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DeepCool LT720 in test – liquid cooling with Infinity effect!

The Chinese hardware manufacturer DeepCool was founded in 1996 and has since established itself strongly in the PC components market. In addition to cases, air coolers, power supplies and other accessories, they also make AiO water coolers that have proven to be extremely reliable and powerful in the past. In July of this year, we already took a look at its predecessor DeepCool LS720, where we gave it the “Gold Award”. Now, however, we are talking about the DeepCool LT720 AiO. This one advertises primarily with improved microchannel design for optimal coolant flow, with powerful three-phase motor with up to 3,100 rpm and a thick, solid copper base with seamless connection. On top of that, the predecessor was already advertised with Infinity Effect, but it was one of the criticisms on our part in the review, as it didn’t really bring that look. With the current model, we give this another chance and are curious to see if it comes out more clearly this time.


Weight 1856 g
Radiator dimensions 402×120×27 mm
Radiator Material Aluminum
Tube length 410 mm
Pump dimensions 94×80×68 mm
Pump speed 3100 RPM±10%
Pump volume 19 dB(A)
Pump connection 3-pin
Pump consumption 4.56 W
Fan dimensions 120×120×25 mm
Fan speed 500~2250 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow 85.85 CFM
Price € 144.99 *

DeepCool LT720: Exterior impression and packaging

When we receive the packaging of the new AiO from Deepcool, we look at a cardboard box that is mostly packed in an additional sleeve. On this we already get a good impression of what awaits us inside. Right on the front, we have the name and a picture of the water cooling system. Special emphasis is placed on the pump with the now very popular Infinity effect. We have this among others also with the Lian Li Unifans SL INF and the direct predecessor Deepcool LS720. The back highlights again the patented “Anti Leak Tech”, which is to prevent leakage and excessive air in the circuit. Additionally, the technical specifications and the various ARGB synchronization options are shown there.

Once unpacked we have the usual interior as with almost every AiO. Cardboard tray and cover bags provide protection for the DeepCool LT720 during transport. Included we get the radiator, which is pre-assembled directly by two hoses to the pump, plus attachments for Intel and AMD, three 120 mm fans with the necessary screws, which are completely screwed through the fan into the radiator, the necessary cables and of course the manual.

Design and workmanship of the DeepCool LT720 AiO

Let’s take a look at the radiator of the DeepCool LT720 first. This one looks extremely high quality and features the “Anti Leak Tech” that has been standard for DeepCool for about 3 years now. Made of high-quality aluminum and perfectly arranged cooling fins, the radiator definitely makes a statement and we are curious how it will perform in the test.

Now we come to the pump. Here we have to distinguish between the lid and the attachment. The lid doesn’t look too high quality. Here we look at rather inferior plastic, which also ensures that it doesn’t come across too stable. All the RGB cables are installed on this lid, as it only serves the optics. The actual pump is located in the lower part, together with the CPU fan connector.

This has a copper surface on the bottom with pre-installed thermal paste, which is absolutely sufficient. Thus, one saves the application and can install it right away.
It definitely has to be said here that it is a great relief that you can remove the cover from the pump. This makes for a much more convenient installation and can avoid a lot of finger breaking and effort in tighter housings. It would also be important to mention that the pump uses DeepCool’s new 4th generation pump design. This is said to offer an improved “microchannel” design to ensure optimal cooling flow.

The hoses definitely make a statement as well. Protected by AiO’s usual mesh coverings, the hoses have a total length of 40 cm. They should fit in most PC setups. Additionally installed are two connectors, which ensure that the hoses are held together.

Mounting the DeepCool LT720 AiO

Now it’s time to plant the water cooling into the system. To do this, we first remove the Intel boxed cooler and start mounting the fans to the radiator. Here there was nothing unusual, the screws are turned once completely through the fans to the heatsink and thus ensure optimal contact. Following this, we screwed the radiator, along with the fans, to the top of the case. Again, there was nothing special worth mentioning.

DeepCool LT720 Installed
The pump when installed

Where it gets special, however, is when mounting the pump. As already described in the paragraph of design and workmanship, the lid and pump can be separated here without us having to loosen anything in particular. Thus, we can exceptionally conveniently attach the mounting of the DeepCool LT720 pump and mount it. Afterwards, only the lid has to be put on and voila, water cooling is installed. Definitely also suitable for beginners. Especially the very well designed installation manual describes it extremely understandable, even for non-experts.

DeepCool LT720: cooling performance and volume

Now we come to the sometimes most important point of this report: the cooling performance!
In order to come to a result here, we first measured the temperature values with the Intel Boxed cooler and then with the DeepCool LT720. For this, we ran Prime95 for fifteen minutes and then noted the maximum values. The following setup was used:

During the test, the following results were obtained:

Intel Boxed at Idle Intel Boxed under load DeepCool LT720 at idle DeepCool LT720 under load
27° 89° 23° 48°

The result is truly impressive! We were able to reduce the temperature by almost half. Sure, the boxed cooler is not particularly strong in terms of cooling power, but despite all that, we stayed below 50° in the stress test with the LT720.

The pump makes for a terrific look in the case

The noise level was also kept very much in check. The fans got a bit louder during the stress test, but not too obtrusive. We heard some whirring from the pump, but it was only audible when you held your ear directly to the case window.


Now we should turn our attention to our eyes for a bit. The pump cover of the DeepCool LT720 comes with a cube block-like design and is supposed to charm us with the Infinity effect. This has definitely been done much better here than its predecessor, the LS720. The effect is visible through three sides and definitely makes something. The effects are adjusted via the 3-pin ARGB cable. Also included is a daisy-chain ARGB cable, so you could also connect other components to the RGB setting. The effects come out very well at the pump and give the overall look of your computer a unique look.

Summary of DeepCool LT720 review

All-in-one watercooling systems are becoming increasingly popular and have now almost become the standard in most gaming setups. Accordingly, the choice is becoming more and more difficult, as there are more and more different manufacturers and models, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. DeepCool offers a true all-rounder with the LT720, which is not too bad in almost any category, on the contrary, it offers excellent results in cooling performance, volume and looks. The only drawback is the rather cheap workmanship of the pump cover, where we would have expected something of higher quality.

DeepCool LT720 Review: Gold Award

DeepCool LT720

Noise level
Value for money


A very solid AiO water cooling with strong and quiet cooling performance and good price-performance ratio. The assembly and the optics particularly stand out. Processing could have been a bit higher quality.

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