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Tronsmart Bang SE in test – speaker with light show

Tronsmart was founded in China in 2013 and has specialized more and more in robust audio equipment over time. The new Tronsmart Bang SE in our test also follows this concept. Therefore, it is supposed to combine water protection, a good sound, high transportability and modern lighting. How far the speaker manages to do that, we show in our Tronsmart Bang SE test!


Bluetooth version 5.3
Audio codec SBC
Transmission distance up to 15 m
Other interfaces 3.5mm mini-jack, USB, Micro-SD
Speaker 2
Performance 40 W
Frequency range 60 Hz to 20 kHz
Battery capacity 7.4 V / 4000 mAh
Runtime 50% volume (without illumination) up to approx. 24 h
Runtime 100% volume (without lighting) up to approx. 5 h
charging time Up to about 5 hours when the battery is empty
charging port USB-C (5 V / 2 A)
Weather protection IPX6
Price € 69.99 * (54,99€ with the coupon bangse22)


The packaging of the Tronsmart Bang SE is kept quite simple. A white cardboard box with product imprint and specifications, which is slightly smaller than a shoe box. Inside is the speaker, which is in a plastic wrap and held securely by foam on both sides. When you take out the Tronsmart Bang SE, you will find the pack of accessories underneath.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the Tronsmart Bang SE is kept quite simple. Besides the Bluetooth speaker, you’ll find a carrying strap, a USB-C cable for charging and a jack cable for connecting a device directly. The latter is handy if this device does not have a Bluetooth function or you simply find this connection easier.

By the way, the Tronsmart Bang SE was 90% charged ex-works in the test and thus immediately ready for use. The charge level is visible via Bluetooth with the smartphone.


The Tronsmart Bang SE has a cylindrical design. On its underside, it is somewhat flattened for a secure stand and on top is a large handle, in which the Tronsmart logo is large. There are also holders on the sides of the handle for the included carrying strap. On the front, there is a grille behind which are two speakers framed with LED rings. A frame also lights up on the sides of the Tronsmart Bang SE. Under the handle is the control panel and on the back are the ports behind a silicone cover.

In short, the design looks harmonious and the build makes sense.

The Tronsmart Bang SE is smaller and lighter than its bigger siblings Bang and even Bang Mini. And it’s the only one of the three with a carrying strap.


The Tronsmart Bang SE is primarily a Bluetooth speaker. Phone on, speaker on and connect via Bluetooth. This goes quickly and smoothly. However, you can switch between different modes by briefly pressing the power button and, for example, play without a second device from a USB stick, a micro SD card or a device connected via 3.5 mm mini-jack (laptop, for example). The only thing we noticed when testing the Tronsmart Bang SE is that it is a bit tiring to know which mode you are currently in since there is no information about it. It is also not possible to switch to another mode when music is being played via Bluetooth – probably a protection against accidental adjustments.

By the way, the Tronsmart Bang SE can also be used as a power bank for the smartphone when it is switched on. It charges the smartphone when it is connected via USB – and it does so quite quickly. The buttons minus, play and plus are still on the top. A short press on Plus or Minus changes the volume, a longer press on Plus switches to the next track both via Bluetooth and USB; Minus goes back. Of course, nothing happens via jack for technical reasons. Likewise, the play button can be used to pause and continue playing.

Tronsmart Bang SE glows in dark surroundings
Even in dark surroundings, the high-contrast buttons are quite easy to see.

Three more buttons can be found: the SP button boosts bass and treble a bit for a clearer sound, on the far right there is a button for changing the lighting modes or even deactivating the lighting. Last but not least, next to it is a button to pair two of these Tronsmart speakers together for better distribution of music across multiple speakers in a room.


The workmanship of the Tronsmart Bang SE in our test looks impeccable. The plastic for the cabinet feels high-quality. The gap dimensions are uniformly small – as is logical for a weather-protected device. Yes, the Tronsmart Bang SE is weather-protected according to IPX6. That means it is protected against dripping water (for example rain), splashing water, jets of water (for example from the water gun during the summer water fight in the park) and against short-term submersion. The haptic buttons are also protected by a silicone strip for this. And of course, the ports on the back are also protected by a strong tab.

The front grille in front of the speakers itself is made of finely perforated metal and cannot be easily pressed in. This makes it look very robust.

Bluetooth box with carrying strap
The strap makes the Tronsmart Bang SE easy to carry around.

The handle of the Tronsmart Bang SE is large, fits very securely and is pleasantly shaped. However, the mounts for the strap also fit tightly and seem sturdy. The included strap itself is a simple, length-adjustable nylon strap without postering. However, because the edges are not sharp and the Tronsmart Bang SE is not heavy, this is still not a problem. In addition, the connectors of the strap are sturdily made of metal and can be freely rotated to avoid tangling.


