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RGB fans can also be affordable – Inter-Tech ALSEYE HALO 3.0 FAN SET review

Inter-Tech shows once again with its “ALSEYE” division that RGB products do not have to be expensive. Besides AiO water cooling systems there are also ALSEYE fans available for purchase – this review is about the HALO 3.0 kit, consisting of three RGB fans including RGB controller.


Dimensions (fan) 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Speed 900-1200 rpm
Noise development 23 dBA
Air flow rate 90.90 m³/h
Static pressure 0.79 mm/H²O
Connections proprietary 5-pin connector (fan)
4-Pin Molex (Controller)
Bearings Fluid-Dynamic-Bearing
Scope of delivery (Set) 3x fan, RGB controller incl. remote control, screws, manual
MTTF 40,000 hours
Price Price not available *
Inter-Tech Alseye HALO 3.0 Fan Set 3x RGB 120mm Fa
This product is currently unavailable.

Workmanship and design

The box contains the fans, an RGB controller including remote control and fan screws. The scope of delivery is thus reduced to the necessary – no more and no less.

Features anti-vibration pads at the screw holes. Compared to more expensive fans, these are a bit thin and hard – nevertheless, we could not perceive any disturbing vibration noises in the test, so they serve their purpose.

As known e.g. from the Alpenföhn Wing Boost 3 ARGB, Inter-Tech also uses small bars on the rotor blades to optimize the airflow. There are also parallels in the side view, where a second RGB element is attached to optically simulate another RGB ring and thus also attract attention from the side by illumination. On the middle of the fan is a sticker with the brand logo – nice to see that it is really in the middle and does not wobble during operation as it is the case with many other fans.

The overall impression of the fans is that they are of a much higher quality than the price would suggest. They are very torsionally stiff and there are no visible processing defects such as odd edges or the like – the first impression is definitely coherent and convincing.

The RGB controller is visually appealing, but its very low weight makes it look a little less expensive. There is an adhesive pad on the back to fix it in the case if necessary. A magnetic backside would be desirable – but this is not a problem in this price range.  The remote control already includes batteries and serves its purpose. The controller is connected via a 4-pin Molex connector – current power supplies rarely have this connector, so a SATA power plug would have been more appropriate.

RGB functionality and performance

Both fan control and RGB control run exclusively via the controller. As a result, they function autonomously and cannot be controlled by the computer. This is the biggest criticism of the set, because you can’t adjust the speed completely according to your ideas and you have to use the remote control for RGB control in any case.

The set offers the possibility to vary the fan speed between 50% and 100% using the “FAN” button on the remote control. Here you can notice a significant difference in volume but also in airflow. An exact adjustment via PWM or the voltage in the BIOS is not possible. Also the set as radiator- and CPU-fan falls out, because without adaptation to CPU- or water temperature this makes little sense. As case fans, however, these are very useful. The fans move a lot of air and provide a fresh breeze in the case without any problems.

The RGB functionality is basically good. Unfortunately you don’t get perfect customization possibilities like with much more expensive kits, but there are some pre-programmed programs, like pulsing, rainbow, course of the LEDs, static, different patterns, and much more. The luminosity is convincing and the color blending of the LEDs is pleasant, the single LEDs don’t stand out very much. Also the luminosity can be regulated in three steps and the speed of the effects can be adjusted in some steps.

It is a pity that the lighting cannot be synchronized with the home water cooling system of the H-series. Although apparently the same fans are used, compatibility is missing due to different connections. A case with uniform fans of the same shape would look even better if everything could be synchronized and thus be matched.


The set has some points of criticism – but if you take the price into account, all of this is justifiable. For less than 30 Euro (current: Price not available *) you can get high quality fans in a nice look, which have a good airflow. Even if the missing mainboard connection takes away some points, you don’t do anything wrong with this set if you want to upgrade your PC with RGB lighting at a reasonable price. It is also possible to extend the set with additional fans. All in all we give the Bronze Award here – for the budget-oriented buyer definitely not a wrong product.

Inter-Tech Alseye Halo 3.0 Set

Value for money


Affordable RGB fan set, where some corners were saved. Nevertheless an inexpensive and usable product to enter the RGB world!

Inter-Tech Alseye HALO 3.0 Fan Set 3x RGB 120mm Fa
This product is currently unavailable.

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