is doing well!

When it comes to squeegees, Tineco is undoubtedly one of the most successful, well-known and popular brands on the entire market. However, the manufacturer’s appliances used to suffer from a weak point that could not be compensated for by the sometimes superb cleaning performance. The head joints of the vacuum wipers could only be bent to a limited extent. As a result, it was not possible to wipe under flat furniture. But this is set to change with the stretch line-up. In the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 test, we take a look at the manufacturer’s first stretchable squeegee.

Technical data

Dimensions 110 x 26.5 x 23 cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Battery life Max. 40 minutes
Cleaning modes Auto, Max, Vacuum
Fresh water tank volume 850 ml
Dirty water tank volume 720 ml
Self-cleaning Yes, Flashdry system with hot water cleaning and subsequent hot air drying
Price € 599.00 *

Scope of delivery

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

  • Floor One Stretch S6 squeegee
  • Charging station
  • Cleaning solution
  • Replacement brush roll
  • Replacement filter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Operating instructions

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: Design and workmanship

Anyone who has ever held a Tineco device in their hands will immediately recognize that the Stretch S6 is also a model from the manufacturer’s lineup. This is not only due to the now almost traditional color combination of black and white. On top of this, the squeegee once again offers outstanding build quality. It doesn’t crack or creak at any point.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

The control unit is again located in the upper area. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you always have the squeegee under control. The buttons again offer an excellent pressure point and can be reached perfectly with the thumb. You can not only switch the Stretch S6 on and off using the buttons. You can also switch between the three modes Auto, Max and Suction.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

The third button is used to activate the self-cleaning function. The handle and rod lead into the main unit of the appliance. This is not only where the 4,000 mAh battery and the motor are located as the heart of the performance. The dirty water tank, which has a capacity of 720 ml, is also located here. The fresh water tank, on the other hand, is a surprise.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

Unlike all previous vacuum sweepers from Tineco, this is not located in the main unit. Instead, Tineco places the 850 ml tank in the cleaning unit. To be more precise, it is located directly on the cleaning roller. This should not only make the appliance slimmer, but also exert additional pressure on the roller.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

Tineco hopes this will improve cleaning performance. The cleaning roller itself impresses with its rimless design, as we know it from flagship models such as the Floor One S7 Pro(test). The joint of the Stretch S6, on the other hand, is completely new. This not only provides plenty of flexibility for left and right turns. It also allows the squeegee to be laid flat.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: It also fits under flat furniture

The highlight of the Stretch S6 is already reflected in its name. After all, the smart household helper can be stretched much more than the manufacturer’s previous squeegees. So far, we have only seen this principle in selected devices such as an Osotek Horizon H200(test) or an Osotek H200 Lite(test). However, the trend has now apparently also reached the major manufacturers.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

This is made clear not only by the newcomer to the Tineco ranks, but also by the Roborock Flexi Pro(test). In contrast to conventional vacuum sweepers, both devices finally fit under the sideboard at home, which eliminates a massive Achilles heel of previous models. However, although Roborock and Tineco share the basic idea, I like the implementation of the Stretch S6 better than the Flexi Pro.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test
In addition to water, the Tineco solution also belongs in the fresh water tank at best

This is due to the extraordinary positioning of the fresh water tank. A Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 offers as much space for fresh and dirty water as the S7 Pro, which does not fit under any flat furniture. The stretch design therefore has no disadvantages in this respect. The situation is different with Roborock. Here, the stretchable design comes at the cost of compromising on the water tanks. At 450 ml, the dirty water tank is almost 300 ml smaller than that of the Tineco.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: Average display

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the display of the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6. This is probably due to the fact that the manufacturer offers the benchmark par excellence in the vacuum wiper sector with the superb screen of the Floor One S7 Pro. The S6, on the other hand, is roughly on a par with the Floor One S3(test) and Floor One S5(test). It’s up to you to decide for yourself whether this is a problem.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

After all, the criticism here is merely cosmetic. In terms of informative value, there is nothing to criticize here. You can read the most important parameters such as battery status, cleaning mode and the results of the iLoop dirt sensor on the display. Personally, I’m happy to accept the slimmed-down display. After all, an upgrade would certainly have a major impact on the price and battery life of the device.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: Practical test

After taking a close look at the latest vacuum mop from Tineco, we now fill the fresh water tank and add some cleaning solution. Finally, it’s time for the practical test. In addition to the cleaning performance, I also want to take a close look at the ease of use and self-cleaning.

Cleaning performance

In terms of cleaning performance, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 is at an extremely high level. If you use a Floor One S7 Pro as a comparison, you will hardly notice any difference. In my opinion, only the Dreame H13 Pro(test) is a small tick better. However, these are nuances.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

You may have to go over a jam stain once more to remove it completely. In the test, I not only had the Stretch S6 absorb and wipe up jam, but also honey and nut nougat cream. It also had no problem with cola. Such liquids can be easily sucked up in suction mode. In the end, I was really impressed. A Roborock Flexi Pro definitely can’t keep up here.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

I usually used the auto mode. Here, the vacuum wiper automatically adjusts the water flow rate and suction power to the current level of dirt. The appliance uses the built-in iLoop dirt sensor to determine how heavy the dirt is. The results of the sensor can be read off the LED ring on the display.

