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Uwant X100 suction wiper in test: Is the high price worth it?

If you don’t have enough space in your home to store a vacuum cleaner and a mop, a suction mop is the perfect solution. Here, the floor is first moistened and the dirt is then vacuumed off. Our tests of devices such as the Roborock Dyad (test), Tineco Floor One S3 (test) and Dreame H11 Max (test) have proven how well such household helpers can perform in practice.

Uwant X100 Accessories
Actually, the scope of delivery still includes the matching cleaning agent.

Recently, a new addition could be heard on Xiaomi’s in-house crowdfunding platform Xiaomiyoupin – the Uwant X100. This one scores with some features that we haven’t seen from other competitors yet. However, it currently costs 428 Euros, which is a steep price. Whether the newcomer is ahead of the competition in the field of suction wipers and whether the high price is worth it, you can read in our test.

Scope of delivery

Once you open the colorful packaging in bright orange, you will find everything you need for an extensive cleaning with the Uwant X100. Unfortunately, the cleaning agent was missing from the package of our test model. According to the manufacturer, this is actually a part of the scope of delivery. This was not possible with our test sample for logistical reasons. The following belongs to the set of the suction mop:

  • Uwant X100 suction mop
  • Base station
  • Power cord
  • Measuring cup
  • Cleaning brush
  • Replacement filter
  • Replacement brush
  • Cleaning agent

Sophisticated Design

The Uwant X100 is far from the first squeegee we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. I was all the more surprised when I got to see it for the first time. The assembly was very easy and requires only one step. After inserting the handle into the device, the Uwant X100 is immediately ready for use. So far, so familiar.

Uwant X100 in charging station

We really like the look of the Uwant X100, and I’ve never had the chance to look at a squeegee that was complicated to put together. Once the X100 is in front of you, you have to make out a few differences, at least in terms of looks. Its bronze finish makes it look more sophisticated than the competition. Here, Uwant not only frames the display, but also the buttons on the device’s handle. This is somewhat reminiscent of the bronze elements of the Jimmy HW10 (test).

We really like the bronze surrounds

Otherwise, the squeegee scores with a pleasingly unexciting color scheme. A combination of black and gray ensures that he can also fit very well in the homely ambience. However, you should bring along a lot of space for this. After all, the base station takes up plenty of space and is the largest I’ve seen on a squeegee so far.

Uwant X100 Buttons
The design language is also reflected in the handle.

But its dimensions are no accident. After all, it not only offers a practical storage option for accessories. On top of that, it comes with an exciting hair-cutting feature, which is supposed to always free the two brushes on the bottom from long hair. As a dog and cat owner, I’m especially excited about this feature.

Display seems a bit outdated

The rest of the design reminds me of the Tineco Floor One S5. For example, the tank for the dirty water is located on the front. On the back, in turn, you can store the fresh water in the tank. This can be seen even without places in the base station. Finally, the Uwant X100 can also be conveniently placed anywhere in the room.

Uwant X100 Display
Competitors’ displays definitely look more modern.

That’s handy if the doorbell should ever ring while you’re cleaning. On the lower side, we are again met with a different sight. This is where the two brushes are located. So far, we have only seen more than one brush in the Roborock Dyad. However, they are positioned much further apart in the Uwant X100. All in all, the build quality is on a high level. You can definitely feel that this is a premium product.

Uwant X100 water reservoir
The flaps for the water reservoirs are a bit tricky to open

I am somewhat disappointed by only two points. Firstly, the water containers on the front and back could only be removed somewhat awkwardly. Secondly, the display looks a bit cheap and can’t keep up with the competition from Tineco, Dreame and Roborock. Nevertheless, the most important data on battery charge, suction and wiping level can be read here.

Dry brush and slightly different self-cleaning

Before we clarify how the Uwant X100 does on the battlefield, let’s first look at how it works. This is a little different from the suction wipers we have tested so far. It has two brushes for a reason.

Uwant X100 underside
While one roller mops, the other dries the cleaned floor

After the front brush makes sure the floor is mopped, the suction chute in the middle sucks up the dirty water and sends it to the wastewater tank. After cleaning, the rear brush rolls over the floor again to dry it. Another highlight is the mobility of the Uwant X100.

Together with the base station, the Uwant X100 takes up a lot of space

That’s because it doesn’t just move forward and backward. You can maneuver the wiping unit and conveniently to the side. This makes it surprisingly maneuverable and hardly leaves an uncleaned edge to the wall. Speaking of innovations.

The small scissors in the front and back clear the brushes of hair

On top of that, the Uwant X100 has rethought the self-cleaning feature that its competitors also offer. Will mean that within the three-minute cleaning on the base station, the brushes are not only rinsed. On top of that, the small blades located at the brush rest of the station free the brushes from hair.

Uwant X100: Very good cleaning performance

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline and what really matters – cleaning performance. The Uwant X100 really delivers great results. These are not better than the competition, but I must admit that the ability to move the squeegee sideways provided a bit more user comfort.

Uwant X100 in test use
The Uwant X100 is very nicely maneuverable.

The dirt sensing system also worked well in my eyes. This allowed the X100 to reliably detect heavier dirt. In my test setup, I spilled a little milk on the floor, among other things. Subsequently, it registered this and immediately increased its suction and mopping intensity.

Once you have covered a few meters, you can also see very clearly how the 600 ml wastewater tank fills up bit by bit. By the way, the fresh water tank is just as large. During cleaning, you always have the most important information about the fill level of the water, the current mode as well as the dirt sensor and the battery status on the display in view.

Uwant X100: Long battery life

Really impressive, by the way, is the battery life that the manufacturer promises. Thus, the X100 is supposed to be able to hold out for a proud 50 minutes. And that’s with just one full charge of its 4,000 mAh battery. That is remarkable and beats the competition by far.

Uwant X100 Battery
Since the battery can be removed, you should be able to enjoy the Uwant X100 for a long time


Whether the squeegee can actually last that long, I could not test in the test until the last minute. However, since it still had plenty of battery left after 30 minutes of cleaning, I think it could definitely be capable of that. On top of that, the battery can even be removed. That gives it a big plus in terms of longevity and therefore sustainability.

Uwant X100 Test: Conclusion

In the test, the Uwant X100 proved to be a real surprise hit. After all, I have never heard of the brand before. For me, it scores not only with a chic design, but above all with a high level of user comfort. The fact that I can wipe both forward and sideways thanks to the ingenious wiping module is something I honestly no longer want to do without. Due to the second brush drying, it was also only necessary to wait seconds until the wiped surface was completely dry.

While you have to do without the smart home features that the Tineco series comes with here, that probably won’t bother the vast majority of people. What does bother, however, is the somewhat cheap-looking display and the hooky mechanism with which you remove the water containers. In view of the high price, I would have hoped for a bit more here. Otherwise, the Uwant X100 is a really good squeegee that delivers great cleaning results. The price of a good 400 euros is also reasonable.

Uwant X100 Test: Silver Award

Uwant X100

Cleaning performance
Value for money


Der Uwant X100 ist ein sehr guter Saugwischer, der einen hohen Nutzerkomfort und eine umfassende Selbstreinigung bietet.

Uwant X100 (5% coupon X100LAUNCH) price comparison

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