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Asus TUF Gaming GT502 in review – dual-chamber case with carrying handles

In 2019, Asus entered the case market with the TUF GT501 and brought in good success with it. They now wanted to continue this with the TUF GT502 and have released a dual-chamber case with the distinguishing carrying handles. Asus itself advertises individual cooling options for CPU and GPU and tool-free removal of the side panels. Additionally, in the front panel to the two USB-A ports, the TUF Gaming GT502 is said to have a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port with transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. The case is of course a bit “bulkier” than the predecessor and should therefore also offer enough space for your builds and cables. More about this in the following test!

Technical data

Case shape Midi tower
Mainboard form factor Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX
Power supply included no
Form factor power supply ATX
Total fan slots 13x
Radiator rear 120 mm 120/240/280/360 mm 1x 120 mm (optional)
Fan top 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm (optional)
Fan bottom 3x 120 mm (optional)
Fan interior 6x 120 mm (optional)
Material Steel, tempered glass
Color Black
Width 285 x 446 x 450 mm
CPU cooler to max. 163 mm height
Price € 136.90 *

Exterior impression

  • Wearable straps
  • ARGB logo
  • Two-chamber case

The Asus TUF GT502 comes in a plain cardboard box with a sketched drawing of the midi tower. Once we open the box, we look at styrofoam and a user manual. After unpacking it, we first get an impression of the size. It looks huge at first impression, but according to the measurements it is not much bigger than other cases in this category.

Two carrying handles give the whole thing a transport-friendly benefit and, mentioned on the side, don’t look bad at all visually. These are supposed to be able to carry a weight of up to 30 kg. In testing, we didn’t notice any signs of strap failure even at 35 kg. PC builds should generally not be able to exceed this weight.

From the front we see an initial division into two chambers. On the left fully glazed and on the right covered. At the bottom right of the covered part is the Asus logo with the option to control it via ARGB. Furthermore, the front offers us a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, a headphone and microphone jack as well as an ARGB button. On the left side, we can take a closer look at the glass panel. Similar to the Lian Li O11, this is not a continuous glass panel, we have a black separating area at the edge. If we now look at the opposite side, we can see grills in the upper area, which is common for case builds of this type.

At the bottom, top and side we find dust filters, which should prevent our components from needing to be dusted every two days. These can also be removed very conveniently and easily for cleaning and then reinserted.

Interior impression in the Asus TUF GT502

  • Lots of dust protection
  • Easily removable components
  • Many ventilation options
Innerer Einblick

If we now remove the conveniently removable side panels, we look at a lot of space! At the bottom we see a removable bracket, which is secured by two Phillips screws. This gives us the option to install up to three 120mm fans and then reinsert them. The removable dust cover, as the name suggests, ensures fewer unwanted visitors in the form of lint or dust.

Looking from the front, we see three panels that can accommodate either 2.5″ SSDs or up to three 120mm fans or a radiator up to 360mm in size. Right next to it we have the cable inlets, protected by flexible cut rubber. These offer enough space to neatly pull through the 24-pin ATX, three 8-pin PCIE and other cables. As a rule, there is no lack of space there.

In the upper area we also have the possibility to install a 360 mm radiator. To do so, we remove the upper flap, which is also only secured by two cross screws, and can then comfortably install whatever our hearts desire. We are also provided with dust protection here!

Let’s move on to the opposite side, the room where we store our cables, controller and power supply. Here were a bit puzzled, because here is also the possibility to install up to three 120mm fans to provide additional airflow through sideintake. However, this bracket can also be removed with four Phillips screws if there is no need for additional ventilation.

Space-wise, the second chamber offers a lot!

Further down we have a case for our HDD, which can also be removed if no HDD exists or needs to be installed. This offers more space for us, even if it’s not very much. However, we think most will agree when we say that every inch is extremely valuable in cable management. Right next to it is the support for the PSU, which goes up a bit and dampens the contact between the partition and the PSU with a rubber piece.

Processing of the Asus TUF GT502

  • Screws stay intact
  • High-quality material and workmanship

The entire housing can be disassembled very easily. The screws are well chosen, none requires particularly much force to be able to remove them, which greatly reduces the risk of damaged screw heads. The material also appears to be of extremely high quality. Gap dimensions were kept, paint is flawless and the processed steel also stands up very well. The fact that two cable inlets protected with rubber have also been installed in the upper area also speaks for the Asus TUF GT502’s lasting neat look.

Assembling the components into the Asus TUF GT502

  • Very spacious
  • Suitable for beginners as well

Let’s now turn our attention to the installation of our hardware into the case. The power supply fits in perfectly and, even as a non-modular one, provides a certain overview of the power supply cables. The motherboard is also extremely easy to install. We had no difficulties, no scratching and also no broken fingers, during the installation. The same goes for the cabling, all power supplies can be conveniently slid through the designated inlets and connected. Even when connecting the CPU supply, there was enough space that you practically don’t even come into contact with the case. As expected, the assembly is very comfortable, which is clearly due to the large amount of space and the good distribution of the cable openings.

The spacious interior of the GT502 offers room for graphics cards with a length of up to 400 mm (ROG Strix GeForce RTX® 4090 24GB = 357.6 mm). An included vertical mounting bracket gives you the choice of whether you prefer to orient your graphics card horizontally or vertically – only a riser cable is needed to present the case and fans of a card in vertical orientation.

The RGB-equipped case from a different perspective.

Asus TUF GT502 performance test

For our test, we installed the following components:

In the stress test, we ran Prime95 for 10 minutes and Furmark for 10 minutes and matched the temperatures. The results were as follows:

CPU Idle CPU Stress GPU Idle GPU Stress
35° 76° 32° 63°

The result is definitely satisfactory. With additional fans installed in the rear area of the case, a few more degrees can certainly be added. Generally, it can be said that no component should get a heat stroke in the Asus TUF GT502 either, and more than enough cooling options are offered depending on the requirements.

Summary of the Asus TUF GT502

The TUF Gaming GT502 gives you the options you want for your next high-performance PC. With its dual-chamber design, it allows you to create an exceptional cooling system. With full tempered glass panels on the front and left side, the carefully selected components are clearly visible. And with hassle-free cable management options, a vertical mount for graphics cards, and easy modification options, users can make the most of the panorama these windows offer.

In general summary, the options this case gives you should more than meet your needs in almost any case. Add to that the bonus, you can easily transport it with the straps.

Asus TUF GT502

Value for money


A high-quality case with compact carrying handles, plenty of space and excellent construction. The possibility to install up to 13 fans is very impressive. We criticize a little on the equipment, for the price could have been the riser cable or one to two fans included. In summary, however, a very strong case, which runs just past the Platinum Award!

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In 2019, Asus entered the case market with the TUF GT501 and brought in good success with it. They now wanted to continue this with the TUF GT502 and have released a dual-chamber case with the distinguishing carrying handles. Asus itself advertises individual cooling options for CPU and GPU and tool-free removal of the side … (Weiterlesen...)

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