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Tineco Pure One Air Pro test: cordless vacuum cleaner scores with maneuverability

As part of our test series, we have already had the opportunity to take a closer look at some of Tineco’s household appliances. It was mainly the squeegees that left a very good impression. However, the US manufacturer also offers other highlights in its wide range of products. We have already been able to put Tineco’s smart and admittedly high-priced toaster through its paces. Today, however, we’re going to be a bit more down-to-earth in the truest sense of the word. The Tineco Pure One Air Pro, which will be presented at CES 2023, will help you clean your floor of crumbs, dust, hair and other debris. In doing so, it should be able to get into any corner thanks to its light weight and maneuverable design. What the smart vacuum cleaner is capable of in practice, you can read in the Tineco Pure One Air Pro test.

Technical data

Suspense 14.4 V
Nominal power 230 W
Dust container capacity 0.3 l
charging time 3 to 3.5 h
Net input 100 – 240 V
WLAN frequency bands 2.4 GHz
Weight 2.3 kg
Filter Four-stage filter system (main cyclone, mesh filter, Tineco PureCyclone, HEPA filter)
Price € 329.00 *

Scope of delivery

The fact that the Tineco Pure One Air Pro is a comparatively handy battery-powered vacuum cleaner is already clear from the packaging. This is namely significantly smaller than the competition.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test

If you then open the packaging, you can also quickly see why. Tineco has not only disassembled the vacuum cleaner into its individual parts. On top of that, the suction tube also comes in two parts. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about the scope of delivery.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test

These include:

  • Handset (includes battery, dust container, display)
  • Docking station
  • Mains plug
  • Suction tube
  • Attachments (turbo brush, mini turbo brush, 2-in-1 dust brush, crevice nozzle)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide

Tineco Pure One Air Pro review: straightforward startup

  • Setup is dead easy and quick
  • Quick Start Guide on inside of packaging
  • Practical click mechanism

The assembly of the cordless vacuum cleaner is child’s play. For this, Tineco even includes a handy guide. You can find the guide on the inside of the packaging. If you want more details, you can of course simply take a look at the manual. According to the instructions, you should first put the halved suction tube back together to form a continuous tube. After that, the suction tube is then attached in the hand part.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test

Should it click into place, you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying click. In turn, you plug the attachment of your choice into the other end of the intake manifold with another click. For the initial setup, we opted for the standard turbo brush. And that’s about it. This is where it pays off that Tineco unceremoniously houses most of the technical components in the handheld section.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test

After successfully setting up the cordless vacuum cleaner itself, all you have to do is place the charging station in a location of your choice. However, a power outlet should be nearby to provide the necessary power. Unlike Dyson and other manufacturers, Tineco does not rely on a wall mount here. Instead, the docking station stands on the floor. This also provides stability and saves you from annoying drilling.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro review: classic Tineco look

  • Colors black and white dominate the design
  • ultralight handpiece
  • Optics remind start of Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

Of course, you can immediately tell that the Tineco Pure One Air Pro is not a suction wiper. This is already due to the compact dimensions. Brand siblings such as Tineco Floor One S5 (review) or S3 (review) come namely significantly more bulky. However, in view of the large water tank, which is commonplace for suction wipers, one can understand that. Nevertheless, there is a certain similarity, which is mainly due to the color combination of black and white. The US manufacturer even used this for its unusual Toasty One (review) toaster.

However, the shapes are most comparable to the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro (review). However, I personally find the design of the Pure One Air Pro to be a bit more refined. This is probably due to the fact that Tineco also colors the hand part here white for the most part. Otherwise, both vacuum cleaners share an almost identical design. For example, the suction tube is divided into an aluminum-colored and a white part. The two models also have the same build quality. There is no creaking or cracking at any point.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro test: chic display

  • Display shows battery level, iLoop sensor and mode
  • Battery display unfortunately not in numbers

The Tineco Pure One Air Pro has a chic color display that you can look at any time during the cleaning process. Here you can read, among other things, how much battery capacity is still available to the battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, the Tineco does not display a numerical value, as is the case with its siblings. Instead, the manufacturer relies on five green dots here. Each dot corresponds to 20 percent battery capacity. Accordingly, all five dots light up when fully charged. Shortly before the end of the capacity, however, only one of the dots flashes.

