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UNI FAN SL-Infinity in test – Lian Li’s popular fans with Infinity Mirror

Two years ago, Lian Li launched the Unifans SL and AL. These were characterized primarily by the lateral connection points, which made it possible to get up to three fans running with just one cable. This was very well received by the target group, which is why Lian Li will now bring an optimized version to the market. These are now supposed to produce a lower noise level, present a unique look through new designs and still be easy to use. You can find out everything else in this review.

Technical data

Product name LIAN LI UNI FAN SLINF 120
Model SLIN1203B
Dimensions 120mm x 122. 1mm x 25mm
Material PBT/PC/Aluminum
Fan speed 0 – 2100 RPM
Static pressure 2.66 mm H2O
Acoustic volume 29 dBA
Connections 4-pin PWM / 3-pin ARGB (5V)
Input Power 5.16 watts
Warranty 2 years
Price 3-pack: $94.99 1-pack: $29.99


The fans come in almost identical packaging as the first Uni fans from Lian Li. On the front we immediately see the SL Infinity fan printed on it, a short text and the Lian Li logo. With the black and blue optics it gives the whole a coherent combination. On the back we see the package contents and specifications. In addition, there are still prominent features listed such as that only one cable is necessary or the Infinity Mirror.

Scope of supply

Lian Li offers the 3-pack, each in black and white, and single fans, also in black and white.
These differ in that the 3-pack still includes an additional controller, allowing the fans to be connected to it rather than having to be connected per the connection unit on the motherboard.

Included in the 3-pack are:
– 3x Lian Li Uni Fan SL-INF 120
– 1x controller
– 4x cable to connect to controller
– 1x cable to connect to motherboard
– 12x fan screws
– 1x ARGB Y-cable

Included in the 1-pack
– 1x Lian Li Uni Fan SL-INF 120
– 1x fan Y-cable
– 1x RGB Y-cable
– 1x connection cable for Lian Li Strimer Plus controller
– 4x fan screws

Workmanship quality

When it comes to the workmanship of the Uni Fans, Lian Li doesn’t cut any corners. Thermoplastic surrounds the fans for the most part. Aluminum has also been installed around the sides of the Infinity Mirror for an even classier look. The cables are well-sheathed and still provide a secure connection to the controller or motherboard even with tight cable management..

RGB Lighting

Lian Li has combined the lighting from the SL and AL predecessors in the SL Infinity fans, so instead of having either edge lighting or interior lighting, we have both combined. With 40 LEDs per fan, the lighting effects come with very smooth transitions.

However, the biggest detail about these fans as far as RGB lighting goes is the Infinity Mirror. We look into an infinity mirror in the center and at the edge of the Uni fans, which leaves the appearance that it goes infinitely into the fan. Unfortunately, this detail in the center of the fans is only included on the front, on the back we find the Lian Li logo with four connections to the body. In our opinion, however, this is not a big point of criticism, because even as an Exhaust fan, a good look is achieved and the Infinity Mirror can still be admired on the side.

Provided one has opted for a 3-pack, we can take advantage of Lian Li’s pre-programmed lighting effects. A total of 32 different options are offered to us. However, it does not remain with these 32, because we can also equip the sides and the fan blades with different effects. This means that there is even more room for individual preferences when it comes to the choice of lighting types.

L-Connect 3

With the L-Connect 3 software, we can conveniently control our Uni fans. This includes fan curves and RGB lighting, among other things. Those who say they already have good fan curves set in the BIOS can alternatively select in the software that they are based on these settings. There are already four pre-set fan curves from Lian Li, so even the lazy among us are catered for.

With L-Connect 3, we can also control our Strimer Plus V2 (Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 review) if available, so you can have both in one and also apply the lighting effects to both products right away. We can also easily adjust the speed and brightness of the lighting up and down in the program.


When it comes to fans, of course, the volume always plays a big role as well. In the test, we set the fans to 50% and 100% and simply pricked up our ears. At 50% you get a very pleasant soundscape. Not extremely quiet, but in no way too loud. Of course, the world looks completely different at 100%, but we’ve also had much louder fans there, which is why there’s another plus point for the Uni Fans SL Infinity.

The Uni Fans INF complement the Strimer Plus V2 very well!


Lian Li had just recently released new Strimer Plus and already optimized unique RGB cables there. In our opinion, they have managed to do the same with the Unifans. High-quality workmanship, very good air permeability, unique look and economical cable management are definitely the main features of the fans here. The Infinity Mirror display is very successful and makes the heart of every RGB lover beat faster. The only slight flaw, which had already bothered us with the Strimmers, the lighting effects and the configured fan curves only activate after the software is started, which you can, however, set as an auto-start.


Value for money


Premium fan with unique look and best cable management available on the market. High price can definitely be justified in this case.

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Two years ago, Lian Li launched the Unifans SL and AL. These were characterized primarily by the lateral connection points, which made it possible to get up to three fans running with just one cable. This was very well received by the target group, which is why Lian Li will now bring an optimized version … (Weiterlesen...)

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