Where the workmanship of the Tronsmart Bang SE is wiklich very good, the sound in the test can not quite keep this high level. Do not misunderstand: The sound is not bad, but you should rather not expect booming bass or the quality class of a really big speaker, especially at low volumes. Instead, there is a slight tendency towards the higher midrange frequencies. With the SoundPulse button (SP), the sound gets a bit clearer and gets the bass boosted – overall, the volume increases in the process. For music enjoyment with flat sound, this mode tends to be preferred. For speech (podcasts / audiobooks / phone calls) or speech-centric music (like hip-hop), you get a clearer sound without this feature.

Tronsmart Bang SE glows in the dark
The lighting especially comes into its own in dark environments.

What the speaker is capable of, however, is high volume with a reasonably balanced sound. During the Tronsmart Bang SE test, I turned up the volume as high as you shouldn’t after 10 pm in a residential area. And the volume wasn’t at an end yet. The bass gained a bit in presence, but it is still rather restrained overall. In party scenarios, this speaker should thus feel very comfortable at higher volumes, where the lighting also fits better than at home. Tronsmart itself talks about a party with 6 people. Honestly, that’s enough for even more people.


The two standout features of the Tronsmart Bang SE are the water protection and the lighting. The lighting sometimes seems a bit too hectic with its flashing and the colors changing sometimes very quickly when playing music in the first light mode. In the second mode, the colors run through more smoothly and are partly changed to the current complementary color for a short time during strong beats. In the third mode, this concept is continued, but the left and right speakers light up in different colors independently of each other. The last mode is a lighting shutdown, which is more convenient for everyday use and also requires a bit less energy.

During the test of the water protection of the Tronsmart Bang SE, it was used in intense rain and the running operation. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the flap of the ports at the back should be closed. So when it starts to rain, you shouldn’t have any USB devices connected.

The Bluetooth speaker survived the test well. Liquid had penetrated through the front grille and so the speaker itself had gotten wet, but it didn’t affect the sound. All critical areas are well sealed. Operation was also still possible without any problems due to the rubberized physical buttons. Overall, I have to admit that I am quite impressed. Especially behind the grille, drying did take some time, but there were no difficulties even with persistent moisture.

Phone calls

In addition to the buttons on the top, the Tronsmart Bang SE has a microphone built in that allows you to make phone calls via a cell phone connected via Bluetooth. When called, you can accept with a short press on the play button or reject with a long press. The person you are talking to can be heard well, but you have to get close to the microphone to be understood. Thus, walking around the room while talking on the phone is not really possible in a sensible way. If you press the play button for a long time while talking on the phone, the conversation switches back to the cell phone without completely disconnecting the Bluetooth connection to the Tronsmart.


It’s a bit of a shame with the Tronsmart Bang SE that you don’t have any information about which player you’re currently using. And if you play music from a USB stick or a micro SD, it becomes problematic to find the correct music. First, the free music tracks are played and then the folders are gone through alphabetically. Ergo: Music via USB stick is a nice additional function and is practical with predefined lists, but less suitable for everyday use. However, if you control it purely via an external device, like a smartphone connected via Bluetooth, then you have full control over it and the Tronsmart Bang SE is much more in its element.

The battery runtime can also impress. Where the test model came from the factory already with 90% battery charge, the Tronsmart Bang SE was able to prove its endurance in the test and the times promised in the specifications sound quite realistic. So, once the battery is charged, there is no need to worry about charging it further for the time being. Party night or regular music enjoyment for a couple of hours each for the next few days should not be a problem. The battery status is also displayed via the connected smartphone, so you can see when the Tronsmart Bang SE should be plugged in again. It is also convenient that it is charged via a common USB-C port, like most modern devices.

Bluetooth Speaker glows red in the rain
You shouldn’t use USB devices in the rain, but the Bluetooth connection worked out without a hitch.

Unexpectedly, I actually think the carrying strap is cool, because if you want to take the speaker with you, it’s quite nice not to have to hold it in your hand all the time – although it does have a good grip. Especially if you have more with you, it’s handy to just hang the Tronsmart Bang SE briefly around your shoulder and have your hands free for other bags and cases.


The Tronsmart Bang SE is a cool Bluetooth speaker with a clean finish, despite the not-quite-bass sound. With the weather protection and strap, features also stand out that you don’t tend to find that way otherwise. All in all, this is a solid speaker and especially the low price is a statement and should be hard to beat for the features offered – and even regarding the sound.

Tronsmart Bang SE Test Silver Award

Tronsmart Bang SE

Sound quality
Value for money


The Tronsmart Bang SE shines with good workmanship, weather protection and lighting at a low price. Only bass has to be dispensed with a bit.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Tronsmart wurde 2013 in China gegründet und hat sich im Laufe der Zeit immer mehr spezialisiert auf robustes Audio-Equipment. Der neue Tronsmart Bang SE in unserem Test folgt ebenso diesem Konzept. Daher soll er Wasserschutz, einen guten Sound, eine hohe Transportfähigkeit und eine moderne Beleuchtung zusammenbringen. Wie weit der Lautsprecher das schafft, zeigen wir in … (Weiterlesen...)

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