If you decide to use such a battery indicator system, I think five points is honestly too low. After all, there is a big difference between 79 percent and 61 percent battery capacity, for example. Here, however, both battery states would be indicated with four points. Furthermore, you can see here in which of the two suction modes the vacuum is currently in. The ring around the display symbolizes the varying suction power in auto mode. As the red portion increases, so does the power.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro test: operation

  • Operation is catchy
  • Only two buttons (suction button and mode button)
  • Two modes to choose from (Auto and Max)

The control of the Tineco Pure One Air Pro is as easy as pie. Here you immediately feel the lightweight and compact design. This not only ensures that the cordless vacuum cleaner is not heavy in the arms at any time. In combination with the very good joints, it is wonderfully maneuverable. The rest of the use is also uncomplicated. Once the power button is pressed, the smart household helper starts right away. It starts in auto mode by default. Here, the Air Pro adapts its suction power to the conditions. For example, it automatically increases the suction power on a carpet. You can see whether and how much the suction power is increased on the blue ring around the display.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test
The iLoop system offers dirt detection. The higher the red percentage, the higher the suction power.

Once the cordless vacuum shows completely blue, you can assume that the floor is clean. The more red you see in the ring, the dirtier the floor. Tineco calls this feature iLoop. If you want to play it safe and enjoy full power permanently, you can also switch directly to maximum power mode by pressing the Auto/Max button. Of course, the selected level also affects the battery life. If you use the maximum level for a long time, you will have to be content with 10 minutes. On the other hand, no firm statements can be made about the Auto mode, since the vacuum always adjusts the power to the conditions here. If the power stays permanently in the low range, up to 30 minutes are possible.

When you talk about the operation, of course, the maintenance should not be left out. First and foremost, you should regularly empty the 300 ml dust container. To do this, you have to press the button on the bottom of the container. In practice, this proved to be a bit tricky. Unfortunately, I could not use just one hand to make the flap open. Rather, I had to press the button with one hand and then pull on the flap with the other to get it to open. I liked the S15 Pro much better in this respect. Otherwise, you should also remove the individual filters every few weeks and rinse them with water. The removal is again very easy by hand.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro review: app operation

The purpose of the Tineco app is certainly debatable. After all, we already questioned with the manufacturer’s suction mops, why one would need a smartphone application for a device that does not work automatically anyway. With the suction wipers, it was at least possible to activate self-cleaning via the remote control.

Image: Apple App Store

Of course, that falls away with the vacuum cleaner. But since the app is an optional affair anyway, we like to take it as an additional feature. Here you can, for example, create a cleaning schedule and be reminded of maintenance.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro review: cleaning performance

  • Good cleaning results
  • Extricable design allows access under flat furniture
  • Lighting provides visibility

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline – cleaning performance. And here we must first note that the Tineco Pure One Air Pro is certainly not a performance beast. Nevertheless, it has a decisive advantage over many competitors. Its maneuverability. With the cordless vacuum cleaner, I easily got into pretty much every corner in the test. Even under flat furniture, you can easily let the suction unit of the Air Pro wander.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Test

It also benefits from the practical lighting on the front. After all, this way you could easily see the dust in dark corners. On my parquet as well as the tiles, the Tineco left really great results. No matter whether conventional dust residues or cat litter – it picked up everything. And this is already true on the lower of the two suction levels.

Among the three additional attachments is the 2-in-1 brush.

Finally, it easily adjusts the suction level upward here when needed. As the owner of two cats and a dog, I can also attest to the fact that the cordless vacuum copes perfectly with pet hair. When the Air Pro then flexes its muscles on carpet, you quickly feel that the suction power is absolutely sufficient for normal consumers. This is where Tineco’s PureCyclone technology does a great job.


With the Tineco Pure One Air Pro, the US manufacturer has succeeded in designing a super lightweight and maneuverable cordless vacuum cleaner that provides more than enough suction power for most users. In its rough idea, it reminds us of a modified version of the very good S15 Pro, which has been reduced to the essentials. Unfortunately, there are also a few small flaws in this “downsizing” process. For example, the flap for emptying the dust container can only be opened somewhat awkwardly. Furthermore, I would have been happy about an exact battery display in numerical form. Perhaps Tineco should have done without the, in my opinion, somewhat unnecessary app connection including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration and instead invested more in the display and dust flap. But that is complaining on a high level. All in all, this is a practical, compact and maneuverable cordless vacuum cleaner that can handle just about any kind of dirt.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro Review

Tineco Pure One Air Pro

Value for money


The Tineco Pure One Air Pro is a good battery-powered vacuum cleaner at a fair price. However, if you are bothered by the somewhat stiff buttons and the reduced display, you should rather go for the S15 Pro.

Tineco Pure One Air Pro price comparison

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