Ease of use

After the first cleaning tour, the new Tineco not only impressed me with its cleaning performance. The hobbyhorse of this squeegee is clearly its ease of use. The focus here is on the head joint. This reduces the overall height of the Stretch S6 to just 13 cm. As a result, I was able to reach areas that are inaccessible to other squeegees.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

But the maneuverability also paid off when turning left and right. The smart household helper can be moved very smoothly through your own four walls. In my opinion, the new position of the fresh water tank also scores points. As this is now located on the cleaning unit, the entire appliance has a new center of gravity, making it easier to hold in your arms.

The almost rimless design of the brush makes it easier to clean along skirting boards

However, competitor Roborock Flexi Pro is ahead in two respects. Firstly, there are the motorized wheels. While the Tineco only supports you in the forward movement by rotating the cleaning roller, the Roborock provides support in both directions. This provides significantly more comfort, especially during longer cleaning sessions.

On top of that, I think it’s a real shame that Tineco doesn’t have LED lighting on the front of the cleaning unit. The Roborock also has this. However, the S7 Pro proves that this is nothing unusual in the world of Tineco. In my opinion, there is probably a very simple reason for the lack of motorized support to the front and rear and the LED lighting.

I’m pretty sure that the Stretch S6 is definitely not the last Tineco device that can be laid flat on the floor. Behind the scenes, the manufacturer is certainly already working at full speed on a Stretch S7. And this should then be equipped with the premium features. Apart from the two negative aspects, however, I have no complaints about the vacuum cleaner’s ease of use.


Regardless of whether it’s an entry-level or top-of-the-range appliance, almost every vacuum wiper now offers a self-cleaning function. However, not all self-cleaning devices are the same. There are sometimes significant differences between the individual models. One thing should be said up front: The Stretch S6 is undoubtedly one of the best appliances on the market in this discipline.

You start the self-cleaning function using the button on the handle

This is because Tineco is once again relying on its tried-and-tested Flashdry system, which we know from the Floor One S6 Flashdry PET(test), among others. When you start the self-cleaning function, the appliance first rinses the water pipes and the cleaning roller with 70°C hot water. The roller rotates alternately in both directions and is treated with a scraper.

During self-cleaning, the dirty water tank fills up with dirt residue from the cleaning roller and water pipes in the appliance

This removes even the smallest pieces of dirt from the brush. Thanks to the high temperature, the brush is not only amazingly clean. On top of that, not a single bacterium survives here. The hot water rinse is followed by hot air drying. The big advantage of the Flashdry system is the time saved.

After self-cleaning, you should remove and empty the dirty water tank

While other devices with conventional drying sometimes have to invest an hour or even more time in drying the roller, the Stretch S6 is ready after just five minutes. After the self-cleaning process, the roller looks like new again. Thanks to hot air drying, Tineco effectively prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: Maintenance

Of course, self-cleaning is a great labor saver. However, if you as a user want to enjoy your vacuum cleaner for as long as possible, there is no getting around minor maintenance work. You should empty the dirty water tank after every cleaning session.

Animal hair is skillfully filtered out with the special filter

Otherwise it can start to smell bad after just two to three days. Tineco installs a practical filter in the tank, which is fitted with an additional net that effectively filters out animal hair. This prevents them from reaching the inside of the dirty water tank in the best case scenario.

If this is still the case, another collection container for solids is used. While you can conveniently dispose of its contents in the waste garbage can, the dirty water simply ends up down the drain.

You can then use the practical cleaning tool to clean the dirty water tank and other areas of the squeegee. The procedure is completed quickly, making maintenance of the Stretch S6 really straightforward.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 Review: App and battery

It’s not just the two voluminous water tanks that ensure the Stretch S6 has staying power. Tineco also doesn’t let itself down when it comes to battery life. The battery provides a maximum runtime of 40 minutes – a very good value!

Last but not least, the app should be mentioned again. This is a nice gimmick, but nothing more. Here you can mainly view status information about the vacuum wiper and make a few small settings.


Tineco is making an excellent debut in the flat squeegee sector with its Floor One Stretch S6. In practice, the new Hyperstretch technology works excellently. I can finally reach areas under my sideboard or other flat furniture with a Tineco vacuum mop. The manufacturer has retained the old virtues of its previous products. In addition to a stylish design and high quality of workmanship, there is also the usual powerful cleaning performance and, despite the flat design, large water tanks.

tineco floor one stretch s6 test

The self-cleaning function is also beyond reproach thanks to the in-house Flashdry system. The only thing I find a bit of a shame is that there is no LED lighting. This would have been really practical when cleaning in the dark areas under flat furniture. I would also have liked to have seen motorized wheels to assist with moving forwards and backwards. Some people will also be annoyed by the display, which doesn’t exactly look modern. However, Tineco still has to save a few features for a Stretch S7 that may be released at some point in the future. That’s why the whole thing remains complaining at a high level.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6

Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning performance
Value for money


With the Floor One Stretch S6, Tineco has succeeded in eliminating one of the Achilles' heels of previous appliances. It also offers the usual high cleaning performance and ease of use.

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