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Inter-Tech ARGUS RS-07 – Can crystal optics work for fans?

Inter-Tech is a brand known on the market for very affordable and solid fans. We had already shown and tested the ARGUS series on our site before. Thereby we had pounced on the ARGUS RS-06. Now there is something new from the series again with a daring and unusual design. The ARGUS RS-07 fan is the latest version of the fans in a crystal design. The manufacturer has dared to do something here, which we can find comparable yet with no manufacturer again. How well the design is received and whether the fans are good for something you will now learn in our test.


Fan dimensions (H/W/D) 25 x 120 x 120 mm
Fan speed 1200 rpm
Nominal voltage 12 V
Power 3 W
Bearing Sliding bearing
Airflow 59.81 m³/h
Noise level 22 dBA
Connection type 4-pin PWM
    • 24 RGB LEDs
    • Expandable to a total of 8 fans and two LED strips
    • More than 300 effects via control unit and remote control
    • 3-pin RGB header connector for 5V RGB mainboard control
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Scope of delivery

Delivered are the fans with crystal effect in a typically constructed packaging of ARGUS. Here we see the fans pictured on the front with their RGB compatibilities. If you turn the packaging over, you can see all the important specifications in a table there.

Apart from the three fans, the simple packaging contains an RGB extension cable, a PWM splitter, an RGB controller with accompanying remote control, three packs of four screws each, and an instruction manual.


Inter-Tech stays true to its line when it comes to design – As with the ARGUS RS-06, the rotor blades are pretty much the same. A total of seven individual blades are used to move air into the case. They are a bit thin and can be moved, but that doesn’t matter during use. In addition, the rotor blades are white and give off a slight shimmer in the light. The individual blades are also smooth and have no corrugations. The Argus logo is on a sticker in the center – the background is silver. Unlike the ARGUS RS-06 fans, this time the stickers have been stuck on very centrally.

Front of the fan

The case, which is located around the rotor blade, is the highlight on the ARGUS RS-07 fans. Here we find two rings, which are equipped with a crystal optics. In the unlit state, this already looks interesting due to the sparkle and arouses curiosity to see them illuminated. On the outside, there are of course the four screw connection points of the fans. These are black like the inner ring and also have anti-vibration pads on both sides. The thickness of these seems rather dainty, but should also serve their purpose appropriately here.

Screwing point with anti-vibration pad

On the back, we see a silver sticker in the center here again. From there, a total of four usual struts go away to the outside for stabilization. One of these is equipped with a small fan cable holder. The cables coming out of it have been simply workmanship, thus without sleeves. Overall, the quality of the workmanship seems very successful – visually, no defects can be found and the fans convince at this point for the first time with their value for money.

Backside of the fan


Now the lighting is the most exciting thing about the fans. Built up this is starting from the center, from which the LEDs primarily fill the rotor blades with color. In addition, the crystal ring is equipped with additional LEDs on both sides and thus brings quite a bit of luminosity. A total of 24 LEDs were installed per fan.

In order to be able to control them sensibly, Inter-Tech supplies its own RGB controller right away. We can connect a total of eight fans to this and two optional LED strips. We can address the RGB controller in two ways. Either we connect it directly to the motherboard with a 3-pin connector and control the lighting with the motherboard’s software, or we use the included remote control. Power is supplied to the controller via a Molex connector, as was the case with the ARGUS RS-06 series – a SATA connector could have been slowly installed here, as these are more common and robust than standard Molex connectors.

However, the controller has something else very commendable to offer, and that is very many different RGB modes. Once you start clicking with the remote, you get the feeling that there is no end to it. You go through numerous modes from rainbow colors, single-color, two-color, building multi-color to actually everything the heart of an RGB enthusiast desires. Thereby, the fans are also brighter than previously expected. All colors shine properly, especially the rainbow colors shine very convincingly. However, there is one small deduction – if you turn down the LED speed, the progression seems stuttering – even one speed level below the maximum speed.

Visually, the fans are an unusual eye-catcher. The design is similar to the design of the RTX 3000 series Gamerock from Palit or even the very famous G.Skill Trident Z Royal RAM – Thus, such components can be combined very well with the ARGUS RS-07 fans. More and more components with such a crystal look are coming onto the market, which means that a new design concept in cases is in the starting blocks.


Finally, let’s talk about the performance. The fans can run at a speed of 1200 revolutions, ideal for case fans. The airflow here is 59.81 m³/h. The fans are pleasantly quiet and only stand out visually.

Built-in fans from the inside


The ARGUS RS-07 fans are something special – And we are not just talking about the special design. The fact is: these fans are visually definitely an eye-catcher due to their crystal look, which is rarely seen, but at the same time not something for everyone in terms of taste. In any case, it can be stated that the fans fulfill their purpose as case fans and that for a very good price.

Inter-Tech ARGUS RS-07

Value for money


The value for money is once again unbeatable! At the same time, you get exceptional fans that you rarely see in this way.

Inter-Tech Argus RS-07 RGB Set price comparison

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