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DeepCool MF120GT in test: Fan with X

DeepCool is a Chinese brand that has been manufacturing computer parts since the mid-90s. Besides power supplies, cases and processor coolers, fans can also be found in the manufacturer’s portfolio. The DeepCool MF120GT are 120mm fans that stand out visually with an RGB-lit X-shaped frame. The DeepCool MF120GT review shows what the fans are capable of.


Dimensions per fan 120 x 120 x 27 mm
Speed 500 – 1800 RPM
Airflow 60.6 CFM
Air pressure 1.73 mm(Aq)
Volume 35 dB(A)
Connection 4-pin PWM
Fan power max. 1.44 W
power consumption LEDs max. 3.7 W
Fan type Hydro Bearing
LED type ARGB (5V 3-pin)
Price Price not available *
DeepCool MF120GT
This product is currently unavailable.

Packaging and scope of delivery

  • Very extensive accessories
  • Packaging with high plastic content

A playful-looking cardboard box in an intense turquoise hue includes a foam mount for the DeepCool MF120GT sold in a set of three. Each fan is individually packaged in a small plastic bag. The scope of delivery is impressive, as this comes with a comprehensive package of accessories that you would otherwise expect more from brands like Noctua. Low-speed adapter, fan hub for up to 4 PWM fans, RGB hub including control module with SATA connector and a connection cable for RGB control via the motherboard. Last but not least, screws for mounting are of course included. These are small normal fan screws, which cut the thread into the fans themselves, as well as long ones for radiators and the front of some cases.


  • Stunning look
  • Sightly from front and back

In principle, the DeepCool MF120GT are inverted fans. The webs, which connect the motor in the middle with the frame in the back of other fans, have migrated here as X to the front. By implication, of course, this means that there are no longer any struts on the back. What looks interesting are the “rear spoilers” on the fan blades of the MF120GT. This design can be found on some DeepCool fans and it does look cool – but the practical effectiveness is hard to measure. By the way, the cables are thin, flat and black. Therefore, you can lay them relatively unobtrusively and clamp them already in narrow gaps.


  • Materials look cheap
  • Edges not cleanly finished

The DeepCool MF120GT from our test look rather cheaply finished overall: The plastic used is light and not really torsion-resistant. The edges of the fan blades are roughly manufactured and still have visible burrs. Sure – you can only see these flaws up close. But still, it doesn’t make the best impression for the price paid.

Rubber pads to reduce vibration noise are present on the bottom, but not on the top.


  • High compatibility with included fan and RGB controllers
  • Screws for typical application purposes included

Since the set of DeepCool MF120GT comes with RGB hub included, you could even run the fans with old computers or cheap motherboards without RGB headers as soon as you have a free SATA power connector on the power supply. Apart from that, mounting is the same as with other fans. Common thread-cutting fan screws are included, as well as long screws for radiators and various cases. The longer screws are necessary because the fans are minimally thicker at 27 mm than a standard 25 mm fan.

Visually, the DeepCool MF120GT are suitable for all positions. From the front, they particularly stand out with the X-pattern and seen from behind, no cross struts interfere. In terms of design, they are also suitable as universal fans both as case fans and radiator fans.


  • Relatively loud
  • Low-speed adapters reduce volume significantly

Yes, the DeepCool MF120GT are audible, not silent fans. It becomes much more pleasant with the low-speed adapters, which save almost half of the noise at around 20% speed reduction. Of course, you can also simply reduce the speed via PWM or voltage or limit the maximum speed with software. But the low-speed adapters make it easier to limit the speed even without any system settings and are especially recommended for use as case fans.

Performance comparison at full power

  • Ordinary performance
  • Not at premium level

The test was conducted on the AORUS Liquid Cooler 360, an Asetek-based AIO water cooler from Gigabyte that cools the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. Comparatively, all radiator fans were turned off and the case fans in the room environment were measured at 42 dB. The three Aorus fans (actually Powerlogic PL-120-25 B12H with Aorus fan blades) reach around 2700 RPM. The volume measurement reaches 55 dB when the factory fans are turned up full, and after half an hour of video rendering in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, the factory fans reach 43.5°C above room temperature.

The same test is performed with the DeepCool MF120GT, which reach a speed of around 1900 RPM. These three result in a noise level of 52 dB with a temperature delta of 43.8°C. So with almost the same performance, these fans are actually noticeably quieter than the factory fans on the 360mm AiO.

Another comparison was made with the Noiseblocker NB-eLoop X B12-PS. These are on a premium level in terms of workmanship, but also cost just under twice as much as the DeepCool MF120GT when calculated per fan. At the maximum 1600 RPM achieved, the noise level was only 48 dB; the temperature delta was 44.2°C.

Performance comparison at reduced power

When reducing to 1200 RPM, both the factory AORUS Liquid Cooler 360 and DeepCool MF120GT fans reach 45 dB and are already much more in the comfortable range in the test, but this is where the DeepCool fans take the lead in terms of performance. The temperature delta is now 45.6°C compared to 46.1°C with the Aorus fans. The Noiseblocker NB-eLoop X pulls ahead in this test with a slightly lower noise level of 44 dB and a better temperature delta of 45.1°C.

DeepCool MF120GT review with blue RGB lighting
The DeepCool MF120GT scores very strongly with its unusual design.


Clearly, the test shows that the DeepCool MF120GT are neither the strongest nor the quietest fans you can get. Overall, though, the price, volume, and performance ratio is still acceptable if you don’t plan on running them at full power. Plus, you can’t ignore the standout looks. Or the included accessories, which allow the use in systems that do not natively offer RGB control. We can’t give an unqualified recommendation, but overall the DeepCool MF120GT stand out from the crowd enough to be a good choice for some systems after all.

DeepCool MF120GT Bronze Award

DeepCool MF120GT

Cooling performance
Noise level
Value for money


The DeepCool MF120GT stands out visually and the features are very good. Unfortunately, the build quality is mediocre and the volume is average at best.

DeepCool MF120GT
This product is currently unavailable.

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DeepCool is a Chinese brand that has been manufacturing computer parts since the mid-90s. Besides power supplies, cases and processor coolers, fans can also be found in the manufacturer’s portfolio. The DeepCool MF120GT are 120mm fans that stand out visually with an RGB-lit X-shaped frame. The DeepCool MF120GT review shows what the fans are capable … (Weiterlesen...)

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