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Vacos Baby Monitor on test – 720p on 5″ with adjustable lens

It has become almost standard for new parents to monitor their child with a baby monitor. The market now offers a wide range of different monitors and cameras, which naturally leads to a comparison of different providers. In principle, a baby monitor works similarly to a surveillance camera, but still comes with a separate monitor. We took a look at the Vacos baby monitor in this review. Find out what it can do and how it can help you in this review.

Vacos Baby Monitor: technical specifications

Resolution 720p
Screen size 5″
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Battery life Up to 12 hours
Adjustable lens Yes
Material Plastic
Range 300m
Zoom Up to 2x
Price € 129.85 *

Vacos Baby Monitor: packaging

Vacos has tried to take advantage of the typical shades for baby accessories in the packaging. The baby blue and white are strongly reminiscent of the cover of diapers. The front shows the camera with the included elk ears and the 5″ display. On the other sides we get information about the different functions of the babycam and a short introduction of the manufacturer Vacos.

Vacos Baby Monitor: scope of delivery

Who decides to buy the Vacos baby monitor receives:

  • Adjustable camera
  • 2 different attachments for camera (yellow and pink)
  • 5″ display
  • 2x power adapter (For camera and display)
  • Wall mount bracket + screws and dowels
  • User manual

Everything is included that is needed to use the baby monitor without any problems. The wall mount can be used if needed, but of course it doesn’t have to be. However, unless you have a good storage space for the camera in the nursery, this makes perfect sense and is also easy to install. The instruction manual explains step-by-step how to set up the Baby Monitor, but it’s laid out in a very simple and understandable way, so it’s often not even necessary to look at the manual.

Setting up the Vacos Baby Monitor

  • Fast and automatic connection of both devices

Before you start using the monitor, Vacos will tell you right on the display that the device should first be fully charged for about 6-7 hours. After that is done, it can also go to the setup. The camera remains connected to the mains, while the display can also be disconnected. After turning both on, both devices connect very quickly. The menu is initially in English, but you can change it if it bothers you. Now you can already use the baby monitor to its full extent. If you like to work with the wall mount, you have to attach it to the wall first, of course, and then you can comfortably attach the camera.

Vacos baby monitor review: functionality

  • Nervous and loud alarm
  • Various lullabies
  • Slightly delayed panning function

The Vacos Baby Monitor offers the usual features like alarm sound for motion and noise, as well as the walkie-talkie function, so you can also make your own sounds at the camera via the display. The alarm sound is really penetrating and was also heavily criticized in the Amazon reviews, as it cannot be changed and you are penetratingly woken up even at the quietest level. Vacos could have quietly offered some choice here. In addition, the camera offers 5 different lullabies, which we think is a good selection. The camera’s swivel function is a special feature, which is not quite common in the price segment and also works excellently here, which we like very much. If you want to save recordings, you can do so conveniently via an SD card.

Vacos Baby Monitor Test
The video quality is much better again in real life

The walkie-talkie function is also a breeze to use. The audio quality satisfies us completely, even if it is a bit lower than a normal house phone in terms of quality. However, it is not intended for such purposes and can easily keep up with the competition.

The camera’s swivel function has a slight delay, but you get used to it very quickly and can position the lens optimally without having to leave the room with the display.

Vacos battery and range

  • 12 hours of monitor operation
  • Up to 200 meters range

In our test, we checked how long the battery of Vacos’ baby monitor lasts during economical and more active operation. Provided that the monitor remains off and only sounds, this comes to a good 12 hours of battery life. In more active use, this was usually between 8-10 hours, which can definitely keep up with the higher-priced competition. The reception remained very stable up to a distance of 200 meters without walls. In the apartment building, the camera was placed on the 2nd floor and tested on the first floor on the terrace. The connection kept its promise and convinced with a very stable picture here as well.


  • Additional cameras
  • Temperature sensor

The Vacos Baby Monitor also offers the option to connect up to 5 additional cameras. For one or the other, where the child often times the room changes and you do not always want to reposition the camera this can also be of advantage. In addition, the camera also has a temperature sensor, which ensures that parents can monitor the child’s comfort on the display.

The folding feature serves its purpose

Vacos Baby Monitor Test: conclusion

In this review, we looked at the Vacos Baby Monitor for about 150€. This is compared to the competition in the mid- to low-priced segment and has fully convinced for it. The camera is sharp, the monitor’s battery lasts long enough for most cases, and music output is also provided. We criticize the sounds of the motion detector; it is shrill and should perhaps give some room for adjustment. In summary, there is a clear buy recommendation here on our part.

Vacos Baby Monitor Test: Gold Award

Vacos Baby Monitor

Image quality
Value for money


Super picture quality, many features and a very good value for money characterize this monitor. We criticize the shrill tones and a bit of the build quality as well.

Vacos Baby Monitor price comparison

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