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HYTE Q60 THICC 240mm AIO review – Powerful cooling performance with a huge display!

The PC component manufacturer HYTE has probably become a household name for most people thanks to its unique cases. Now there is an important portfolio update! Choosing the right cooling system is crucial for every PC enthusiast. With the Hyte Thicc Q60 AiO, HYTE is launching a product on the market that should not only impress with its cooling performance, but also with its design. In this review, we look at the various aspects of this all-in-one water cooling system to see if it is worth its price and the space it takes up in the system.

CPU compatibility Intel Socket LGA 1700, 1200, 115X, 2011*, 2066*
AMD Socket AM5, AM4, TR4*
Radiator dimensions 120 x 288 x 52 mm
Radiator material Aluminum
Cold plate dimensions 56 x 56 x 1.5 mm
Hose length 400 mm
Fan THICC FP12 x 2
Fan speed 0 – 3000 RPM
Airflow 105.8 CFM
LCD size 5″
LCD Resolution 720 x 1280 (293 PPI)
LCD refresh rate 60 Hz
Pump speed 2,000 – 4,500 RPM
Warranty period 6 years
Price € 349.90 *

Packaging and external impression

  • Colorful
  • Thick radiator
  • Pre-assembled fan
  • Strong workmanship

As soon as you unpack the Hyte Thicc Q60, you notice that the manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to the presentation. The packaging is robust and protects the contents well. The radiator and pump are securely wrapped in foam to prevent damage during transportation. In addition to the cooler itself, the scope of delivery also includes the necessary installation materials, a comprehensive manual and a few stickers for fans of the brand.

The Thicc Q60 lives up to its name: with a thickness of 60 mm, the radiator is noticeably massive and thus promises a higher cooling capacity thanks to a larger surface area. The design is modern and appealing, and the RGB lighting on the pump and fans sets stylish accents. The build quality is excellent at first glance, with all parts appearing solid and well-made.

Der Inhalt


  • Simple assembly
  • Thermal paste already applied

Installation of the Hyte Thicc Q60 is largely straightforward. The supplied manual provides clear and easy-to-understand instructions that are also helpful for less experienced users. As the fans are already pre-assembled, this step is no longer necessary. The mounting brackets are stable and allow secure mounting on both Intel and AMD sockets. Another pleasant detail is that not a single cable needs to be attached to the AiO pump. The entire power supply is provided via a double USB-C connection on the radiator. This means that we are spared tight cabling, at least on the pump.

Thermal paste is already applied

The assembly process itself is well thought out and intuitive, so that the AiO is ready for use within 30-45 minutes. The screw connection of the pump itself also offers enough space, as the huge screen can be easily swiveled to the left and right and thus offers enough space for your screwdriver.

The display can be flexibly adjusted to the left and right

The only point of criticism: The thickness of the radiator can lead to space problems in smaller cases. You should definitely check the dimensions before buying and make sure that the case offers enough space for the radiator and fans. It can be particularly tight in cases with little free space between the mainboard and the top.

Cooling performance of the HYTE Q60 THICC 240mm

  • Defeats 360 AiO
  • A little loud

Let’s now take a look at what the thick radiator and the powerful pump can achieve in terms of cooling performance. We have the following test system for this:

To see how much the AiO from HYTE can keep the CPU cool, we ran Prime95 for 10 minutes at 50% and 100% pump power. You can see the results here:

50% performance at full load 100% performance at full load
HYTE Q60 THICC 240mm 64,2° 59,3°
Lian Li Galahad II Trinity 360 72,2° 68,1°

The results are very impressive when you consider that some 360 AiOs are outperformed. The combination of a thick radiator and strong pump and fan performance form a solid cooling system, even for significantly more powerful CPUs. The noise development, on the other hand, is quite loud. The pump can be heard humming even during normal operation. Even the fans make for a somewhat louder background noise, especially when fully loaded. The supplied fans are PWM-controlled and automatically adjust their speed to the temperature, which ensures efficient cooling.

Software and RGB lighting of the HYTE Q60 THICC 240mm

  • Clearly arranged
  • Many options
  • May require some time

The RGB lighting on the HYTE Thicc Q60 is a highlight for anyone who values visual accents. The lighting can be individually adjusted and synchronized via the software. The software is intuitive to use and offers numerous effects and colors to choose from.

The lighting behind the display provides a lot of brightness

The software also offers the option of adjusting fan curves and regulating the pump speed, which enables additional fine adjustments to optimize the cooling performance and volume according to your own preferences. It should be mentioned that this is a somewhat unusual configuration setup. It may take you 5 minutes to get an overview of what can be set. For the average user, however, the fan curves are already well set, so there is no need to adjust them.

Software is clearly laid out

A wide variety of graphics can be shown on the display. You have the option of using your own images or already implemented templates. GIFs or photo collages are also possible. These are also displayed in extremely high quality, although this can certainly limit system performance. There are other options such as static colors, color effects, etc. Behind the display is the pump, where various effects can also be set separately from the display. The software offers a lot of design options there and gets a big plus point from us for the visual appearance of the pump.

Conclusion on the HYTE Q60 THICC 240mm

The 240mm AiO from HYTE impresses with its powerful cooling performance and unique look. The LCD comes close to the look of a smartphone and integrates perfectly into many PC builds. It can be easily swiveled to the left and right. Installation is very simple and can be done easily even by non-experts. The cooling of the HYTE Q60 THICC is fully convincing and sometimes outperforms 360 AiOs. Unfortunately, the pump is a little louder even at low power, which can be annoying without a headset. As far as the price/performance ratio is concerned, the price is justified. You get performance and optics with LCD, which is similar to comparable competitors.

HYTE THICC Q60 240mm

Noise Level
Value for money


A very solid AiO with extremely powerful cooling performance. The display is huge and of high quality. Unfortunately, the volume of the pump is too high, which results in a few minus points. In summary, a powerful AiO with a unique LCD and very good features.

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The PC component manufacturer HYTE has probably become a household name for most people thanks to its unique cases. Now there is an important portfolio update! Choosing the right cooling system is crucial for every PC enthusiast. With the Hyte Thicc Q60 AiO, HYTE is launching a product on the market that should not only … (Weiterlesen...)

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